• While LEGO® bricks might remind you of your childhood there are an increasing number of adults that use the LEGO brick in their daily life in work and play. This is not a new concept as the first “club” for adults has been actively meeting and building together for over 30 years!
    Today, adults around the world use LEGO bricks as a creative medium. Some build at home with friends and family while others participate in an adult LEGO culture where you meet up and share your passion with other builders. If you are building and creating with LEGO bricks as an adult, you might not even realize it, you are an Adult Fan of LEGO (AFOL)!
    The LEGO Group recognizes this fan base and has a department that engages with and represents adult fans. Members of the LEGO Group’s “AFOL Engagement Team” help fan creations become real LEGO sets through LEGO Ideas, assist with finding opportunities for local community engagement, connect fans through a network of other adult fans, and provide a place to learn from LEGO fan communities from around the world.
    The LEGO Ambassador Network (LAN) offers a Community Locator, Calendar and Blog for all adult fans. This will help you find local events, find a community of other adult fans to build and be creative with as well as a blog that shares behind the scenes stories and news from the LEGO Group.
    We also recognize certain LEGO User Groups, LEGO Online Communities and LEGO Fan Media outlets and provide these communities additional support. Each recognized LEGO community also has a community Ambassador who has additional access to communicate directly with the AFOL Engagement Team and work with other community Ambassadors from around the world in the Forum.
    While the Forum is "for Ambassadors only" the Rules, Guidelines and How to Apply to become a recognized community can all be found in the Welcome Visitor Section.



    AFOL Engagement Team 2018

    (some members not present)