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Daniel Schäfers
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Messepiazza 1, Stuttgart, 70629, Germany


We all still like to remember the ComicCon 2017, which took place after the organizational takeover of the friends of the Bricking Bavaria in Stuttgart for the second time. Encouraging feedback on the part of the fair management and of course the partly colorful costumed (!) Audience have prompted us to risk a new edition in a unique atmosphere, this year on 30.6 and 01.07.2018, 10 to 18 clock in the Hall 1 of the Stuttgart Trade Fair. This time we have an amazing 1,600 square meters of space available, and there are only a few corners free. Forgiven or firmly reserved are already large areas for

- The moonbase landscape. A standard established a few years ago allows interested parties to contribute their own modules and put them together on site into a gigantic system - bigger than any one could ever put into the living room, and to the delight of the audience!

- Under the banner of, there will be lots of young, talented MOCcers who will once again be captivating us with their breathtaking creations from the fantasy, star wars, film and comics sectors.

- The Balrog-Fortress - that's where connoisseurs are already flicking their tongues and will be curious what all of the details can be accommodated on an enclosed area of five by three by two meters. We can reveal: Lots!

- The city of Ardas with the subject "Middle Ages". You can see them in the state of war and with a port facility running to the smallest detail. No big art, if you have four by six meters of surface available!

- Asian then it's with the theme "Ninja": "A temple complex and a school on the edge of the forest" is the name of the application. We keep free for just under two and a half meters square - and are very curious how this ensemble will arrive.

- A LEGO Technic Workshop.

- A LEGO Ninja Action Area.

- A tracked racer area. This is the little green and white remote controlled car that makes you happy with its powerful engine and low weight. A demanding course requires skill and skill.

- Numerous hands-on games - among other things, will be held for the first time among the exhibitors of the Cathedral Contest. This is a board game that is made of wood in the original and now in many LEGO versions a fresh spring experienced - and in the middle of summer!

To make it not only a feast for the eyes, but also for the smartphones, this time we have set up a few photo points: A weapon stand with sword, morning star, halberd and spear invites you to pose - needless to say, of course, everything is built from LEGO , In addition, we pour plenty of LEGO bricks on the big tables and leave the rest of the imagination of the big and small builders. Many a family already forgot time and space when digging in the stones and surprised us with many a bizarre work of art.


For exhibitors, coffee and water are available in a generous backstage area during opening hours. At the obligatory AFOL evening there are not only prizes to be won, but also a thank-you-set for coming. If you want to participate, you should decide soon, because there are only a few places left. Event

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