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  • Posting photos clearly showing the face of persons under the age of 18 is not allowed on any LEGO platform without a signed release forms from their legal guardian. Do not post any images in the gallery where the face of a child is clearly visible. For persons under the age of 18, verify that the face is not clearly visible such as a long distance image of a convention floor or use an editing tool to blur the child's face.


New Images

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  • IMG_1069.JPG
  • mando036.jpg
  • mando018.jpg
  • You Were My Brother by Stephen Churchill.jpg
  • The Legend of Johnny Thunder by Matthew Zwicker.jpg
  • The Fly by James Scott Lewis.jpg
  • The First Steps by Matt Cooper.jpg
  • The Crow King by Jon Jones.jpg
  • The Adjacent Booth by Patrick Barnes.jpg
  • Rec Room by Doug Littlejohn.jpg
  • On Route by Wilson Hynes.jpg
  • Micro Scenery by Andrew Wheeler.jpg
  • Magenta Pants by Wes Saunders.jpg
  • Lord Halloween by Robin Sellers.jpg
  • Jumper by Andrew House.jpg
  • Ice Cream Shop by Krista Littlejohn.jpg
  • Headless Horseman by Christo Stassis.jpg
  • Guard Duty by Mel Woodford.jpg
  • Elves by Lily Fisk.jpg
  • Captains Quarters by Paul Smith.jpg
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  • photo_2020-06-27 15.33.40.jpeg
  • photo_2020-06-27 15.32.14.jpeg
  • photo_2020-06-27 15.33.17.jpeg
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  • photo_2020-06-27 15.32.41.jpeg
  • photo_2020-06-27 15.32.32.jpeg
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