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Found 3 results

  1. Guest

    RoLUG Winter Trial Truck

    We are organizing our annual winter trial truck competition where members build their cars to test them into 2 trials: light trial truck and classic trial truck.
  2. until
    ParLUGment will be displaying Lego models and contraptions as part of the local IEEE Lego Robotics competition. Our focus will likely be mechanical in nature, but the general purpose to show off the possibilities to the many children in attendance, as well as their parents. One day event with lots of really interested kids. Always fun.
  3. Jan Beyer

    A night @ the LEGO House

    Dear all, I am happy to announce a pretty cool competition the LEGO House is running together with AirBnB and the prize is a night at the LEGO House. I think this is a pretty cool thing for AFOLs so feel free to participate and share. You can find all information in the attached file and using this link Good luck! Night @ LEGO House Press Release ENG.docx