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Marea MOC-uiala 2023

Online competition which includes all the MOCs published by RoLUG members in 2023.
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Království Železnice Praha

train-themed MOC exhibition in the railway kingdom. Prague. A demonstration of MOC and factory sets of the Lego kit
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LAUTER STEINE 2023 in der Gartenschau Kaiserslautern

Since 2015, our LEGO FAN exhibition has been a permanent fixture at the Kaiserslautern Garden Show.  In 2023 we will try to plan again together with other LUGs many joint actions within our exhibition and plan together with our visitors many fan activities.  Let us surprise you, many new and beautiful models from the region and the world will be admired in Kaiserslautern.  Your Lauter Steine e.V.  
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Von Steinen verzaubert

The Historical Museum in Aurich and our association are jointly organising the special exhibition "Enchanted by Stones" in the Aurich museum rooms, on view from 21 May 2023 to 3 December 2023. In addition to lots of exciting information about the colourful stones from Denmark, there are great MOCs from Aurich's history and surroundings to see. An exciting accompanying programme with guided tours, a stone sale and much more round off this special exhibition. Supporting programme "Discoveri
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