• Jacky Chen | LEGO
    First off, wish all ambassadors and AFOLs from the United of States have a great 4th of July on behalf of the entire LCE team.
    You may need to wait for a year to watch the Guardian of the Galaxy Vol.2, but the great stories are happening everyday, everywhere in this community. So now, LCE presents, No Rest for the Wicked Vol.2 (Yeah seriously, I am just stealing the title LoL) – casting by Tanja Friberg, Jacky Chen and of course the awesome AFOL community in Asia.
    SCENE ONE: Japan Brickfest 2017 (Kobe Fan Weekend)
    “I love to see those happy kids getting inspired at AFOL events ---- @Edwin Knight- KLUG”
    This was the 3rd year of the Japan Brickfest since everything started back in 2015 on this small artificial island of Kobe. Edwin and his crew from Kansai LUG managed to gather about 70 AFOLs (mainly local) to display their MOCs and exchange their ideas about the LEGO hobby at that time. However, the growth speed of this event is like a rocket, the number of participants has been doubling year by year. For 2017, 270 AFOLs from 11 different countries/regions actively participated while three large halls filled up with those coolest LEGO models and its lovely builders.
    Despite the event itself is mainly serving the purpose of connecting AFOLs across the world, the committee always try very hard to make sure that kids can also enjoy the event by having brick pools, running kids contests and workshops.
    During the AFOL party,  there was even a celebration for the 10th anniversary to a group of guests traveled from Thailand (T-LUG) and connected with Paredes de Coura Fan Weekend via webcam.
    More photos of the Japan Brickfest 2017 on flickr: https://flic.kr/s/aHskXzdBbg
    SCENE TWO: Continue the Tour in Asia
    “The MOCs of Asian AFOLs maybe smaller, but more into the details. I really love the “attitude” that reflecting from those models ---- @Tanja | LEGO”
    After a quick stop at LEGOLAND Japan, we flew over to South Korea, Singapore and Malaysia. Our brain constantly gives us the illusion of no idea where we are at for a few seconds. Average two days in each country, the biggest challenge for a connected trip like this is to keep up the same spirit level but fortunately meeting with AFOLs is always energetic. In South Korea, Jae Won from Brickland has organized a builder’s sharing workshop which enables us to hear how the AFOLs think behind their models in a very constructive way. In Singapore, our colleagues are kind enough to open the LEGO office to facilitate a Sing AFOL gathering where Tanja and I are able to share the story of LCE. Our final stop in Malaysia, thanks to the fantastic agenda made by LOM, we were invited into their gathering where we met with THE Lendy Tayag, the Malaysian fan designer who build the Voltron which is still under the LEGO Ideas final evaluation. Good luck with the review!
    More photos of the Asia Tour on flickr: (to be updated)
    SCENE THREE: AFOL Festival 2017, Shanghai
    “It feels like a dream come true after so many years ---- @Prince Jiang | Heroes Club LUG”
    People always say that China is too large to connect a bunch of friends from all over the country. Many of the Chinese AFOLs have never met with each other in person. Many of them were the only one in their city who called themselves “AFOL”. And many of them were even considering to give up the hobby because of the loneliness. Fortunately, the event came in and successfully brought together 60+ AFOLs from 20 different cities of China into this awesome party.
    Prepared for more than 8 months by Prince and his steering group in Heroes Club, the very first Shanghai AFOL Festival sailed into reality last weekend. It’s really like giving birth to a baby. No matter how painful the process was, the moment you see the true joy and gratitude from those AFOL’s face, it’s all worth. I guess that’s how Prince and his crew feel about it.
    More photos of Shanghai AFOL Festival 2017 on flickr: https://flic.kr/s/aHsm3ZeFPR (photo credit to JXM and Fox)
    Overall it was an extremely busy month but at the same time absolutely inspirational. Seeing how devoted the community can be is also pushing us to do a better job otherwise no rest for the wicked!

    Jan Beyer | LEGO
    Hi all, the past week we had our US colleagues Tim Courtney and Kevin Hinkle on visit in the Billund office - it is always great to connect and see each other in person so lots of good talks and interaction.
    Another important topic for me that keeps me quite busy is the LEGO House - we have good track but also some challenges on the proces to identify and organize the MOCs which go into the LEGO House (the first ones have been installed and more to come in the upcoming weeks) and the LEGO House is filling with more and more unique and cool models and activities. Also the planning for the AFOL opening in September goes well - it will be a blast!
    In addition this weekend 4 big events are happening - the Fanabriques Event in Rosheim/France, the Bricktastic Event by Fairy Bricks in Manchester/UK, Brick Fiesta Convention in the US and the first ever Shanghai AFOL Festival where around 60 Chinese AFOLs will be together and displaying their MOCs for the first time. This is definitely a milestone for the AFOL Community in China! My colleague Jacky is supporting it - quite exciting - wish I could be there!
    So my collegues and I wish best of luck to the events and we hope all participants will have a lot of fun and great experiences!

    Paul Striefler | LEGO
    Hi All,
    I apologize for the delay in getting this blog post up. June has been quite a busy month for me so far with all the different conventions taking place in the US and the launch of the new LAN platform.
    So, where do I start? I think I am going to move backwards…First, I want to thank you all for attending the training sessions that Signe put on. I found these to be very valuable, I loved seeing all the participation, and was happy to hear all the excitement from all of you in regards to the new features that the LAN will bring. It has been a long time coming and our team is super psyched to have this new and improved tool that will help us better communicate with all of you. At lot of hard work has gone into making this possible and I want to quickly give a shout out to Mike, Mie, Johnny, and Signe for making this happen!
    So, while we were rolling this platform out I was attending BrickSlopes in Utah, which is in its 4th year as a convention. The event took place in picturesque Orem on the campus of the Utah Valley University which is about 45mins from Salt Lake City. This convention is one of our smaller ones which gave me the opportunity to see all the mocs and speak to all the fans/vendors in attendance. There was also some buzz at the event because our most recent LEGO Ideas 10K member, Jacob Sadovich was in attendance showcasing his ship in the bottle moc “Leviathan” off for the first time to the fans and public. Jacob gave a good presentation to the fans on how he came up with the idea and his process that he endured to become a 10K member. It only took 48 days! I added a few pictures for all of you to enjoy as well!
    As I mentioned earlier I have been quite busy. The weekend before BrickSlopes I attended Brickworld Chicago for the first time and LCE had a strong presence this year as well. I was joined by Tormod, Johnny, Sara, & Kevin. We were met with over 1,000 fans that make this pilgrimage for this epic event. We even had 8 members from the Heroes Club LUG in China make the journey to display their mocs. During the private days, I held an ambassador meeting and met with about 20 or more ambassadors. We discussed some interesting topics including US Support for events as well as the LAN onboarding sessions. Sara and I also gave a presentation that covered an overall view of the community, LEGO Rebrick, and LEGO Ideas. Tormod also got in on the fun and spoke to the fans about the Traumatic Moments in the Community. This presentation was well received and offered up some humor too! Finally, Kevin showed up late and in a suit no less, to gain a perspective from the public side of things as well as to drive some marketing initiatives. While walking the event he took 3 different videos of our fans explaining their mocs. Kevin then shared these with our LEGO Social Media team for an Instagram story. These were posted on our official site and between the three of them saw 364,000 views.
    Brickworld was truly amazing! I saw some insane mocs and met some incredibly cool and talented people. I also endured some long nights but I can’t wait to go back again. I am home for a week and then off to Brickfete in Toronto. No rest for the wicked! Until next time…

    Tanja | LEGO


    By Tanja | LEGO, in LAN blog,

    Dear Ambassadors,
    Welcome to the new LAN!
    A long awaited day has finally come! Today we begin the onboarding to the new LAN!
    It has been quite the journey. We have taken input from all of you, investigated best practices, debated, prioritized, implemented, tested, changed and implemented again;) So hopefully the platform that we have ended up with is one that you will agree is a much more sustainable solution that will enable the kind of communication and collaboration that we have all been longing for. The new LAN will continue to develop and we will be implementing new initiatives along the way.
    This would not have been possible without your contributions to what works and what does not work, so thank you so much for sharing all of your input and please continue to do so, nothing is too big or too small and now we have a platform to support structured feedback and requests;)
    Internally we have had a fantastically dedicated project team, and I would like to say a huge Thank You to Mie, Signe, Kim, Mike, Johnny, Yun Mi, Jan, Paul and Jacky who have been working hard together with our external vendors to make the new LAN come to live, fulfilling the requirements for a great collaboration platform and making sure we have all the processes ready for launch.
     Please join in, engage, participate and have fun!
     Yours Sincerely
    Sr. Manager, LEGO Community Engagement

    Kim Thomsen | LEGO
    Dear Ambassadors and AFOL Community.
    We are in the last 24 hours or so, of the LEGO Ambassador Network being on this platform.
    The site will shut down and reopen in approximately a week.
    You'll still visit using the same URL - www.LEGO.com/LAN, but the look and feel will change.
    We'll still have a blog and we hope you'll continue to follow it.
    We look forward to enaging with the ambassadors on the new platform.
    Take care until then and always be yourself, unless you can be Batman, then be Batman!

    Jan Beyer | LEGO
    Posted by Jan Beyer on June 9th 2017

    This weekend Kim and myself are visiting the Paredes de Coura Fanweekend in Portugal. It is the 2nd edition and this time there are around 250 AFOLs from 19 different countries participating.
    A lot of cool MOCs can be seen here and we had and will have very good and inspiring discussions over the weekend! In the picture you can see Manuel with his latest awesome creation.
    See more pictures attached!
    Also at this weekend there is the Kobe Fanweekend in Japan happening where our colleagues Tanja and Jacky are joining.


    Paul Striefler | LEGO
    Posted by Paul Striefler on May 26th 2017

    Hi Ambassadors,
    Happy Friday all, I hope your all enjoying the day! I am extremely excited to wrap this week up because here in the US we have a long weekend due to the Memorial Day holiday. With that being said I would like to thank all those who serve or have served in the military and gave their lives for our freedom.
    Moving right along…As Jacky mentioned last week the Community Managers came together in Billund for the week to accomplish our goals in getting the ball moving for the new LAN 2.0. By now you should have all seen the posts by Signe, our experience manager in regards to the roll out plan and some new and exciting opportunities for all you ambassadors. I hope that you all will join us in this upcoming journey!
    Today I also bring you some more exciting news, but from LEGO Ideas. Felix Stiessen the fan designer who created the NASA Apollo Saturn V interviewed with our own LCE colleague Hasan Jensen at the LBR Store in Vienna Austria. This was a Facebook live stream seen by 55,000+ viewers and a first for a LEGO Ideas fan designer. If you have not had a chance to see the video please check it out at the following link (https://facebook.com/LEGO/videos/10154729538983403/). This awesome set will be available June 1st and will be the largest LEGO Ideas set to date. It has 1969 pieces which coincidentally is the day we landed on the moon. I can’t wait to get my hands on this one, thanks Felix!
    I hope everyone has a great weekend! To Infinity and Beyond…
    Paul StrieflerCommunity Manager - Americas


    Jacky Chen | LEGO
    Posted by Jacky Chen on May 20th 2017

    Technology connects people from all places in the world, however it still can’t compare to the bonding effect when we are physically being together. In this sunny warm week of May, all of us four community managers were brought together in the heart of the LEGO Group - Billund to seriously prepare for our next major leap for this community. All of us are super excited about the new platform and the experience we are about to deliver. Months of the preparation now leads to the stage where confident to say "we are prepared!". Our LAN Experience Manager Signe and us will start to share more of what we’ve been working on to the ambassadors from next week which is definitely worthy to stay closely with.
    On Tuesday, thanks to the coordination from Jan, we managed to make a tour in the non-opened LEGO House (https://www.legohouse.com/) for a sneak peek. Even with most of the facilities are under final construction, we were still amazed by the progress it has made and can't help picturing the coolness it can be. Especially the moment when we stood in front of the incredible tree (from the bottom to the top of the LEGO House) made by LEGO Bricks, we were simply astonished. I can assure you that the more you know about the LEGO House, the more you may want to explore it yourself. The LEGO House is going to open to public on Sep 28th, 2017, check out its website to follow the latest news of it.


    Kim Thomsen | LEGO
    So we finally got to say a proper hello to the sun this past weekend, it felt like summer!
    Well sort of, and it was only briefly - now Mr Rain and his friend Chilly Winds are roaming again. Nevertheless, May is here and so is a lot of activity in office.
    The June wave of LEGO sets has landed in our basement storage and with that came quite a few of the Marketing Driven Reviews that we offer through the support for the Recognized LEGO Fan Media. So I have been busy getting orders in, on behalf of the various themes, for review copies of the giant Apollo set from LEGO Ideas, the new Creator Expert Carousel and the DC Super Heroes Girls sets as well.
    It's a bit odd to hold the Summer sets in your hands, when you mentally already are planning activities in 2018. Our department and especially our team has taken great strides this past year to get in front of the cart and we are beginning to reap the fruits of that. We are where it counts and we are part of a lot of superawesome projects and plannings that should bring great things back to the community.
    On top of that I've been busy preparing various topics for next week, when all the Community Managers will be right here in Billund for a week of discussions and preparations for the new installment of LAN that we are super eager to roll out to the community within long. I am personally very pleased with the platform selected and with the amazing cooperation we have inside the department and with our external partners - it is going to be a fantastic journey ahead for all.
    Then I am also in the final planning stages for the Recognized LEGO Fan Media Days which are getting closer every day. The Interview Day has been planned and now I need to finalize the bookings of the themes and their designers as well as getting all the practical details around food and tours done. Hopefully I will find a couple of hours to get that done next week in between all our meetings and talks.
    Once the next couple of weeks are wrapped up and done, it is time for another round of interview offerings, a trip to the Paredes de Coura Fan Weekend and preparing for a couple of weeks of summer vacation. So time sure flies when you are having fun and I do have loads of fun - though it is a bit stressful every now and then. 
    This Monday we had Fanabriques visit us as part of the HQ Visit Program for recognized communities. It was a great day and, as usual, spending a day in the AFOL community is really energizing and fills me with ideas on how to do more and improve what we are already doing.
    Tomorrow, or today, as this is a scheduled post, is a day off here in Denmark. I am looking forward to spending it with my family and hopefully Mr Rain and his buddy Chilly Winds will go away and allow for some of that beautiful Danish Spring weather to drop in and complete the day. If not, then we'll just dress for the occasion and still have a great time.
    Have an awesome weekend, take care and "Always be Yourself, Unless You can be Batman, then be Batman!"

    Jan Beyer | LEGO

    Hi all, within this week several big outers (the cardboard boxes that contain the LEGO sets) as well as a whole Euro Pallet arrived in our warehouse with the new cool 2nd half 2017 LEGO sets as well as the Creator Expert Carousel, the UCS Snow Speeder and the awesome LEGO Ideas Apollo 11 Satur V rocket!
    We always enjoy to unpack so we know what we have in stock to support the AFOL Community with.
    In addition the first LEGO Inside Tour happen this week Wednesday to Friday so I had the chance to meet AFOLs from Singapore, Hong Kong and Australia here in Billund.
    Have a great weekend!