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  1. until
    It's the main exhibition of our RLUG Brique MULSANNE- Around50 exhibition stands - animations with visitors (free brick constructions, brick mosaic, monument reproduction, remote controlled vehicles, 3D software brick constructions, Brick films creations) - Sell stands - Food stand
  2. Sara Skahill

    BrickCon 2019

    On October 3rd- 6th, the Seattle Center Exhibition Hall is transformed into a sea of MOCs and AFOLs for BrickCon! This was the event’s 18th con, with around 500 registered AFOLs in attendance. It was my first time attending, and I was accompanied by four other LEGO employees who flew out from Denmark: Lise Henriksen, head of PMD Integration, Bodgam Ghersim and Nicolai Mendgaard-Johannsen who work on Lead User Lab, and Astrid Mueller from the LEGO House. It was an incredible opportunity to meet ambassadors and AFOLs in person, and of course, check out their displays... They were mind-blowing, as you'd expect! The displays have even attracted local celebrities have come to the event in past years: Al Pacino, Jeff Bezos, and Chrissy Teigen. Unfortunately, none showed up when I was there. Jason Allemann was the special guest Keynote Speaker Saturday night. You might know Jason as JKBrickworks and the LEGO fan designer of no less than TWO LEGO Ideas products, LEGO Ideas 21305 Maze and LEGO Ideas 21315 Pop-up Book. Despite being in a city known for rain, I was fortunate enough not to get rained on during my time in Seattle. Thanks for the good times BrickCon!
  3. until
    One more year Galibricks go to Hotel Cemar to make a great expositión wit more than 300.000 bricks, a lot of sets, MOCs and these year with the help of "Familias azuis" a NGO that heps and suport familys with childrens with autism. You could see a whole table with creations of childrens of this NOG. We hope that all of you could enjoy this expositión.
  4. until
    Breeks LUG will be actively participating in the 3rd Robotics and STEAM Festival of Crete, which is organized by the Robotics & Science Academy of Crete. This year the festival will take place on the weekend of 28 & 29 September 2019 at the International Exhibition Center of Crete, at Heraklion. Visitors will learn about robotics, particularly Educational Robotics, new technologies, S.T.E.A.M. (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, Math) and experiential learning. The official opening of the festival will take place on the afternoon of Friday, September 27. The festival features: Workshops for kids and adults (at least 100!) Competitions and robotics championship for kids and adults Exhibitions and shows Many other activities Breeks LUG will be present with the following activities: A huge static exhibition of MOCs built by our members. "LEGO brick building technics" workshops for kids and adults. Competitions for kids and adults Interactive games for kids and adults. If any of you are in Crete on vacation during that time of the year, drop by to meet us and talk about LEGO bricks! More info (in greek): https://breeks.gr/index.php/el/menu-en-media/menu-en-media-articles/item/16-k2-exhibition-3rd-robotics-and-steam-festival-crete-2019.html [Edit 29 August 2019] The list of participants and the program is online at the Festival's official website: https://www.robotic-science-academy.edu.gr/3-robotics-and-steam-festival-crete [Edit 25 September 2019] ATTENTION! The festival's location has changed! It will be hgeld at the Cultural Conference Centre of Heraklion (Leof. Plastira 10, Iraklio, 71201) The flyer was also updated to reflect the change.
  5. Please refer to event flyer for more information
  6. until
    •Bring your MOC •TC Disney Minifigure 2 Vignette challenge •Creator build challenge – limited slots available and starts at 7:15PM sharp •Chit Chat and have fun!
  7. until
    An event which includes a display of Anime-themed MOCs from the IdahoLUG.
  8. until
    The University of New Mexico's annual Star Wars Day (May the Fourth) will be on May 3rd. Our group has participated in this for years, and we will have 4 extra large museum quality boxes to display BIG LEGO creations! Many other groups, like the Stormtroopers will be there. There is usally quite a bit of food and drinks given out. COME ONE, COME ALL!
  9. until
    We are bringing loose LEGO elements for a building competition! No charge, all are welcome. We will have THREE prizes for the top three winners! (the kids ran away with this one, and got all three of the top spots!)
  10. until
    NILTC's is excited to exhibit at Mount Prospect Public Library. Our display will include a variety of amazing original creations along with running LEGO trains. The exhibit is open to all ages, although children must be accompanied by an adult.
  11. until
    LUG Otago's flagship annual Brick Show. 10am till 5pm each day, with a social evening for exhibitors Saturday evening. This year we're making boats and watercraft a focus, as the Dunedin Boat Show is taking place in the next-door venue the same weekend.
  12. until
    After our "little premiere" on the Stuttgart fair in 2017 went so successfully through the hall 1 stage, we are looking forward this year to a really big thing: With the "Schwabenstein 2018" is now officially and under this new name, another needle plugged into the burgeoning map of places where big and small LEGO friends from near and far can come together to present their MOCs. Together with seven parallel autumn trade fairs, we occupy an area of approximately 2,500 square meters in the large hall 1. They are filled with exquisite treasures from the studios of the most gifted AFOL far and wide. Small selection complacent? - The World Trade Center in the state of 1974 in the minifig scale, that is: At over four meters in height, this MOC is currently the highest moving in the country; it takes a crane and a lot of time to set it up and down. Buildings have Rob Gubbe, Thomas Kratz and Andreas Cichowski. Gladly give the three information about the design of the towers and how the huge load and weights are distributed so that the twin towers do not crash together. All questions are allowed - but not about the inglorious end of the unique role models ... - The LEGOLAND Amusement Park: Seven times three meters in area, this optical treat takes on a colorful mix of sets and MOCs the eye of the beholder. - A mobile city made of LEGO bricks brings Tibor, which he has grown with his helpers on currently thirty square meters. Needless to say that it is teeming with scenarios and witty ideas. - The Battle of Mayard: Connoisseurs of history know it, and everyone else will get to know it at the latest at the fair: In 1797, the British treasure fleet near the Portuguese coast met a Spanish fleet of pirates, led by the illegitimate brother of the Spanish crown prince. A colorful, detailed history diorama covering an area of three by four meters awaits visitors! - Speaking of water: In cooperation with the Verein Schiffs-Modellsport-Club Stuttgart e.V. we can offer interested AFOL a real big water surface for trying out buoyant MOCs in a neighboring hall. This service is currently only available to us! - An installation in monorail standard (MoRaSt). Even a quarter of a century after disappearing from the official LEGO program, the small lanes on the cogwheel rail are enjoying unabated popularity in the scene. A small circle of dedicated fans will present us with a generous layout that is bound to have a lot going on. In addition, you can provide in a generous dealer area with relevant replenishment of all kinds. It does not always have to be a set of items you're looking for, of course. Our tried-and-tested hands-free area is also back and has grown significantly in area: Alone two hundred square meters are reserved for the topic "LEGO Technic". Finally you can drive out the fantastic vehicles, which otherwise have too little space on the living room table. In addition, we pour thousands of LEGO bricks on the tried and tested family gaming tables: "normal" 2x4 brick as well as a smorgasbord about Minecraft. Some of them have already sunk into the building at our tables and had to be escorted out of the order by the police because the time was just over. Oh yes, the "Schwabenstein 2018" will take place from 22 to 25.11.2018, from 10 to 18 clock. Interesting for exhibitors: on two evenings AFOL buffet is offered, for which only the drinks have to take over. During the exhibition days, coffee and water are available free of charge in a generous backstage area. What the exhibitors at AFOL evening is offered, can not be revealed yet. But one thing is certain: with empty hands or an empty stomach, nobody will leave the room so fast ...
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