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  4. James Banks

    Girl Scouts Jamboree-Stop Motion Academy

    HollywoodLUG will be working with the local chapter of the Girl Scouts. We will be putting together a instructional class that teaches scouts basics of stop motion techniques. The films will be on display at the local Girl Scouts Troop Jamboree.
  5. James Banks

    HollywoodLUG Tom's Toys Carnival Games

    WHO: HollywoodLUG, a group of AFOL's that focuses on stop motion animation. WHAT: AFOL members will be displaying interactive brick built carnival games for participants of all ages to enjoy! There will also be a display of current HollywoodLUG brick films. WHEN: Sunday, September 9, WHERE: Tom's Toys, 2281 Honolulu Ave. Montrose, CA 91020
  6. On vacation please reach out to Sara and Kim🏝️☀️🕶️ 👩✖️✖️📱📴

    1. Alexandre Campos

      Alexandre Campos

      Happy Holidays! You deserve some rest from us pesky AFOLs. xD

  7. Anders Horvath

    Bygghelg på Arbetets Museum

    Swebrick AFOL MOC exhibition & Free building and exhibition of the visitors MOC
  8. mrhobbles

    Powered UP AFOL Community Answers

    I like the idea of holding down on a button (such as the red one) to switch motor modes. Potentially also to switch modes on a converter cable, rather than a physical switch.
  9. Nate Flood

    Nebraska Brick Days Lincoln

    Join LOLUG and KC Brick Lab along with members of IowaLUG and COWLUG for Nebraska Brick Days! See incredible creations and compete in the minifig speed build or brickbuilt derby. Build something incredible at our brick stations or bring your own creations to display! Visit for more information.
  10. Brickster_815

    Powered UP AFOL Community Answers

    Coming back to the controller modes "bang-bang" or "smooth": wouldn't it be easy to update the controller and smart hub firmware to allow toggeling between these modes by pressing the red (stop) button on the controller for e.g. 5 (or 7) seconds? That would be an very easy and handy way to enable both modes with the existing controller. So, by default train motor would be "smooth", Boost and M-Motor would be "bang-bang" ... very easy to use for kids in trains and RC cars. But for more sophisticated usages (e.g. a crane) one could simply toggle the mode and have also the M-motor going "smooth". Using the red buttons for toggeling the mode also would have the advantage that one could independently use the two modes for both ports A and B. One item of my wish-list is a second controller type: designed like the existing PU controller but with analog sticks (similar to the one shown in the patent). This controller could provide a "smooth" mode with spring loaded center position. Here also a third mode would be interesting: "absolute" = motor rotates to a position defined by the stick's position between -90° and +90° (like the the PF-servo motor). Toggeling between "smooth" and "absolute" could be done similar to the way I described above - presuming a buttong is available on the controller for each stick.
  11. Richard Strifling

    MBLUG @ Central Canada Comic Con (Winnipeg, MB)

    Central Canada Comic is the largest comic convention in central Canada. Once again the Manitoba Lego users group will be attending with a Marvel themed build.
  12. Kevin Evans

    Maitland Brickfest

    We are excited to announce the date and venue have been confirmed for Maitland Brickfest. Rainbow Bricks is excited to be returning to Maitland and so are our exhibitors. Date: Sunday 18th November Venue: Maitland High School Display times: 10am - 4pm Like all our events we are supporting local Maitland schools and charities. We already have 30 exhibitors from across the Hunter and Central Coast coming to display their creations for you to enjoy. As well as the amazing creations and collections on display there will be many activities for you to enjoy. The Build Area which is always a favorite will be there plus the Remote Control Driving Area where the kids and the young at heart can drive the RC Trackers. Don't forget to tell you your friends and family about our event. We look forward to seeing you soon. 🙂
  13. Kevin Evans

    Bateau Bay Brickfest

    Rainbow Brickfest presents Bateau Bay Brickfest A LEGO Fan Event Rainbow Bricks are excited to announce the first Bateau Bay Brickfest. There will be exhibitors from the Central Coast, Newcastle and Hunter Valley areas bringing their amazing creations for you to enjoy. We will have our always popular Rainbow Bricks city layout including working trains and trams and lots of other lights and movement. As always we will have the build area for the kids to build something after being inspired by the creations on display. Plus there will be LEGO Sets, bricks, minifigs and other LEGO Merchandise for sale at the event. DATE: Sunday 21st October VENUE: Bateau Bay PCYC TIME: 10am - 4pm COST: $5 per person or $15 per family. Proceeds from this LEGO Fan event support Brooke Avenue Public School P&C. We look forward to seeing you there 🙂 Like/Share this page to stay up to date on LEGO, upcoming events and Bateau Bay Brickfest. #rainbowbricks #bateaubaybrickfest
  14. Joe Kirsten | zaLUG | South Africa

    LEGO Brick Fair 2018!

    It's that time of the year again and we have something very special for our LEGO Brick Fair Exhibitors this year. LEGO South Africa is joining us in organizing this event and together we are going to make it a truly LEGO experience. There will be various activations for the public as well as the exhibitors, but we are now getting a bit ahead of ourselves. If you are not sure what a LEGO Brick Fair is, then this is the right place to start. Every Year (for the past 7 years) Toy Adventures are hosting the Biggest LEGO gathering in South Africa. This is your chance to show your LEGO to over 20,000 people who will visit us that weekend. To Exhibit is Free, we will supply the tables, you just need to bring your LEGO and show it off. There are various competitions that you can enter and you also get 30% discount on LEGO sets.
  15. Joe Kirsten | zaLUG | South Africa

    Clearwater Mall LEGO Expo

    The Clearwater Mall LEGO Exhibition is happening 25 to 26 August 2018. With over 50 tables of brick-filled goodness, the Clearwater LEGO exhibition is sure to be a weekend filled with fun and excitement. Everyone is invited to experience the delight that LEGO has to offer: wide-eyed children, young-at-heart adults, dedicated LEGO lovers, curious admirers of great art and inquisitive fans of sophisticated technical builds. There will be something for everyone. You can look forward to seeing a fascinating variety of LEGO models built by the members of zaLUG – The South African LEGO User Group. There will also be competitions and interactive activities around the mall. Mark it in your calendars!
  16. Kevin Evans

    Medowie Brickfest

    Rainbow Bricks Presents Medowie Brickfest A LEGO Fan Event We are excited to be returning to Medowie with Medowie Brickfest. The event is supporting Medowie Schools. There will be exhibitors from across the Hunter Valley, Central Coast, Sydney and of course, local exhibitors. They will be bringing their amazing creation for you to enjoy. As well as the displays there will be: Build Area: The always popular Build Area for the kids to build in. Speed Builds: You have 3 minutes to bulld something. What will you build? RC Trackers: Drive the Remote Control Trackers. Food and drinks stalls Coffee Van DATE: Saturday 15th September TIME: 10am - 4pm COST: $5 a person/$15 a family VENUE: Medowie Christian School Tell your friends about the event and return to the Facebook Page for more details and LEGO news.
  17. Roy Gal - HILUG

    HILUG at USS Missouri Picnic on the Pier

    The USS Missouri Memorial (WWII battleship where Japanese signed surrender) at Pearl Harbor hosts a summer series event for the military community as well as kama`aina (local residents) in the surrounding areas, held once in June, July and August. For August's Picnic on the Pier the theme is Game Night. The battleship will host a literal picnic on the pier with live local music and food for the families to enjoy as the sun sets behind the historic Battleship Missouri. Enjoy Giant Jengas, Giant TicTacToe, Giant Checkers, Sandbag Toss, Lego station and a Photo Booth - fun games for ALL ages! HILUG will be there to provide displays of Lego creations and a building area for the families.
  18. Roy Gal - HILUG

    HILUG at Honolulu Zoo Wildest Show in Town

    Join the Hawaii Lego Users Group for an evening of music and bricks at the final Wildest Show in Town of the summer at the Honolulu Zoo! Enjoy original creations and an animal building contest before the great music from Jon Yamasato and Iron Mango!
  19. Claudio Molaro

    BOLOGNA Brick

    Bologna, Arena Parco Nord 27-28 OTTOBRE 2018 BOLOGNA BRICK 5000 squared meters area entirely dedicated to bricks 1000 squared meters play area and laboratories. It will take place in Bologna on October 27th and 28th 2018 at the Parco Nord Arena. The exhibition will be opened to the audience from Saturday morning, timetables are still under definition; for this reason it is necessary to set up on Friday afternoon, except in special cases agreed with the organizers.
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    For the 18th time we show in our hometown in the run-up to Christmas an insight into our family hobby. Every year about 5,000 visitors come to the exhibition, all with free admission. For the children from the kindergartens there are separate opening hours, on pre-order. All further information under:Übersicht.html additional opening days !!! 22/12/2018 23/12/2018
  22. Robert Turner

    Maker Faire Ottawa

    ParLUGment will have a small display of Lego MOCs at Maker Faire Ottawa.
  23. ampersand916

    SacBB Monthly Meeting

    The Sacramento Brick Builders is welcoming its members and the public at large to its next monthly meeting on August 18th, 11 am at Empire Comic Vault, 1120 Fulton Ave in Sacramento! This month's theme is "Art", and as art is subjective, whatever "Art" means to you is what we're looking for! To keep up to date with all things SacBB, make sure to follow our Facebook page which is updated often. We look forward to seeing you then!
  24. Francesco Spreafico

    Guest Blog Post: ItLUG Lecco 2018

    On the last week-end of July, ItLUG held its main event in the town of Lecco: ItLUG Lecco 2018. It's our biggest and oldest event, its first edition was in 2006 in a nearby town, and since 2014 it's been in the modern local branch of Milan's Politecnico University, with its huge classrooms that are just perfect for a LEGO® exhibition. This year we had more than 200 registered AFOLs, coming from all over the country and also from the rest of Europe: France (LUG'est), Romania (Asociatia Brickenburg), Croatia (Kockicke), Switzerland (SwissLUG), Germany and the Netherlands. I will not a make a list of my favorite MOCs because I'm sure I'd leave something awesome out, the quality of all of them was amazing... just look at the photos! I'll just mention the very big ones... LUG'est's Paris Steampunk 1889, Brickenburg's Advanced Blacktron Spaceship, ItLUG and Toscanabricks' Duomo di Firenze, CLV's Cime di Lavaredo, and ItLUG's Centro Piacentiniano di Bergamo. Besides the exhibition we also had different kinds of activities, for AFOLs and the public: - The Vintage Museum. It has become a tradition for this event to have a section of a classroom dedicated to vintage LEGO wooden toys and early sets, to show how things used to be once; - The AFOL Video Quiz. Just for AFOLs, a quiz where participants had to guess sets and answer questions based on videos and images shown on a screen; - LEGO WeDo workshops for kids. This was a great success last year, so we decided to do it again... and it was again a success! - The Robot Sumo Tournament. Another tradition, every year with more and more teams "fighting" each other to win the tournament; - A LEGO SERIOUS PLAY® seminar for parents and children; - The CreActive contest for children, where children can build something at home and bring it to the event; - The Pick n' Build play area, where children (and adults) can build whatever they want right there at the event; - A GBC layout; - The Divine Brick-Comedy; a photo project recreating Dante's Inferno with BrickHeadz; - A presentation about the history of the 2x4 brick, to celebrate the 60 years of the brick. Flickr album:
  25. Tom Atkinson

    Powered UP AFOL Community Answers

    Each motor has lived a long life of powering a GBC module (or portion thereof). I do not abuse motors. I gear them properly. I just wear them out. Good thing they are cheap...
  26. timoonn

    Powered UP AFOL Community Answers

    Your motors died after a huge and intensive uses i guess? Or damaged cable...
  27. Tom Atkinson

    Powered UP AFOL Community Answers

    Jason I must disagree. PF motors have a limited life, train controllers seem to last forever. Once PF motors become unavailable without a conversion to PUP the train controllers will become useless. I own 90 train controllers and have only ever seen an issue with one I bought in a large lot (it still works, just full on). Dead motors:
  28. darnolds

    Powered UP AFOL Community Answers

    @mrhobbles, thanks for the project. Now I finally might have to learn node.js. 😉
  29. paperballpark

    Powered UP AFOL Community Answers

    The problem is that PF motors will at some point be discontinued, so if you don't have loads of them (and I don't), you're then stuffed. As you say, the PF rechargeable battery box has an auto switch-off, and is very expensive compared to old 9v train controllers. Neither of those are good for using a lot of battery boxes in a GBC layout.
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