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  1. until
    We look forward to seeing you from 9.45pm onwards on our twitch channel for the third OrangeTeam Live Show & Friends! An extraordinary event in digital format, made of interviews, MOC and informations!This will be a special issue with our OrangeTeam LUG GIRLS!
  2. We look forward to seeing you from 9.45pm onwards on our twitch channel for the third OrangeTeam Live Show & Friends! An extraordinary event in digital format, made of interviews, MOC and informations!Many guests will participate, even from far away!
  3. It is not a myth or folktale, our friends from Shanghai LUG has literraly brought their event to the Pacific Ocean. By collaborating with the MSC Cruises, @Jiayuan Xu, together with eight members of SHLUG, onboarded the MSC Splendida this August. They brought dozens of splendid MOCs, as well as some latest LEGO sets to the ship and engaged with 3000 passengers who were there to enjoy their vacation and the ship crew of course. Jiayuan says, "The whole trip was kindly sponsored by MSC, but certainly it's a very unique opportunity to show people on the curise about our way of engaging with the LEGO bricks." MSC Cruises and the LEGO Group have teamed up since 2014 to design stimulating play areas on the MSC cruise ships. A small curise set was even made to be sold on selected MSC cruise ships. The sailor minifigure is also authorized to use at LEGO related activities onboard. Nice location to display the LEGO vehicle sets.
  4. until
    Monthly Meeting with Bricks and all around the topic Lego. Monatliches Treffen für alle die sich für Lego interessieren. Geselliges Beisammensein und der Austausch über das neueste MOC oder die neusten Sachen rund um Lego.
  5. until
    Monthly Meeting with Bricks and all around the topic Lego. Monatliches Treffen für alle die sich für Lego interessieren. Geselliges Beisammensein und der Austausch über das neueste MOC oder die neusten Sachen rund um Lego.
  6. until
    Monthly Meeting with Bricks and all around the topic Lego. Monatliches Treffen für alle die sich für Lego interessieren. Geselliges Beisammensein und der Austausch über das neueste MOC oder die neusten Sachen rund um Lego.
  7. until
    Monthly Meeting with Bricks and all around the topic Lego. Monatliches Treffen für alle die sich für Lego interessieren. Geselliges Beisammensein und der Austausch über das neueste MOC oder die neusten Sachen rund um Lego.
  8. until
    Monthly Meeting with Bricks and all around the topic Lego. Monatliches Treffen für alle die sich für Lego interessieren. Geselliges Beisammensein und der Austausch über das neueste MOC oder die neusten Sachen rund um Lego.
  9. until
    Breeks LUG will be actively participating in the 3rd Robotics and STEAM Festival of Crete, which is organized by the Robotics & Science Academy of Crete. This year the festival will take place on the weekend of 28 & 29 September 2019 at the International Exhibition Center of Crete, at Heraklion. Visitors will learn about robotics, particularly Educational Robotics, new technologies, S.T.E.A.M. (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, Math) and experiential learning. The official opening of the festival will take place on the afternoon of Friday, September 27. The festival features: Workshops for kids and adults (at least 100!) Competitions and robotics championship for kids and adults Exhibitions and shows Many other activities Breeks LUG will be present with the following activities: A huge static exhibition of MOCs built by our members. "LEGO brick building technics" workshops for kids and adults. Competitions for kids and adults Interactive games for kids and adults. If any of you are in Crete on vacation during that time of the year, drop by to meet us and talk about LEGO bricks! More info (in greek): https://breeks.gr/index.php/el/menu-en-media/menu-en-media-articles/item/16-k2-exhibition-3rd-robotics-and-steam-festival-crete-2019.html [Edit 29 August 2019] The list of participants and the program is online at the Festival's official website: https://www.robotic-science-academy.edu.gr/3-robotics-and-steam-festival-crete [Edit 25 September 2019] ATTENTION! The festival's location has changed! It will be hgeld at the Cultural Conference Centre of Heraklion (Leof. Plastira 10, Iraklio, 71201) The flyer was also updated to reflect the change.
  10. During the weekend of Aug 24~25, 2019, the third AFOL Festival was hosted at Shanghai, China. Participating RLUGs: China LUG, LELEZHEN LUG, Heros Club LUG, SHLUG, Canton LUG, Hong Kong Brick Rail and Brickinside Participating RLFM: MOCOZONE, Wooden Duck This year we have 130+ AFOLs across the country and 4 friends from Korea participated this BIG DAY event, and have thousands of public visitors in two days. Compare with year one and two, our AFOL family in China is growing bigger and faster than we thought. The exhibition was hosted at Shanghai Urban Planning Exhibition Center, located on People's Square, Shanghai, adjacent to the municipal government building. Paul Huang, General Manager of LEGO China, made an opening speech at AFOL Festival. This year we see many more high quality MOCs were brought to the event. Mr Stuart Harris from LEGO Group made speech about LEGO house, and answered many questions from fans who are curious about the place. We also have Donny joined this party, who is the first LEGO Ideas 10K club member from mainland China. And he also made a presentation about his experience of his LEGO IDEAS project. Besides exhibition, we also have many interesting games at the party. One of my favorite game is MOC competition based on parts from one existing LEGO Set. This lovely rooster is created by parts from LEGO Creator 3in1 Set 31088 by @Jiayuan Xu Mr Harris visited my booth and took photo with me. 1st CN ambassadors gathering. Finally, thanks to all volunteers, all people who helped with this big party! Without help from all of you there will never be so great memory for us!
  11. until
    Come share your love of LEGO® and discover hundreds of fan created models in over 19,000 square feet of display space at the Pasadena Convention Center! Shop our vendor area with new, used, and vintage LEGO® sets, minifigures, jewelry, gifts, and unique brick accessories! Learn about the brick community and building techniques in panels and discussions! Be inspired to build your own creations in the Creativity Zone! Join us January 11th & 12th for a weekend of fun for all ages! Admission is $5 (kids 5 and under are free!) AFOL information and registration can be found on our site BricksLA.com!
  12. Last Saturday, I learnt that it's not just AFOL community has its own fancy acronyms when we meet the H.O.G (Harley Owners Group) in a LCS activity. Two LCS events were made to celebrate the release of 10269 Harley-Davidson Fat Boy set, one in Shanghai while another in Wuhan, a city located in central China. The setup was unique as it's not ordinary marketing launch event as you could imagine, but a super cool party joint by both the Harley community and the AFOL community. I was fortunate to join one of these events, thus this blog is mostly based on the event that I have attended. The event started by 10+ Harley bikers roaming their vehicles towards the LEGO store. A group of AFOLs have just completed setting up their motorcycle MOCs in the store, and waiting for the H.O.G to show up. We were a little nervous about whether there will be good chemistry between AFOL and the motorcycle community, but it turns out the concern was total unnecessary. Without much facilitation, they were having great fun together already. Bikers immediately recognized the original model the AFOLs has built which made them super happy, while AFOLs were also deeply intrigued when the bikers talking about their very own unique Harley babe and ride trips. If there’s anything in common between the two communities, it is definitely the hands-on customization. A H.O.G representative said to the AFOLs, you can never find two identical Harley Davison motorcycle on the road. We believe that applies to MOCs too. One of the major activities of the day is to split AFOLs and bikers into two groups and customize two 10269 Fatboy sets. No surprisingly, Tony and Stone (two very capable AFOLs from Heroes Club) have got plenty of ideas about what to do and even have some modules built already, while H.O.G fellows also threw many good ideas and inputs as well. Here’s what we eventually got -- a badass tricycle by Tony and a gorgeous bike with side-car and ape hangers by Stone. The event concluded at when representatives of each community exchanges the gift to one another. H.O.G rep received a smaller sized Harley Division MOC and AFOLs received good loads of Harley’s merchandise and the honorable membership badges of their H.O.G organization. Overall it was an awesome activity that brought a lot resonance and of course laughs to both community. Did your group have any experience interacting with other hobby communities? Tell us in the comment area.
  13. until
    NewfoundLUG will be having its regular group meeting on Tuesday, July 2nd, 2019 starting at 7pm @ Bricks & Minifigs on Blackmarsh Road.New and old members welcome- bring your latest build and hang out!We’ll be getting an update from our LEGO Ambassador and discussing our plans for Avalon Expo.
  14. I am super excited to announce on behalf of the AFOL Festival committee that the event this year is confirmed to be shipped on Aug 24-25 in Shanghai, China. This year, the event will be held in the Shanghai Urban Planning Exhibition Center (SUPEC) which is located in the center of the city and in approx. 500m distance to the People Square LEGO Flagship Store. The event is a joint effort from all five recognized communities in mainland China and our local LCP, @Prince Jiang. It grows from a sixty participants event to a hundred in one year, and we are expecting another breakthrough for 2019. Being on its journey for 3 years in a row, I just love how simple it is. You get to see many different sizes and types of LEGO MOCs and you get to meet a full room of people who are so passionate about the LEGO hobby. What they need, is your participation. The registration starts today until 1st of August, but it can be fully booked anytime as the venue can only afford to hold 150 AFOL exhibitors. As a good courtesy from oriental, the committee has prepared super cool gifts for all participants. So don't hesitate to call your friends and get your signup done as early as possible. If you can read Chinese, please go ahead and register from here: http://afolfestival.cn/?page_id=4932 If you don't, please also feel free to send an email in English to the committee via enroll@afolfestival.cn with what you would like to bring for display. They will give you warm welcome and necessary guidance on how to participate. More workshops and activities will be announced on its website (http://afolfestival.cn/) and I believe it has a Facebook account too. For those who are just interested in visiting, the ticketing information will be announced in a later stage, so stay tuned. Just two quick event pictures from previous years, we look forward to having you here in 2019! Futuristic City Project by Heroes Club Chinese Opera brickheadz by leinhardt
  15. until
    Swebrick welcome to an awesome exhibition in the town of Borlänge, north of Stockholm Sweden. Swebrick celebration its 10 year anniversity in the origin where it all started 10 years ago. The event starts on Thurday 2n for members of Swebrick with buildup of the exhibition and workshops. For the public we have two days of fun and joy, Saturday 4th and Sunday 5th. There will be a lot to watch and for the yougest also the possibility to build. For more info view our home page - https://www.swebrick.se https://www.swebrick.se/index.php?topic=13191.msg254885#msg254885
  16. until
    An AFOL meeting for BBKK RLUG members. We are talked about BBKK old and new events, and member's MOC's.
  17. Dear all, being now on the other side of the Skærbæk Fan Weekend 2018 I would like to draw you attention to the 2 great activities we will have at the LEGO House so check it out and join if you like - I would be really happy to see you there. Fan Evening about the 40th anniversary of the LEGO Minifigure Nov 2, 2018, 16.00-20.00 We are celebrating the 40th anniversary of the LEGO Minifigure. Join us for a cosy fan evening in LEGO House that is especially held for our LEGO Fan Community on Nov. 2, 2018. The evening will consist of a mix of interviews, hands-on building activities and time to chat. You can see more about the program and book a participation following the link below. https://www.legohouse.com/en-gb/whats-on/fan-evening Fan Christmas Dinner Dec 8, 2018, 16.00-21.00 Join us for a cozy Christmas event in LEGO House that is especially held for our LEGO Fan Community on Dec 8, 2018. We offer fun LEGO Minifigure builds, After-hour photo opportunities in one of the LEGO House Experience Zones, time to chat and mingle with great people and we will serve traditional Danish Christmas food. Booking link: Click on this link https://www.legohouse.com/en-gb/whats-on Scroll down the page until you see the section “Event & Tour calendar” and the field where you can select a date Select Dec 8 in the date field Below the field you will see the events on Dec 8. Choose “Christmas dinner” and click on “Book tickets” Select the time 16.00 Choose the amount of people you would like to book a ticket for. Finish the booking and print your ticket
  18. until
    We were invited to show our MOCs and entertain the kids at 7. Bayerische Modellbautage Erding. The main show is all about scale model building. We'll show the audience what's possible with LEGO. Here is the original description of the event in German:
  19. until
    This is our second year of doing AFOL Festival in mainland China. We will have more than 70 local AFOLs and 20 AFOLs outside from mainland China participating in this event. Please find more details in our official website: http://afolfestival.cn/?lang=en.
  20. until
    We will be hosting an exhibition of LEGO® City, Technic, Star Wars, plane collecions and Super Heroes in multiple areas of Town Center Mall in Costa Del Este, Panama. There will be building activities and competitions for the kids.
  21. Join us in a Live Building event of the Millenium Falcon UCS as we celebrate May the 4th at LEGO Store Panama Altaplaza Mall. We will have 2 Millenium Falcon UCS kits, one already built for exhibition while the second one buing built live by members of LUG Panama!
  22. until
    It is called Dolomiti Fantasy and is the first major event dedicated to the world of gaming, fantasy and cosplay in Bellun. We will manage LEGO Area. Are you ready to return the magic?
  23. until
    The Russian LEGO users group RFFL.ru | phantoms.su is to hold a 2-days-long LEGO fan creations festival in 31 March and 1 April 2018 in Moscow, Russia. The festival will be dedicate to the 5th Builders’ Battle in the the our forum. Forum link (in Russian): http://phantoms.su/topic/66935-festival-rffl-31-marta-1-aprelia-bitva-stroitelei-2/ Our plans for the meeting: Builders’ Battle Competition Collaborative CITY/Town diorama Collaborative Western diorama Individual fan creations displays Collaborative Technic diorama Collaborative retro LEGO sets display Photo exhibition of Lego-themed pictures by our forum members Robot Battle Date and time: 31 March, 2018 - 10:00-20:00 (day for participants) 1 April, 2018 - 10:00-19:00 (guests day; fee 250 Russian Rubles) Address: Moscow, Kalanchevskaya street, house 17/1, 6th floor, Studio 2 Tension by Leonid An, on Flickr See you in Moscow!
  24. until
    PistoiaNonSoloComics is the ”classic” exhibition dedicated to the comics, games, toys and Cosplay. We will Expose some dedicated MOC, and particular SET. http://www.nonsolocomics.it
  25. until
    BrickSlopes returns to Utah Valley University, in Orem Utah (Suburb of Salt Lake City) to celebrate it's 5th Year. Plenty of Display space for AFOL creations, and a calendar of AFOL only Activities and Games.
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