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  1. The LEGO Ambassador Network 2.0 goes live!

    The LEGO Ambassador Network 2.0 platform officially launched on this day in 2017.
  2. If you are interested in what it takes to acquire recognition and who we consider for recognition, please read the attached Rules and Guidelines on the LEGO Ambassador Network. Thank You 2017 LAN Program Rules and Guidelines.pdf
  3. Welcome - Start Here

    Welcome to the LEGO Ambassador Network. The LEGO Ambassador Network (LAN) is a community network to provide valuable dialogue and initiate activities of relevance for the mutual benefit of the Recognized LEGO User Groups (RLUG), the Recognized LEGO Fan Media (RLFM) and The LEGO Group (TLG). Below are the frequently asked questions on the LEGO Ambassador Network: How do I reach Customer Service How do I contact the Community Manager in my region? What is the LEGO Ambassador Network? Who is LEGO Community Engagement (LCE)? How does one become a LEGO brand ambassador? Does the LEGO Group offer support or donations to schools, educational organizations, hospitals, charities etc.? How do I find a Recognized LEGO User Group or Recognized LEGO Fan Media near me? How do I find a Recognized Fan Event Near me? What is LEGO Rebrick? What is LEGO Ideas? What is a LUG? What is an AFOL? What is a TFOL? What is a Recognized LUG (RLUG)? What is a Recognized LEGO Fan Media (RLFM)? What are the rules and requirements to become recognized and part of the LEGO Ambassador Network (LAN)? How to apply for Recognition? Can the LEGO Ambassador Network logo be used by anyone and are there any restrictions to its use? Which types of support does The LEGO Group offer members of the LEGO Ambassador Network? Does the LEGO Group offer support in building big projects? Does the LEGO Group offer support for events driven by Recognized LUGs and/or Recognized LEGO Fan Media? Does the LEGO Group offer discounted access to LEGO bricks for the members of Recognized Communities? Does the LEGO Group support some fan driven events differently than others, and if so, why?