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Found 3 results

  1. Kim Thomsen

    The LEGO Ambassador Network 2.0 goes live!

    The LEGO Ambassador Network 2.0 platform officially launched on this day in 2017.
  2. Kim Thomsen

    Welcome - Start Here

    Welcome to the LEGO Ambassador Network. The LEGO Ambassador Network (LAN) is a community network to provide valuable dialogue and initiate activities of relevance for the mutual benefit of the Recognized LEGO User Groups (RLUG), the Recognized LEGO Fan Media (RLFM) and The LEGO Group (TLG). Below are the frequently asked questions on the LEGO Ambassador Network: How do I reach Customer Service What is the LEGO Ambassador Network? Who is LEGO Community Engagement (LCE)? How does one become a LEGO brand ambassador? Does the LEGO Group offer support or donations to schools, educational organizations, hospitals, charities etc.? How do I find a Recognized LEGO User Group or Recognized LEGO Fan Media near me? How do I find a Recognized Fan Event Near me? What is LEGO Rebrick? What is LEGO Ideas? What is a LUG? What is an AFOL? What is a TFOL? What is a Recognized LUG - LEGO User(s) Group (RLUG)? What is a Recognized LEGO Online Community (RLOC)? What is a Recognized LEGO Fan Media (RLFM)? What are the rules and requirements to become recognized and part of the LEGO Ambassador Network (LAN)? How to apply for Recognition? Can the LEGO Ambassador Network logo be used by anyone and are there any restrictions to its use? Which types of support does The LEGO Group offer members of the LEGO Ambassador Network? Does the LEGO Group offer support in building big projects? Does the LEGO Group offer support for events driven by Recognized LUGs and/or Recognized LEGO Fan Media? Does the LEGO Group offer discounted access to LEGO bricks for the members of Recognized Communities? Does the LEGO Group support some fan driven events differently than others, and if so, why?
  3. If you are interested in what it takes to acquire recognition and who we consider for recognition, please read the following information The different types of Recognized Communities we recognize: RLUGs – Recognized LEGO® User Groups The LEGO User Groups typically has physical presence in a limited geographical area (for example a country or state). The members organize events, get together for build meetings and do local community work. The LUG may or may not collaborate with the local LEGO Business Unit. RLOCs – Recognized LEGO® Online Communities The Online Communities are present online mainly and do most of their community activities via their online forums in which they drive discussions, product reviews, competitions and everything else celebrating the LEGO Brand. RLFMs – Recognized LEGO® Fan Media The Fan Media are outlets such as physical Magazines, online Magazines, Blogs, YouTube channels, etc. They focus on LEGO History, LEGO Product Reviews, LEGO News and produce articles focusing on everything relating to the LEGO Brand. All Recognized Communities are divided into 2 tiers; Tier 1 and Tier 2. All new Recognized Communities start in Tier 1. Below you see an example of how each community type could look at Tier 1. Ambassador and Community requirements and responsibilities An Ambassador of a Recognized community must be 18+ and appointed by the community to represent the community and its members actively on the LAN. The Ambassador does not represent The LEGO Group. The Ambassadors primary responsibilities are: To be the single point of contact between the LEGO Group and the community he/she represents. To bring forward relevant topics raised in the community to the LAN in order for everyone to benefit from the experience of the other Ambassadors. Take information from the LAN to the community members. To ensure that all formal requirements related to reporting, sign up for support, etc. are met. To actively engage and participate on the LAN. To distribute and/or participate in surveys that are generated by the LEGO Group. To keep the LAN team updated on any changes to the community, be it address changes, change in Ambassador, structure, inability to meet requirements or other relevant information. Roles and Responsibilities To maintain recognized state, the RLUG/RLFM/RLOC must meet the following requirements: The Ambassador must fulfil her/his role and responsibilities as outlined in this document Activity and Event Reports must be submitted in time Comply with TLG Fair Play Policy and TLG Brand Values Comply with the Novelty Policy Comply with the IP Guidelines Engage the AFOL Community and The LEGO Group in a positive and respectful manner Plan and drive activities of value to and impact on the AFOL Community To ensure an optimal relationship and interaction between the Ambassadors and the LEGO Group, each Ambassador is expected to act in a constructive and respectful manner and be in all actions and activities a role model for other Ambassadors as well as members. It is considered a breach of agreement if responsibilities cannot be met or an unacceptable behavior is demonstrated by the Ambassador or the RLUG/RLFM/RLOC and the LEGO Group will review the status of the Ambassador, or the RLUG/RLFM/RLOC Failure to meet the above requirements to maintain recognized state or behavior may result in loss of recognition, support and participation in the LAN. The exclusion may lead to the RLUG/RLFM/RLOC being asked to elect a new Ambassador to represent them but it may also lead to the RLUG/RLFM/RLOC being excluded as well. Exclusion can happen with no prior warning. Minimum requirements to be considered for Recognition (pointers) One full year of existence Active Community with a reasonable number of members/followers/subscribers/contributors depending on your community type Known within the AFOL Community Compliance with the above listed policies