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  3. The BIG Build – Silver Beach Center – St. Joseph, MI

    WMLUG will display at the Silver Beach Center a Lego city with multiple trains running and numerous wonderful creations. Buildings from St. Joseph, Benton Harbor, Kalamazoo and Grand Rapids have been recreated out of Lego and will be on the layout. We will also display a science fiction creations. Lastly WMLUG will provide play brick for kids to get some “hands on” fun as well. When: March 2nd-4th, Friday 11am-9pm, Saturday 11am-9pm, Sunday 12pm-5pm Where: Silver Beach Center (Carousel) 333 Broad Street, St. Joseph, MI 49085 Facebook Event:
  4. Morden Lion's Toy Show

    Manitoba Lug's (MBLUG) display is among the feature attractions at the Morden Lions’ annual toy show at the Access Event Centre., which is now in its 17th year including seven as a project of the local service organization. There were about two dozen vendors with about 80 tables of items on display and for sale that varied from die-cast farm toys and cars to sports collectible cards and more..
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  6. Geek Market

    ParLUGment hosts are moderate to large area at Geek Market, where we display various models, creations and frequently a Great Ball Contraption (GBC). We also often host a kids play brick area where children can build models from available parts for display during the event. More information on Geek Market can be found at
  7. 2018 IEEE Lego Robotics Competition @ Longfields/Davidson High School

    ParLUGment will be displaying Lego models and contraptions as part of the local IEEE Lego Robotics competition. Our focus will likely be mechanical in nature, but the general purpose to show off the possibilities to the many children in attendance, as well as their parents. One day event with lots of really interested kids. Always fun.
  8. eduLUG @ Deutsches Museum

    Exhibition, Technical Workshops, GBC, Minecraft building
  9. So it's 2018 and we're already 2 weeks in

    My favorite part of your Holiday card this year is the lovely Danish postage stamp that escaped the postal printer's ink ;-) Thank you!
  10. So it's 2018 and we're already 2 weeks in

    Ahhh...!!! What a nice collection of Christmas cards! They are definitely brag-worthy, and thanks for sharing! Wishing everyone a wonderful, prosperous and positive New Year!
  11. So it's 2018 and we're already 2 weeks in

    So 2018 has arrived and we're already 2 full weeks in from when the Christmas Holidays were over and everything booted up again. Luckily my computer was fine - it seems I always fail to update my password prior to a down period and then it doesn't work when I fire up "ye olde steamie dell". But not this year - could this be a sign of things to come? Anyways, you all probably recall the somewhat mad dash to get everything out and ready for 2018 - we made it, but it comes with a cost. Every action has a reaction and it was indeed hard for us to announce the tiered system in the new Recognized LEGO Fan Community Program as well as the updates and changes to our Support Programs and at the same time revoke close to 40 communities' recognition. That took its tolls on both the community and us. My sincere hope is that, after a good and relaxing holidays with our loved ones, we can rebuild any broken trust between us and the community and then continue on the amazing journey we are all part of. We have so many ideas and thoughts on what we would like to achieve together with our most dedicated fans and we're super thrilled to see more than 100 applications for recognition from new and returning communities. The best part of December was for me seeing, that despite all the tough announcements and changes, the community still appreciates us and our efforts. It's comforting to learn that while you're reducing and sending out hard messages, you - the amazing fans - know that it's part of the game and life itself. Sometimes awesome opportunities arise and sometimes we have to cut back or change things temporarily or permanently. And what convinced me was partly the superprofessional communication on LAN with the ambassadors but also all the Christmas Cards and local specialties showing up in the mail. We sometimes forget how important these tings are and how much they mean. In this modern time of digitization, it is easy to forget the joy of getting something real in your hands with a hand written signature and personal message. This is also why we take the time and resources to send out a small thank you gift for all ambassadors during Christmas - just to let them know that we appreciate their efforts and hard work. We know and we care - and feeling that you think the same towards us is simply mind blowing! Thank You and as a dear colleague of mine once said - and it must be true since it's still stored in my memory: "We're fans of the LEGO fans". I've added the Christmas Cards I got during December and when I returned to office. Not to brag... well actually it is! Look World, look how awesome our fans are!
  12. Kindergartenbautag 2018

    We play and build with 25 preschool children and their parents in kindergarten Mischka in Glauchau. More information can be found here:Übersicht.html Kindergartenbautag 2017 in GC
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  14. LEAHI Brick Event - Hawaii Kai

    LEAHI visits the East side of Oahu, with a display and play event at the Hawaii Kai Public Library!
  15. Winkler Comic Con

    This is the second year that MBLUG is participating at Winkler Comic Con. There will be an activity area for kids and a display area.
  16. WisLUG at Janesville Hedberg Public Library

    WisLUG members will display original LEGO creations at the Janesville Hedberg Public Library. Visitors to this free event can also make their own creations using the library's supply of bricks.
  17. Oeiras BRInCKa 2018

    The 4th edition of Oeiras BRInCKa event. Probably the most successful event from PLUG / BRInCKa series. It happens in the periphery of Lisbon and usually attracts a significant number of visitors over the extended weekend (4 days). The theme for this event will be the Carnival, as it happens during the Carnival weekend.
  18. Toy Brick Exhibition @ Freshco

    A moderate Lego display at one of Brunei's first shopping malls. On Sunday, there'll be animal rides and balloon animals.
  19. Pops Toys

    The 1st LEGO display event of 2018. Keep checking back or visit our website, for updates about this event.
  20. Bricks by the Bay 2018

    Bricks by the Bay™ is one of the largest LEGO® conventions in the Western U.S. and the premier annual display of LEGO brick creations in Northern California.
  21. 5ème CHTIBRICK Cysoing 2018


    I will, without fail
  22. LEGO FanWelt 2018

    The LEGO FanWelt 2018 is coming! We, the MBFR - Modellbaufans Rheinland e.V. - will host the biggest LEGO event in Europe organized by AFOLs again as a 10th anniversary edition. Come to Cologne fair in Germany to see a large exhibition, workshops, and other activities. Registration will open soon, and any questions should be directed at - but please be patient, we are quite busy, and responses to this address may take a few days at the moment.
  23. Construire pour guérir

    Exposition de créations en briques LEGO au profit de Leucan à l'école École secondaire De Rochebelle (porte 3). 27 janvier: 10h-16h 28 janvier: 11h-15h
  24. The LEGO® House Christmas Lunch experience for AFOLs only

    I really need to run the websites through Google Translate so I can read the reviews. The talk about the design process of the Diner by Mike Psiaki is really interesting, though!
  25. FLL Championship

    KLIKK will exhibit some great MOC and provide a play area at FLL Championship Budapest.
  26. KOCKAFESZT Zalaegerszeg 2

    KOCKAFESZT is the popular LEGO fan show of KLIKK. Our 2018 Tour starts in Zalaegerszeg, where we'll have this event for the second time. Large AFOL MOC area, play experiences for both children and adults, sales area included. More information:
  27. The LEGO® House Christmas Lunch experience for AFOLs only

    Despite the long roadtime for travel we had a lot of fun on this (for me) two and a half day event Met a lot of known and new faces. I'm looking forward for this year's events in LEGO House, we will surely see again! Everyone have a nice and brick-ful year :-)
  28. Dear all, first of all I wish you a Happy New Year! When LEGO® House announced its first Christmas party for AFOLs, it was actually with a bit of anxiety. One could not quite know if the event would carry - a Saturday evening late in December? - in Billund? - for international AFOLs? All doubt proved unfounded. The word of the event was quickly spread and in a few days the tickets were rapidly sold. So there we are. Saturday evening on the 16th December, 70 excited adult LEGO enthusiasts from 8 different countries went to Billund to hold their first Christmas party at LEGO House. After such a great event there is no doubt -a new tradition has been founded! Andres Lehmann from and Michael Friedrichs from were among the participants and we have been permitted to publish their review of the event: and as well as a report about the new 10260 Downtown Diner that was presented by the LEGO Designer at the Christmas Party The evening was a lot of fun for all participants as well as us as hosts and we are looking forward to the 2018 version of this activity. All the best, Astrid Mueller, Senior Event & Tour Manager in LEGO House and Jan Beyer, Community Manager LEGO System A/S
  29. [Community Manager Weekly] LEGO Designer in Town --- Next Stop, Skyline Shanghai

    That would be very cool @Philip Jeon | Creator Magazine
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