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  • Kevin Ahn

    Perth Bricktober visit

    By Kevin Ahn, in LAN Blog,

    Two weeks ago, I visited Bricktober held in Perth, Australia.
    It was 6th anniversary of the event and more than 70 AFOLs participated with 32 Assistants, Total number of 8057 visitors.
    The most interesting part was where Stephen planned big engagement zone where visitors can touch and play the bricks on site. I was able to witness the joy and creativity of children and parents, trying to build on their own after seeing amazing fan creations. It was awesome.
    The builds were amazing, but more amazing than the builds were catching up with so many AFOLs and TFOLs, hearing background stories how they come up with the ideas and how they make them into real life. Also lots of fun stories about how they started and now where they are and sharing valuable feedback.

    Loving the boxing gloves!

    @John Geijsman loved the small builds! thank you for sharing stories behind them  

    GNK droid are just named after how they sound 'Gonk' and I didn't know about this!

    Traffic was quite heavy even on Sunday.

    Was able to see the tower which was also featured on LEGO Masters Australia, each floor have own theme. On top floor, Fabuland was featured!

    Very interesting build using smoke(water I guess?) to show Brick Burnout.
    This model was created by David who was one of contestant of LEGO Masters Australia, he build the strongest LEGO Bridge which holded 88KG:
    Big thank you for @Stephen Kendall @Richie Moir | PerthLUG @John Geijsman for warm welcoming and sharing thoughts about Brictober, our communities in Perth.
    It was truly amazing to see everyone enjoying, celebrating and sharing amazing creation with others, where you guys made it possible!
    So again thank you so much for your dedication and passion!
    Please check below link for more pictures.


    Jacky Chen
    It is not a myth or folktale, our friends from Shanghai LUG has literraly brought their event to the Pacific Ocean. 
    By collaborating with the MSC Cruises, @Jiayuan Xu, together with eight members of SHLUG, onboarded the MSC Splendida this August. They brought dozens of splendid MOCs, as well as some latest LEGO sets to the ship and engaged with 3000 passengers who were there to enjoy their vacation and the ship crew of course.

    Jiayuan says, "The whole trip was kindly sponsored by MSC, but certainly it's a very unique opportunity to show people on the curise about our way of engaging with the LEGO bricks."

    MSC Cruises and the LEGO Group have teamed up since 2014 to design stimulating play areas on the MSC cruise ships. A small curise set was even made to be sold on selected MSC cruise ships. The sailor minifigure is also authorized to use at LEGO related activities onboard.

    Nice location to display the LEGO vehicle sets.

    Jan Beyer
    On Friday the 11th of October we conducted another LEGO House Fan Evening - this time with the theme Grand Old Designers.
    LEGO Designers Olav Krøigaard, Niels Milan Pedersen an Steen Sig Andersen (together with over 100 years of LEGO Design history) were interviewed by the one and only Are Heiseldal and over 50 happy AFOLs from 8 different countries listened to very nice stories and insights from the past 40 years of LEGO Design.
    In addition we did a little building challenge and I must admit that I was blown away by the creativity of the participants - it was extremely inspiring to see what can be built with the elements of LEGO set #40290 in less than 1 hour.
    At the end of the evening we planned 30 min for a photo and signature session with the 3 LEGO Designers which was used a lot - some participants even brought some big cart board boxes with sets they liked to have a signature on.
    With approximately 45 min delay everybody had left home very happy - thanks again to all for this great and very inspirational evening.
    Next to come is the annual LEGO House AFOL Christmas Lunch in December which is unfortunately already sold out but don't be sad as Astrid and I are in the planning phase for next years Fan Evenings which will be announce soon.

    Sara Skahill

    BrickCon 2019

    By Sara Skahill, in LAN Blog,

    On October 3rd- 6th, the Seattle Center Exhibition Hall is transformed into a sea of MOCs and AFOLs for BrickCon!
    This was the event’s 18th con, with around 500 registered AFOLs in attendance. It was my first time attending, and I was accompanied by four other LEGO employees who flew out from Denmark: Lise Henriksen, head of PMD Integration, Bodgam Ghersim and Nicolai Mendgaard-Johannsen who work on Lead User Lab, and Astrid Mueller from the LEGO House.
    It was an incredible opportunity to meet ambassadors and AFOLs in person, and of course, check out their displays...

    They were mind-blowing, as you'd expect!

     The displays have even attracted local celebrities have come to the event in past years: Al Pacino, Jeff Bezos, and Chrissy Teigen. Unfortunately, none showed up when I was there.  

    Jason Allemann was the special guest Keynote Speaker Saturday night. You might know Jason as JKBrickworks and the LEGO fan designer of no less than TWO LEGO Ideas products,  LEGO Ideas 21305 Maze and LEGO Ideas 21315 Pop-up Book.

    Despite being in a city known for rain, I was fortunate enough not to get rained on during my time in Seattle.  
    Thanks for the good times BrickCon!

    Bogdan Gherasim
    Hi everyone,
    Good news! We've decided to set up a Lead User Lab email newsletter, following feedback from Skærbæk Fan Weekend. 
    FOLLOW THE LINK to Sign-Up to the monthly Lead User Lab newsletter: https://www.surveymonkey.com/r/RGHZ75K
    Also, thank you to all who have participated in our Skæræbæk activities, and to those who have submitted feedback to the Lead User Lab survey. We're very happy with all the constructive feedback we received! Great to see so much interest in the Lead User Lab!
    Here are the actions we’ll look into, following the input: 
    1.      Set up an email newsletter to keep people informed.
    2.      Emphasize Lead User Lab benefits more clearly and be more specific on details about our Ways of Working
    3.      Add more storytelling and FUN into event presentations
    4.      Keep communicating on LAN, and encourage ambassadors to share in their community
    Any questions or comments, please drop a line in the comments!

    Kevin Ahn
    Hi all, two weeks ago at the Apple store in Orchard, Singapore, We had a Toy photography session with Sunny Ang.
    Today at Apple sessions are happening at the Apple store almost every day and as a special Youth camp series, we have prepared  a toy photography session with Sunny.
    Session was about 1 hour where we educate, participate in hands-on activities, and celebrate the creation made that day. 
    It was a  amazing to see the participants creations! They have come up with amazing shots we would have never imagined.
    For me, it was very inspiring as our community is no different from the artists, we can inspire so many people and introduce different ways of enjoying LEGO bricks.

    Lots of people participated the talk!

    Landed on mars  

    Using iPad and images as a background and you can check the final image if you scroll below.

    Using some props like sprays to make an landing effect of the spaceship.

    Some of the images were amazing like above!

    This is final results from the children above, which is brilliant! 

    Spaceship just landed, nice lights and special effects combined!

    Stine Asferg Scheel
    Hi everyone! I’m Stine and I’m an intern with the AFOL Engagement team and will be here until end of December 2019. My internship is part of my master's degree in Corporate Communication, and I’m so happy to be here working with you guys.  
    Skærbæk Fan Weekend 2019 was my very first LEGO Fan event and it was such a fun experience. I had a great time meeting so many of you and seeing your amazing creations. Thank you for welcoming me into your community!  
    Around 1000 AFOLs were gathered to celebrate the creativity and joy of the LEGO brick. Over 400 of you shared your displays with the 2600 visitors. This year, representatives from 99 fan groups from 35 countries across the globe met up and made Skærbæk Fan Weekend the most international AFOL event in the world. I hope you enjoyed your time here. We also had some other LEGO colleagues stop by such as Jørgen Vig Knudstorp, Line La Cour from LEGO World and a bunch of LEGO designers – Jamie Berard, Imagine Rigney and Chris McVeigh and Stuart Harris from LEGO House.  
    I spent most of my time checking out the MOCs and meeting some great people, so sadly I didn’t have time to attend any of the workshops that were going on. For example, the Lead User Lab team had a workshop on Saturday. What was your highlight of SFW?
    Of course, we also owe a huge thank you to the team behind Skærbæk Fan Weekend for all their hard work in making the weekend come together and succeed – it would never have happened without all of you.  
    If you want to be part of Skærbæk Fan Weekend next year, then be sure to mark your calendars on September 26th-27th 2020. I’m sure it will be another great weekend!  

    How many of the people in this picture can you name?  

    A nice group shot of everyone who participated in the LAN meeting Friday evening - thank you for coming! 

    Jan Beyer
    Hi all, the past Wednesday we welcomed the 15 AFOLs who got chosen to display their MOCs in the LEGO House Masterpiece Gallery for the upcoming years time.
    The exhibitors are (in no particular order): Hsinwei Chi from Taiwan, Caroline Mockett from the UK, Eero Okkonen from Finland, Jason Allemann and Kristal Dubois from Canada, Marion Weintraut from Germany, Zio Chao from Taiwan, Paul Hetherington from Canada, Timofey Tkachev from Russia, Simon Hundsbichler from Austria, Milan Sekiz from Serbia, Matthew Goldberg from the US, Ryan van Duzor from the US, Sven Franic from Croatia and Stephan Gofers from the Netherlands.
    They as well as all involved LEGO House colleagues had a great time and the MOCs they brought are awesome so come and visit the Masterpiece Gallery to check them out. 

    Kevin Ahn
    Visiting Home Country is always a good thing, seeing your family, friends and catching up some food 😀 But this time is was very special for me as I'm was heading to Korea Brick Party 2019.
    "KBP" is a collaborative fan event, aimed for open collaboration with all the AFOL communities in Korea + regional countries, where we aimed this but couldn't achieve for few years now. With help of @Edwin - KLUG from K-LUG, host of Japan Brick Fest, steering committee was able to organize truly collaborative event for the first time. The steering committee worked hard to get everyone involved with warm welcoming hands to all the communities. 
    In result, KBP have successfully on-boarded 80 AFOLs from  11 AFOL communities in KR (Recognized + non-recognized)! which was a big step for Korean AFOL community!

    Idea really begin with visiting one of AFOL Networking Events (JBF). We just want to have fun with everyone - in result, working with 11 AFOL communities!

    One of the best parts of KBP was that there were many TFOLs with their creations.This was one of the high focus area of steering committee to celebrate TFOLs which was truly awesome!
    I was able to talk and enjoy the stories how they are discovering and developing their building styles and techniques.

    Also full 2 days of workshops with various topics (Youtube, Stop-motions, Castle dioramas, etc) where we can check all the cool behind the scene works, tips and tricks!

    Also witnessed lots of interesting video contents on site with different channels. Above is @Edwin - KLUG interviewing castle diorama, you can check the video contents here

    2019 KBP was all about witnessing new possibilities and peoples excitement of new collaborative event. 
    Again congratulations, thank you for such a great event! looking forward to meet everyone in near future!
    @Agnes Choi @JUNE SEUNG LEE @Wani Kim @Youchan Kim | BrickDictionary @Brian Yu | BrickMaster LUG @dae hyun baek @Seunghoon Yoo, Brickinside @JOSEON KANG | BrickMuseum

    Sara Skahill

    When Anger Breaks the Mold

    By Sara Skahill, in LAN Blog,

    We don’t like anybody when they’re angry, but we really like it when Unikitty gets angry and becomes Ultrakatty in The LEGO® Movie 2™, because that meant the introduction of the 1x5x2 brick.
    “We did a lot of exploration on creating Ultrakatty’s face, looking at many different sizes of brick,” explains the LEGO® designer, Joe Coleman. “The main goal was to make sure we could keep Unikitty’s face proportions as she raged into Ultrakatty mode. We also needed to consider how big her face was when she needed to interact with Emmet and Lucy on screen, so she could actually fit into the shot!“

    Prototypes of Ultrakatty’s face
    The 1x5x2 brick was the one that worked best for the model, 70827 Ultrakatty & Warrior Lucy!, and the movie character.
    This meant creating an entirely new piece.
    “this was somewhat controversial as we usually try to keep to even numbers in bricks - apart from 1 module and 3 module elements,” Joe says.  “But it made sense for the character and model so it was exciting to challenge ourselves and make it happen!”

    Prototypes of Ultrakatty
    Because it was unconventional, this new piece surprised other designers, and there was much discussion before it was approved. But new elements mean new building opportunities that haven’t previously been thought of – which is exciting to LEGO designers.

    Further prototypes of Ultrakatty
    “I like that when you look at the element it still looks like a normal LEGO brick, I love seeing people do a double take and count the knobs on top!”
    As for revolutionizing other new elements, Joe concludes, “we are always trying our best to make the LEGO System the best it can be. I think there is always room to improve, especially with our core system bricks as it can allow for so many creative builds in the future. “
    Get your hands on this new element in 70827 Ultrakatty & Warrior Lucy! available at the LEGO Shop.

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