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About Us

Building a community one brick at a time :)

The Philippine LEGO Users Group (PhLUG) is the first RLUG in the Philippines.  Established in 2012 in Manila, PhLUG has grown from a handful of members meeting in cafes to a large hobby group exhibiting in different events in the country.

Our motivation is simple: we aim to share our love of LEGO to as many Filipinos as we can in the friendliest way possible.  No fuss, no frills.  Coming from a small nation where LEGO used to be, and still is, a luxury, having a Filipino RLUG is a dream come true.

PhLUG is happy to be part of the global network of LUGs.  We look forward to learning from and sharing experiences with you :) 



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Chestnut Amatong/PhLUG

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Chestnut Amatong/PhLUG

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