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  2. Alex Rens OLBC RLUG

    Kicks and Bricks

    Welcome to our event with LEGO bricks. We are open from 10 to 18h on saturday and 10 to 17h on sunday. A lot of LEGO themas will be schown: City, Friends, Trains, Technic, Mindstorms, Mindcraft, Elves, ... Also MOC's from Lord of the Rings, Knights, Vickings, Steampunk,.... There are also LEGO Games to play on 16 consoles and computers. You can even try VR. Cosplayen, free building,.... The place to be!
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  4. Nikolai Mordan | EstLUG

    ROBOTEX 2018

    ROBOTEX is an annual robotica-related event held in Tallinn for last 15 years ( We have negotiated an area there in one of the halls, and will do the exhibition area, plus some activities for guests. Last year info and link to pictures is available here: This is our second time on the event, and, same as last year, we also expect to have participants from neighborhood LUGs.
  5. Nikolai Mordan | EstLUG


    EstLUG's first event in collaboration with the Toy Museum in a second largest Estonian city - Tartu. The purpose is to introduce the LUG to the area and to promote the hobby there. There is also an only LEGO mono-brand store in the country in Tartu – so the community exists there (as they decided to open there, and not yet in the capital), but not organized.
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  7. Thomas Nickolaus

    Nürnbergs Bunte Steine 2019

    The first exhibition in 2019 from Bricking Bavaria will be at NOVINA Hotel Wöhrdersee Nürnberg City. It's an exhibition of MOCs in the hotel's conference area with roughly 250 sqm. Details will be announced at by end of 2018.
  8. Francesco Frangioja

    Beokocka - creations

    Wow! Amazing!
  9. Angeli Ivan

    Beokocka - creations

    pictures of our creations from events
  10. Sever Alicu|Brickenburg

    Skærbæk Fan Weekend 2018

    As usual...BEAUTIFUL! I am sure Svend would have been pleased.
  11. Kevin Thomas | SEALUG

    mukfest 3.jpg

  12. Kevin Thomas | SEALUG

    mukfest 2.jpg

  13. Kevin Thomas | SEALUG

    mukfest 1.jpg

  14. Kevin Thomas | SEALUG


  15. Kevin Thomas | SEALUG


  16. Kevin Thomas | SEALUG


  17. Kevin Thomas | SEALUG


  18. Kevin Thomas | SEALUG


  19. Kevin Thomas | SEALUG


  20. Kevin Thomas | SEALUG


  21. Kevin Thomas | SEALUG

    Alaska Hangar.jpg

  22. Kevin Thomas | SEALUG


  23. Signe Lønholdt

    Guest Blog Post: BayLUG Turns 20!

    Happy anniversary and thank you for sharing this fantastic story plus member quotes, Russell. And thank you for the invitation - I'm sorry I could be there in person this weekend but glad that Tim was there to represent 😊. I agree with @Anna - the cake looks super awesome, Flynn! @TheKnitKnight
  24. Jit-Jian S

    Blizzard-Exclusive LEGO® Overwatch® Omnic Bastion Set Available Now!

    Fedex'd straight to Singapore! Buying two reduces the shipment cost per piece to half (~5 USD instead of 10USD) so we partnered up. Shipment is expected to arrive just after this weekend. Brilliant. Gutted that the Blizzard exclusive tile is stickered instead of a print though.
  25. Martin Horn

    Stein Hanse 2018

    Our flagship, the big LEGO exhibition organized by fans in Northern Germany will take place again at the end of October. On more than 1000m2 a lot of new and unique models will be shown. Also there will be many activities to take part. There will be a race track for remote control models, a building corner, NXT/EV3 programming courses. Amazing models in all sizes and types will be exhibited: beautiful towns, vehicles, historic ships, an entire dwarf town, Star Wars space ships and others and dioramas from the imaginative "Friends" world. We also present the 2x3 meter mosaic of famous Hamburg Michel and Elbphilharmonie. The Michel will be shown twice: as a mosaic and as a model 2,80m high. The special hightlight is the biggest mobile cran. And of course again many additional great technic models.
  26. Anna

    Guest Blog Post: BayLUG Turns 20!

    Great story and photos! Thanks for sharing! And that cake looks super awesome!
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