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  3. Hi all, today we had around 600 AFOLs (including over 80 Ambassadors) from almost 40 different countries participating the LEGO House AFOL Opening - it was really a blast. It went really smooth and was an amazing experience for all AFOLs as well as the LEGO House Staff, Kjeld Kirk Kristiansen, Jørgen Vig Knudstorp, Bali Padda, the DCE Leadership Team as well as all LCE team members present. We had all such a great time and I got plenty of very positive comments and saw plenty of very happy faces so it was a true mindblowing experience. Now most of the AFOLs and even some more (yes, you read right - there are over 700! registered participants) enjoy the Skærbæk Fan Weekend here in Denmark and will turn this into the most international AFOL driven event worldwide. So I wish us all here present a great weekend of LEGO brick fun and all others a great weekend and hope you are able to join in the future!
  4. Do your community members have great ideas for a “gift with purchase"-set?

    Thanks for your input guys - please wait until we have the setup in the LAN ready for you comments and suggestions as mentioned in the blog post.
  5. HispaBrick Magazine Event 2017

    Main event of Hispabrick Magazine
  6. Last week
  7. Do your community members have great ideas for a “gift with purchase"-set?

    We look forward to helping out with this bit of info gathering. The GWPs are almost always sought after items. Thanks for including the rest of the LUG. I think it gives our members a greater sense of community when they believe that their opinions are valued.
  8. BrickSur 2017

    BRICKSUR is the most important exhibition of Andalucia, in the south of Spain, organised by fans of LEGO® from PIEZAS, Spanish community of LEGO® fans. It will take place in Granada, Spain. The exhibition contains thousands of bricks that come alive in buildings made by members from PIEZAS and other international communities. You will enjoy a great city, motorised trains, houses, cars, airplanes, squares, gardens... amazing medieval buildings and castles, starships from the Star WarsTM universe, large-scale buildings, and other original creations. All of them built with LEGO® bricks, of course! Visitors of all ages can take part in several competitions, play in the free building zone, and have a great time and fun!
  9. Do your community members have great ideas for a “gift with purchase"-set?

    Like @Paweł Kmieć | this is my S@H customer experience: I'm mad about the GWP sets of tiny/small/little version of a "regular" set such as the mini MINICooper, the mini VW Beetle, the mini VW T1 and the last mini London Bus. I'm still very sad for the missing little Ferrari F40
  10. Do your community members have great ideas for a “gift with purchase"-set?

    This is coming from my longtime experience with S@H, not from a community, but I'm always very fond of the Star Wars polybag mini sets. I have very much enjoyed the 30497 First Order Heavy Assault Walker set being added to a S@H order recently, in fact it was what prompted me to place an order. Since I own a number of these sets on a display (e.g. 30277, 30278 and 30279), it was very tempting to add the Walker to my collection. I think this is what makes the SW mini sets stand out as GWP sets: it's difficult to stop with just one. I now own eight of these, all displayed on a shelf (they take very little display space: another advantage) and I'm sure I will be tempted to get another when it's offered as a GWP set. They're so recognizable and poseable despite their size!
  11. Dear all, I got this message from my department colleagues: "Exciting news for all members of registered LEGO fan communities: Next week we will share brief on the LAN Forum asking LAN Ambassadors to involve their community members in the idea generation for a "gift with purchase"-set (GWP)*. We hope that all registered LEGO communities will contribute with ideas and forward their ideas to their LAN ambassador in a prioritized list. Stay tuned for more information on the LAN Forum next week and start noting your ideas down today. If you are a registered community member ask your LAN Ambassador for more information about this initiative. The deadline for submitting the prioritized list of ideas is November 1st 2017. There might be questions linked to this blog post and the brief, i.e.: "will some ideas be turned into an actual product?" The answer is that the ideas are inspirational allowing LEGO Group to understand what fans believe is a great GWP set. Please look out for the topic on LAN next week and ask your questions there. Note that we will not be collecting ideas posted in the comments of this blog post, so please follow the directions in the topic on the LAN forum posted next week. *A “gift with purchase”-set is as the name indicates a set which is given to people who purchase a specific LEGO offer. " Thanks so much for you interest and your participantion is very much appreciated. Jan
  12. SiP goes Scotland 2017

    SiP goes Scotland 2017
  13. [COMMUNITY MANAGER WEEKLY] The RLFM Meet & Greet Day in Enfield, CT

    Thanks for having us all out for this! It was a great way to connect with other Fan Media and experience some of the inner workings of TLG. I hope we're able to do more of this in the future!
  14. [COMMUNITY MANAGER WEEKLY] The RLFM Meet & Greet Day in Enfield, CT

    Many thanks to the LCE team and all the staff at Enfield for inviting us and making the day such an awesome experience. It was also a real pleasure to meet with the other RLFMs who attended.
  15. [Community Manager Weekly] AFOL test visit @ the LEGO House

    I'm really impressed with how well it has turned out, I'd love to visit again. Some photos to show the progress between June and now:
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  17. Brick 66 Own Event

    Third edition of our own event. 2 Moc contest with green 2X4 by day and 1 with Technic elements, free build with thousands different LEGO elements, 1 raffle by day, Duplo aera, Mocs exhibition.
  18. So today we had the pleasure of getting a visit at LEGO HQ in Enfield, Conneticut, USA from 12 North American and Global Recognized LEGO Fan Media. On August 17th I could finally send out the invitations for the first ever Recognized LEGO Fan Media Meet & Greet Day in Enfield. I was surprised to see that 12 of the invited Fan Media accepted the invite despite the short notice and having to carve out time from their real life schedule and jobs - I was not expecting that, but it happened and I am really grateful for that. Thank You for taking the time and for making this a day to remember for me and certainly also for my marketing colleagues from LEGO Systems Inc. in Enfield who participated. 16 representatives showed up and gave presentations to each other, the LEGO Community Engagement department and the invited LEGO colleagues from LEGO Systems Inc. The day provided great opportunity to network between the RLFM and to provide loads of great input and feedback which I will make sure to bring back with me to Billund and bring to future discussions on improving our support structure and cooperation with the Recognized LEGO Fan Media. The day also marked my final day in our Enfield office for this time. Hopefully I'll be able to make the trip again next year and perhaps I might even be able to persuade the right people to do another RLFM Meet & Greet if that happens. Again, Thank You all for coming - I feel blessed to have been given this opportunity to finally meet those of you with whom I've only been communicating and talking through e-mails and the occasional phone call. Pictures courtesy of Paul Striefler.
  19. Brickenburg Galaxy

    The event is hosted by Vivo! Pitesti, in Pitesti, Romania, approximately 350 km far from Cluj - Napoca/Kolozsvar/Klausenburg. The layouts exhibited are based on Castle/Nexo/Old inteligent LEGO bricks theme. With the help of the Certified LEGO Store from Cluj-Napoca a huge citadel made of LEGO bricks will be built until the end of the event.
  20. Berliner 6. Stenewahn

    We are proudly to present our 6. Steinewahn an exhibition for AFOLS and visitors. MOCS. GAMES. SELLER FLEA MARKET LOTS OF FUN
  21. Ravenna Brick Festival 2017

    Event for all adult and child. It possible find AFOL's creations, and child's corner area and more.
  22. [Community Manager Weekly] - Celebrating 85 yrs of Play

    We don't mind illegal building techniques as long as they don't go into sets. Well unless we can sneak them in there as Easter Eggs
  23. Kultursteine in Trossingen

    One city! Trossingen is located in the delightful plateau of Baar, exactly between Black forest and Swabian Alb. And who has not been there yet, can close this gap on his personal exhibition card, now. Schwabenstein 2x4 invites you to a LEGO excursion to the south (or to the north, depending on the starting point) Two days! Saturday, 21.10. and Sunday, 22.10.2017, from 10 am - 6 pm. Two places! - In the Auberlehaus, in which Schwabenstein 2x4 debuted in 2015 with the exhibition "Stein-Kunst und Kultur-Zeug", and this time it should be the work of LEGO, mosaics, sculptures, etc .; - in the "Kulturfabrik Kesselhaus" - a lovingly restored industrial monument, which is formally called to be filled with loads of colorful things. Ticket prices: Adults 8€ Kids 3€ Familie 20€
  24. Brickworld Michigan

    Bring the entire family for an afternoon of fun! See 40,000 square feet of spectacular creations all built from LEGO bricks by local LEGO enthusiasts.
  25. Brickworld Michigan

    Bring the entire family for an afternoon of fun! See 40,000 square feet of spectacular creations all built from LEGO bricks by local LEGO enthusiasts.

    No. It was Paul from the LCE.
  27. Edmonton comic expo

    The Edmonton Comic & Entertainment Expo (AKA: Edmonton Expo) is a three-day pop-culture convention held in annually each fall in Edmonton, Alberta at the Expo Centre. Attendees can shop hundreds of vendors, exhibitors and artists, check out panels and workshops, meet their favourite stars and creators, and celebrate what makes them geeky with thousands of other fans in cosplay. There is something for every fan at Edmonton Expo! NALUG will have a 20ft x 40 ft display featuring MOCs in the pop culture theme
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