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  1. Dear all, I wish you all a happy 1st of December - now we go into Christmas time, things are getting a little slower, people getting a little happier, all are looking forward to Christmas and hopefully a lot of LEGO sets as gifts. I wish you and awesome pre Christmas time and hope all your wishes come true! Thanks for a great year so far!
  2. Jan Beyer


    Dear all, as you might have heard or read there are quite some changes ahead in the LCE Department due to that the LEGO Group is right now going through a process of building a smaller and less complex organization. So that is what is really a lot on my mind these days. The purpose of these changes will be to focus our efforts on where we create most value for the global AFOL community and for the LEGO Group. In our collaboration with the Recognized Communities, our focus areas in the coming years will be to further consolidate our support operations by simplifying our work processes. It also means that all dialogue and collaboration with the Recognized Communities will be moved to LAN and we will continue to develop the LAN platform so it can serve all the needs as good and convenient as possible. Doing this will significantly reduce the time that is spend on dialogue with individual groups on e-mail, phone and face to face which will be for sure missed by many, but it will ensure that more people are involved in our shared dialogue and collaboration and can be hopefully served in a good way going forward. In addition, we will even increase our focus on AFOL related events and conventions around the world that bring larger groups of AFOLs together as we believe this heavily stimulates inspiration and collaboration in the AFOL community so stay tuned on that development Over the coming months you will experience changes as we focus in on the above priorities. The extensive dialogue that my colleague Paul Striefler and I have had with many individual groups as Community Managers in Americas and Europe/Pacific/ROW will gradually shift to LAN. Paul’s position as Community Manager for Americas has unfortunately been made redundant and Paul moves to a new position in LEGO Brand Retail in December. Paul has done an excellent job as Community Manager for Americas and a fantastic team mate and he will for sure take his Community experience with him in to his new position. My focus moves to collaboration with and support of the above-mentioned events and conventions globally and I continue to be the link between the LEGO House and the AFOL Community. So I will be for sure still in touch with many AFOL now with a global but more task limited focus instead of the Community Manager for a geografic region. My colleagues Ana, Kim and Jacky will proceed with so far most likely only slightly changes to their areas of responsibility, tasks and daily work. It has been a huge pleasure and always very exciting, extremely fun and highly inspiring to work with the AFOL community over the past 13 years with responsibility for different regions and I will for sure be still somehow part of this adventure. I like to express my deepest thanks to all the AFOLs I have met in all these years for a great time and good cooperation and looking forward to many good things to come. So long folks! Stay tuned!
  3. Paul Striefler


    Hey Ambassadors, Happy Friday from the states! I can’t believe that we are already half way thru November. I feel like I was just enjoying the warm sun of summer. I now have the dreadful task of raking leaves and getting prepped for winter. It’s actually not that bad as this my favorite time of year. So…I was sitting on my couch the other night thinking about what to write for the blog today and was having quite a brain fart. My travels are completed for the year, LUGBULK and the Annual Support are in full swing, and I currently do not have any awesome warehouse stories to share. It was at this moment I heard the familiar sound of the swooshing of LEGO Bricks. This is not an unfamiliar sound in my home with two young boys ages 3 and 8 but it was at 10 o’clock at night. I walked up the stairs to my 8 year old Carter’s room where the noise definitely seemed to be getting louder. I opened the door to find him sitting in the middle of his room in his entire collection of LEGO, a huge pile of bricks surrounding him. I asked him what he was up to. His response was classic! “Dad, I couldn’t sleep because I was thinking about sorting.” I laughed as he told me he loves building but was getting frustrated because it would take him hours to sift thru his bin just to build something small. I see a smile on many of your faces! This is a common problem for most of us unless you are truly organized and have the dedicated space. I left his room thinking I have a true AFOL in the making on my hands! This brings me to another question. For those with small children do you let build out of your organized and sorted collection of elements or is this forbidden like Lord Business? I can’t say that I organized in this fashion at all and am not a talented MOCer like all of you. I am sure many of you have experienced this and I would love to hear your thoughts. By the way, after a day of sorting my son has built 3 or 4 MOCs and told me he wanted to display them at the next convention I attend. I’m not surprised but pretty psyched to know my son has drank the kool-aid and I will now be raising an AFOL. I hope that you all have a great weekend! Cheers and Happy Building!
  4. Jan Beyer


    Hi all, the days are getting colder, it gets dark very early (basically you get to work in the dark and come back home in the dark) and the year is coming slowly to the end so it is time to spend a lot of time on building LEGO Sets. So I started to get the sets I wanted to build but had no time to do so until now so first one was the new LEGO House Set, lately the Saturn 5 rocket and now I am working on the Winter Village Station. It is a lot of fun but it takes now a little longer as my 3 year old son is so much into LEGO building now that he always wants to help. That is really great. Next on my list will be the Old Fisihing Store and Ninjago City (need to see where to place that one as I run out of space in my LEGO room). At work I spend a lot of time on planning cool AFOL related activities with my LEGO House colleagues as well as slowly start to wrap up the passing year and start out plannung for the upcoming year so there will be hopefully a smooth transition and new great things to come for the AFOL Community and the LEGO Group. Have a great weekend and keep on building!
  5. Hi everybody, it's Friday, spring is here and this week The LEGO Group announced the Annual Result for 2016. Outside the sun is shining and you can really sense spring is here. Well it did rain quite a bit yesterday, but still. Winter is gone (or coming soon on HBO) and everything is moving in the right direction. The result is not as important as the fact that 4 ambassadors took the time and trip to Billund to join the press conference and meet with me. Well actually more ambassadors made the trip as Henry from Klemmbaussteinlyrik, Andres from Zusammengebaut and Michael from Promobricks were all here as well as regular press in agreement with their market. So it was quite the gathering and we were fortunate enough to cross paths several times during the day. The 4 ambassadors travelling here for the LCE driven part of the Annual Result were; Gary Davis (The Brickish Association), Francesco Spreafico (ItLUG), Sophie Deprez (LCC) and Lesilie Araujo (PinoyLUG). We met before 9 and talked while we waited for the press conference. As Bali passed we managed to get a quick greet with him before he had to rush of to prepare his part of the press conference - he did promise to meet us afterwards for a quick talk and some pictures. Then the press conference started at 10 o'clock and 30 minutes later it was all over.For those who missed the live stream, you can watch the recording here But that was also when our program really kicked off - we rushed to the first floor for the 10 minutes session we had with Bali which was awesome. Bali was truly impressed that the ambassadors had taken time to come to Billund and even travel for up to 17 hours as Leslie had to do so. We took some great pictures with Leslie's supercamera and I hope he will share them with the rest of you. Then we went back to the press conference area and spend half an hour or so talking to the designers from Boost, Technic, Friends and the LEGO Life team present there. We then did a tour of Kornmarken factory and returned for catering lunch before getting tour of the LEGO House with Jesper Vilstrup (the LEGO House director). I've never been in the LEGO House and I really enjoyed it - which I am certain the ambassadors did as well. Once the tour was over, we still had a little while before going seperate ways and we made good use of it by checking out Memory Lane in the basement of the LEGO Idea House and a quick visit to the employee store. It was an amazing day and for me it was full of good talks with the ambassadors and being reassured that what we do and achieve in cooperation with the community is beyond fantastic. Thank you for coming, thank you for being awesome and thank you for being honest. As a quick update I can also announce that the preparations for the Recognized LEGO Fan Media Days are going well. Brickheadz announced that they want to be part of the interview day as well as Technic. LEGOLAND shot me an e-mail today saying they'd be more than happy to do something on Friday June 2nd with the RLFM there. So while some parts (the accomodation agreements) are behind schedule, I am certain it will be as awesome as this Thursday was. Have a great weekend and always be yourself, unless you can be Batman, then be Batman! /kim
  6. Kim Thomsen

    [Community Manager Weekly] Yaay! It's Friday

    It's Friday and the weekend is at hand! The past weeks have been a lot about launching the next round of the LUGBULK Program and Ana's been very busy indeed in getting everything ready for the Recognized Communities and their members to sign up. The LUGBULK 2018 topic inside the LEGO Ambassador Network are already red hot with information and questions on everything LUGBULK. At the same time, we've kicked off the Annual Activity Report which requires the Recognized Community to feedback all their activities in 2017. So far a little more than 30 have already submitted their reports - there's still time, the deadline is not just yet. if You have any questions on what the Annual Activity Report or LUGBULK is, I suggest you reach out to the LAN Ambassador for your Recognized Community. Autumn is getting closer and the weather has certainly made sure we're all aware of that. Temperature has dropped a bit (despite it almost being impossible from this year's low in summer degrees and plenty of rain) and the rain has been quite intense. I hope the red/orange/yellow colored Autumn with bright skies comes soon as I do prefer that to greyness and rainshowers. This week also saw the official announcement of the next LEGO Ideas set - the Women of NASA.I'm certainly getting one - are you?
  7. Jan Beyer

    [Community Manager Weekly] The aftermath

    Dear all, now the LEGO House AFOL opening as well as the LEGO House Grand Opening are well done and all seems to be very happy about this. Daily operations kick in, I still spend some time to clear up and finish the last duties together with the AFOL exhibitors and LEGO House colleagues so all is in place as promised. But of course planning for future AFOL related activities in the LEGO House have already begun - so stay tuned. Also the Skærbæk Fan Weekend 2017 is not completely forgotten - still looking through great pictures (also to check what I not have managed to see even though being there the whole weekend) and also sorting and answering the last to do emails from that weekend. This years SFW was really the biggest we ever have experienced (it has for sure pushed the organisation to the boundaries) and I even in my wildest dreams never could imagine - over 700!!! participants, over 500!!! MOCs, over 70!!! Ambassadors, over 35!!! countries represented - superlatives I never expected when I started this event as the first tiny LEGO Fan Weekend 13 years ago. I am so grateful but also very humble and I want to thank all who put their efforts in to make this event happen so many AFOLs (including myself) enjoy so much! We only can do this as a team - we are nothing alone! So now back to daily work, planing new activites and being ready for the challenges and changes to come. Oh, one last thing - Kim finally convinced me to be active on Instagram (as he puts it "the new Facebook") so go there and see my pictures if you like (Jan Beyer / janb3101) Have a great rest of your week and stay strong!
  8. Kim Thomsen


    So it's October and the weather is playing its usual game with us. You get outside and it's warm and sunny - the you take off your jacket and it's raining "Cats & Dogs". So there's no chance to dress properly - you're either cold or sweating. Can it please be Winter soon? Anyway, we're moving steadily ahead into the Fourth Quarter and closer to the end of the year and that means preparing LUGBULK and the Annual Activity Report Survey Tool. We're also, as mentioned at the Skærbæk Fan Weekend, looking into a New Engagement Model which has been well received so far by the LAN Ambassadors. Not that anything is set in stone at this point as we're still taking input and suggestions outside and inside the Community Team. We'll let the LAN Ambassadors know as soon as we're ready and then they let the rest of you know. I am confident it will make sense to all of us once we get started - that's at least the vibe I've been getting in my talks with the Recognized LEGO Fan Media both at the Skærbæk Fan Weekend and at the RLFM Meet & Greet in Enfield last month. Good ol' Q4, there's nothing quite like working your way through a survey setup trying to ensure that everyone will understand and be able to fill out the data without losing their mind or giving up in the process. Good thing I just had the RLFM Meet & Greet Day plus the Skærbæk Fan Weekend to energize me for several days of just tapping away at the keyboard. At least the sun has come out and burned away some of the rainy clouds which dominated the entire morning. It seems we won't have any major changes to the rules on our various Support Programs this year. We are rewriting them to make it simpler and less complex to read (and hopefully understand) the rules and requirements. We then hope to have all the clarification and discussions in the proper forums on the LEGO Ambassador Network instead of all of you trying to decipher complex rules lingo by yourself. At the same time there's plenty of awesome discussions and topics in the LEGO Ambassador Network where the ambassadors are asking, talking and discussing topics related to the AFOL Community. If you want to know more, you should ask your ambassador about it! Perhaps some of the discussions in here could do well with input from you through your LAN Ambassador and it might even be good for your community to discuss these topics in a LUG or Fan Media setting?
  9. Today we concluded our first week of team meeting (it is great to have Paul and Jacky in Billund) with participating in the AFOL test visit @ the LEGO House. Over 200 AFOLs from 8 different countries visited the LEGO House to give the staff an experience how AFOLs act and react as well as experience the LEGO House. It was a truely great activity and all sides were very happy and had a lot of fun. I am so excited to get to the AFOL opening in September with over 600 AFOLs - it will be so much fun! I hope to welcome many of you to the opening or in the time to come in the LEGO House - an exceptional LEGO Brand experience!
  10. Kim Thomsen

    [Community Manager Weekly] Back on the job

    So Summer Vacation is over for me and I am back in office desperately trying to catch up with the 100's of e-mails which have found their way to my inbox while I was away. It's been a hectic first week, first I had to get up to speed on the recent leak of LEGO Star Wars The Last Jedi leak. Then I send out the offers to review the LEGO Ideas Old Fishing Store and the LEGO NINJAGO D2C set - Ninjago City. Later this month, all the community managers will assemble in Billund again to discuss the support for 2018 - it is that time again as it is once every year. I really look forward to discussing face to face with my team colleagues and to continue polishing and improving our support to fit the needs of the community as much as possible. Once the week with the community managers is done, we will have a department meeting - which is going to be awesome. Having the entire department in one place and being able to have a discussion uninterrupted by network fallouts or bad microphones is going to be a bliss. I am also planning my September trip to the US and hopefully I will be able to plan a day for the Americas based RLFMs to come to Enfield and meet with me and my colleagues from marketing there. The plan is to send out invitations this week - but as you know plans are great until they are no longer valid. It's a pleasure to come back, sit down and log in to the LEGO Ambassador Network to discover that, despite it being summer vacation, there's plenty of discussions and activity going on in here. I am looking forward to read through the 100+ notifications I have on new topics and comments! Happy to be back and please allow me a few days to get back up to speed
  11. I hope all of you are enjoying the summer but it’s a bit tough out here. According to the Meteorology Bureau, the temperature of Shanghai has been exceeding 37 Celsius for more than 3 weeks in a row while some of these days are even reaching 41! It feels like melting when you are outside, really hope we could have a Zane to wield his ICE Ninja power to cool us down a little bit. (This is how I look like these days, lol) Talking about Ninjago, I was super excited to watch the new trailer of the LEGO Ninjago Movie brought by Warner Bros. at SDCC, again and again. And finally, we will encounter our greatest villain of the 16 realms, the unstoppable beast – the Meowthra! It was so funny and great to see that the real-life element is not missing in this movie as well. And you know in other languages, sometimes it’s hard to pick up jokes like L-loyd vs. Lloyd. But the Taiwanese transcript made it even funnier by translating the name into “Rolex” which sounds actually close enough. I really look forward to watching the full movie in the cinema, hopefully we will be lucky enough to make a pre-screen in Billund next month! Finger Crossed! Also at this year’s SDCC, a sneak peak of the opening sequence of the LEGO Ninjago Season 8 also came at a surprise. The fighting scene looks great and I love the vehicle that Master Lloyd is driving. Can’t wait to know more about the bikers and Sons of Garmadon. Back to real life, AFOLs in Hong Kong is collaborating with local LEGO sales office to run their 11th annual MOC contest at ACGHK 2017 this weekend. This theme of this year is "Build Hong Kong Amazing", thus you will see lots of impressive MOCs features the most beautiful part of this city. Don’t miss it if you happen to be in town! (Thanks to William Wong for providing the photo. Enjoy the event, guys!) One more piece of exciting news to share with the community, LCE is looking for a LCP in China. If you are interested, move to China (no, I’m kidding). Check out the LCP page on (URL) and learn how to submit your application. Have fun, keep cool in summer and see you on LAN! Jacky Community Manager of Asia
  12. Paul Striefler

    [Community Manager Weekly] - Summer Time

    Hi All, I hope everyone is enjoying the new platform and that your summer has gotten off to a great start! It has been awhile since my last blog post. After being away at back to back to back conventions I finally have some down time before I disappear again. I am back at the office catching up and tending to most of my day to day tasks. I thought I would start by sharing a quick story. This past week started off like any other Monday except for the fact that I was paid a visit by Pepe Le Pew at my home. A momma skunk got snagged in one of our chipmunk traps. You can guess where this might be going! While trying to release this varmint I got sprayed. This provided much excitement for my family as well as a horrible stench! Note to self...let the pro's handle these situations. I thought everyone could use a chuckle event if came at my own expense. With that being said, I was hoping that this was not a sign of things to come for the week. I am happy to report that was not the case. I entered the office to a lot of buzz surrounding San Diego Comic Con that is taking place right now. As you know, the LEGO Group has a booth where we show off some new exciting products, unveil a few great models, and of course showcase some awesome exclusives. I have never attended SDCC before and wish that someday I will get my chance and be able to join in on all the excitement! I hope all of you have had a chance to follow the LEGO live feed as well as the great coverage from a few of our RLFMs. In addition to this buzz I always enjoy seeing the updates that Jan and the LEGO House share with us. There was a pic of a Technic dinosaur that absolutely blew my mind. I have never seen anything like that on such a large scale before and cannot wait to walk thru this building once completed. Although I will not be there for the Grand Opening, I will be heading back to Billund at the end of August for two weeks to work closer with my team as well as to participate in our department meetings. As one of seven team members that do not sit in the Denmark offices it is always great to be there and to get some face time with my colleagues. August again will be a pretty full month for me as I will be at Bricks By The Bay in Santa Clara the first weekend, then I am taking my family on vacation while in California, and then straight to Billund. Life moves pretty fast. If you don't stop and look around once in a while, you could miss it! - Ferris Bueller Enjoy your summer...until next time! Paul Striefler Community Manager - Americas (Photos compliments of: The Brick Fan & Brickset)
  13. Hi all, the past week we had our US colleagues Tim Courtney and Kevin Hinkle on visit in the Billund office - it is always great to connect and see each other in person so lots of good talks and interaction. Another important topic for me that keeps me quite busy is the LEGO House - we have good track but also some challenges on the proces to identify and organize the MOCs which go into the LEGO House (the first ones have been installed and more to come in the upcoming weeks) and the LEGO House is filling with more and more unique and cool models and activities. Also the planning for the AFOL opening in September goes well - it will be a blast! In addition this weekend 4 big events are happening - the Fanabriques Event in Rosheim/France, the Bricktastic Event by Fairy Bricks in Manchester/UK, Brick Fiesta Convention in the US and the first ever Shanghai AFOL Festival where around 60 Chinese AFOLs will be together and displaying their MOCs for the first time. This is definitely a milestone for the AFOL Community in China! My colleague Jacky is supporting it - quite exciting - wish I could be there! So my collegues and I wish best of luck to the events and we hope all participants will have a lot of fun and great experiences!
  14. First off, wish all ambassadors and AFOLs from the United of States have a great 4th of July on behalf of the entire LCE team. ******************************************************************************************************************************************************************** You may need to wait for a year to watch the Guardian of the Galaxy Vol.2, but the great stories are happening everyday, everywhere in this community. So now, LCE presents, No Rest for the Wicked Vol.2 (Yeah seriously, I am just stealing the title LoL) – casting by Tanja Friberg, Jacky Chen and of course the awesome AFOL community in Asia. SCENE ONE: Japan Brickfest 2017 (Kobe Fan Weekend) “I love to see those happy kids getting inspired at AFOL events ---- @Edwin Knight- KLUG” This was the 3rd year of the Japan Brickfest since everything started back in 2015 on this small artificial island of Kobe. Edwin and his crew from Kansai LUG managed to gather about 70 AFOLs (mainly local) to display their MOCs and exchange their ideas about the LEGO hobby at that time. However, the growth speed of this event is like a rocket, the number of participants has been doubling year by year. For 2017, 270 AFOLs from 11 different countries/regions actively participated while three large halls filled up with those coolest LEGO models and its lovely builders. Despite the event itself is mainly serving the purpose of connecting AFOLs across the world, the committee always try very hard to make sure that kids can also enjoy the event by having brick pools, running kids contests and workshops. During the AFOL party, there was even a celebration for the 10th anniversary to a group of guests traveled from Thailand (T-LUG) and connected with Paredes de Coura Fan Weekend via webcam. More photos of the Japan Brickfest 2017 on flickr: SCENE TWO: Continue the Tour in Asia “The MOCs of Asian AFOLs maybe smaller, but more into the details. I really love the “attitude” that reflecting from those models ---- @Tanja | LEGO” After a quick stop at LEGOLAND Japan, we flew over to South Korea, Singapore and Malaysia. Our brain constantly gives us the illusion of no idea where we are at for a few seconds. Average two days in each country, the biggest challenge for a connected trip like this is to keep up the same spirit level but fortunately meeting with AFOLs is always energetic. In South Korea, Jae Won from Brickland has organized a builder’s sharing workshop which enables us to hear how the AFOLs think behind their models in a very constructive way. In Singapore, our colleagues are kind enough to open the LEGO office to facilitate a Sing AFOL gathering where Tanja and I are able to share the story of LCE. Our final stop in Malaysia, thanks to the fantastic agenda made by LOM, we were invited into their gathering where we met with THE Lendy Tayag, the Malaysian fan designer who build the Voltron which is still under the LEGO Ideas final evaluation. Good luck with the review! More photos of the Asia Tour on flickr: (to be updated) SCENE THREE: AFOL Festival 2017, Shanghai “It feels like a dream come true after so many years ---- @Prince Jiang | Heroes Club LUG” People always say that China is too large to connect a bunch of friends from all over the country. Many of the Chinese AFOLs have never met with each other in person. Many of them were the only one in their city who called themselves “AFOL”. And many of them were even considering to give up the hobby because of the loneliness. Fortunately, the event came in and successfully brought together 60+ AFOLs from 20 different cities of China into this awesome party. Prepared for more than 8 months by Prince and his steering group in Heroes Club, the very first Shanghai AFOL Festival sailed into reality last weekend. It’s really like giving birth to a baby. No matter how painful the process was, the moment you see the true joy and gratitude from those AFOL’s face, it’s all worth. I guess that’s how Prince and his crew feel about it. More photos of Shanghai AFOL Festival 2017 on flickr: (photo credit to JXM and Fox) Overall it was an extremely busy month but at the same time absolutely inspirational. Seeing how devoted the community can be is also pushing us to do a better job otherwise no rest for the wicked!
  15. Paul Striefler

    Community Manager Weekly - No Rest for the Wicked

    Hi All, I apologize for the delay in getting this blog post up. June has been quite a busy month for me so far with all the different conventions taking place in the US and the launch of the new LAN platform. So, where do I start? I think I am going to move backwards…First, I want to thank you all for attending the training sessions that Signe put on. I found these to be very valuable, I loved seeing all the participation, and was happy to hear all the excitement from all of you in regards to the new features that the LAN will bring. It has been a long time coming and our team is super psyched to have this new and improved tool that will help us better communicate with all of you. At lot of hard work has gone into making this possible and I want to quickly give a shout out to Mike, Mie, Johnny, and Signe for making this happen! So, while we were rolling this platform out I was attending BrickSlopes in Utah, which is in its 4th year as a convention. The event took place in picturesque Orem on the campus of the Utah Valley University which is about 45mins from Salt Lake City. This convention is one of our smaller ones which gave me the opportunity to see all the mocs and speak to all the fans/vendors in attendance. There was also some buzz at the event because our most recent LEGO Ideas 10K member, Jacob Sadovich was in attendance showcasing his ship in the bottle moc “Leviathan” off for the first time to the fans and public. Jacob gave a good presentation to the fans on how he came up with the idea and his process that he endured to become a 10K member. It only took 48 days! I added a few pictures for all of you to enjoy as well! As I mentioned earlier I have been quite busy. The weekend before BrickSlopes I attended Brickworld Chicago for the first time and LCE had a strong presence this year as well. I was joined by Tormod, Johnny, Sara, & Kevin. We were met with over 1,000 fans that make this pilgrimage for this epic event. We even had 8 members from the Heroes Club LUG in China make the journey to display their mocs. During the private days, I held an ambassador meeting and met with about 20 or more ambassadors. We discussed some interesting topics including US Support for events as well as the LAN onboarding sessions. Sara and I also gave a presentation that covered an overall view of the community, LEGO Rebrick, and LEGO Ideas. Tormod also got in on the fun and spoke to the fans about the Traumatic Moments in the Community. This presentation was well received and offered up some humor too! Finally, Kevin showed up late and in a suit no less, to gain a perspective from the public side of things as well as to drive some marketing initiatives. While walking the event he took 3 different videos of our fans explaining their mocs. Kevin then shared these with our LEGO Social Media team for an Instagram story. These were posted on our official site and between the three of them saw 364,000 views. Brickworld was truly amazing! I saw some insane mocs and met some incredibly cool and talented people. I also endured some long nights but I can’t wait to go back again. I am home for a week and then off to Brickfete in Toronto. No rest for the wicked! Until next time…
  16. Posted by Jan Beyer on June 9th 2017 This weekend Kim and myself are visiting the Paredes de Coura Fanweekend in Portugal. It is the 2nd edition and this time there are around 250 AFOLs from 19 different countries participating. A lot of cool MOCs can be seen here and we had and will have very good and inspiring discussions over the weekend! In the picture you can see Manuel with his latest awesome creation. See more pictures attached! Also at this weekend there is the Kobe Fanweekend in Japan happening where our colleagues Tanja and Jacky are joining.
  17. Paul Striefler

    [Community Manager Weekly] To Infinity And Beyond

    Posted by Paul Striefler on May 26th 2017 Hi Ambassadors, Happy Friday all, I hope your all enjoying the day! I am extremely excited to wrap this week up because here in the US we have a long weekend due to the Memorial Day holiday. With that being said I would like to thank all those who serve or have served in the military and gave their lives for our freedom. Moving right along…As Jacky mentioned last week the Community Managers came together in Billund for the week to accomplish our goals in getting the ball moving for the new LAN 2.0. By now you should have all seen the posts by Signe, our experience manager in regards to the roll out plan and some new and exciting opportunities for all you ambassadors. I hope that you all will join us in this upcoming journey! Today I also bring you some more exciting news, but from LEGO Ideas. Felix Stiessen the fan designer who created the NASA Apollo Saturn V interviewed with our own LCE colleague Hasan Jensen at the LBR Store in Vienna Austria. This was a Facebook live stream seen by 55,000+ viewers and a first for a LEGO Ideas fan designer. If you have not had a chance to see the video please check it out at the following link ( This awesome set will be available June 1st and will be the largest LEGO Ideas set to date. It has 1969 pieces which coincidentally is the day we landed on the moon. I can’t wait to get my hands on this one, thanks Felix! I hope everyone has a great weekend! To Infinity and Beyond… Paul StrieflerCommunity Manager - Americas
  18. Posted by Jacky Chen on May 20th 2017 Technology connects people from all places in the world, however it still can’t compare to the bonding effect when we are physically being together. In this sunny warm week of May, all of us four community managers were brought together in the heart of the LEGO Group - Billund to seriously prepare for our next major leap for this community. All of us are super excited about the new platform and the experience we are about to deliver. Months of the preparation now leads to the stage where confident to say "we are prepared!". Our LAN Experience Manager Signe and us will start to share more of what we’ve been working on to the ambassadors from next week which is definitely worthy to stay closely with. On Tuesday, thanks to the coordination from Jan, we managed to make a tour in the non-opened LEGO House ( for a sneak peek. Even with most of the facilities are under final construction, we were still amazed by the progress it has made and can't help picturing the coolness it can be. Especially the moment when we stood in front of the incredible tree (from the bottom to the top of the LEGO House) made by LEGO Bricks, we were simply astonished. I can assure you that the more you know about the LEGO House, the more you may want to explore it yourself. The LEGO House is going to open to public on Sep 28th, 2017, check out its website to follow the latest news of it.
  19. Kim Thomsen

    [Community Manager Weekly] Yay, it's May!

    So we finally got to say a proper hello to the sun this past weekend, it felt like summer! Well sort of, and it was only briefly - now Mr Rain and his friend Chilly Winds are roaming again. Nevertheless, May is here and so is a lot of activity in office. The June wave of LEGO sets has landed in our basement storage and with that came quite a few of the Marketing Driven Reviews that we offer through the support for the Recognized LEGO Fan Media. So I have been busy getting orders in, on behalf of the various themes, for review copies of the giant Apollo set from LEGO Ideas, the new Creator Expert Carousel and the DC Super Heroes Girls sets as well. It's a bit odd to hold the Summer sets in your hands, when you mentally already are planning activities in 2018. Our department and especially our team has taken great strides this past year to get in front of the cart and we are beginning to reap the fruits of that. We are where it counts and we are part of a lot of superawesome projects and plannings that should bring great things back to the community. On top of that I've been busy preparing various topics for next week, when all the Community Managers will be right here in Billund for a week of discussions and preparations for the new installment of LAN that we are super eager to roll out to the community within long. I am personally very pleased with the platform selected and with the amazing cooperation we have inside the department and with our external partners - it is going to be a fantastic journey ahead for all. Then I am also in the final planning stages for the Recognized LEGO Fan Media Days which are getting closer every day. The Interview Day has been planned and now I need to finalize the bookings of the themes and their designers as well as getting all the practical details around food and tours done. Hopefully I will find a couple of hours to get that done next week in between all our meetings and talks. Once the next couple of weeks are wrapped up and done, it is time for another round of interview offerings, a trip to the Paredes de Coura Fan Weekend and preparing for a couple of weeks of summer vacation. So time sure flies when you are having fun and I do have loads of fun - though it is a bit stressful every now and then. This Monday we had Fanabriques visit us as part of the HQ Visit Program for recognized communities. It was a great day and, as usual, spending a day in the AFOL community is really energizing and fills me with ideas on how to do more and improve what we are already doing. Tomorrow, or today, as this is a scheduled post, is a day off here in Denmark. I am looking forward to spending it with my family and hopefully Mr Rain and his buddy Chilly Winds will go away and allow for some of that beautiful Danish Spring weather to drop in and complete the day. If not, then we'll just dress for the occasion and still have a great time. Have an awesome weekend, take care and "Always be Yourself, Unless You can be Batman, then be Batman!"
  20. Hi all, within this week several big outers (the cardboard boxes that contain the LEGO sets) as well as a whole Euro Pallet arrived in our warehouse with the new cool 2nd half 2017 LEGO sets as well as the Creator Expert Carousel, the UCS Snow Speeder and the awesome LEGO Ideas Apollo 11 Satur V rocket! We always enjoy to unpack so we know what we have in stock to support the AFOL Community with. In addition the first LEGO Inside Tour happen this week Wednesday to Friday so I had the chance to meet AFOLs from Singapore, Hong Kong and Australia here in Billund. Have a great weekend!
  21. Paul Striefler

    [Community Manager Weekly] Reflections

    Posted by Paul Striefler on April 28th 2017 Hey All, I can’t believe that the first four months of 2017 are already behind us! It seems like just yesterday that we were ringing in the New Year. As I reflect, a lot of fun stuff has happened… In January we on-boarded several new LUGs in each of our regions, the resurgence of the BLOG is in full effect, we saw the release of the highly anticipated LEGO Batman Movie, an excellent RLUG Workshop in Enfield took place, the global launch of the LEGO Life app came to fruition, 4 ambassadors joined us for the Annual Result, the new Shanghai Hub has opened as well as the first LEGO Certified Store, and many incredible events have taken place globally. I know the list goes on and there are so many more great things that I didn't even mention and that there will be more to come over the next few months as well as the remainder of the year. I think that this is truly amazing and what has been accomplished in just the first quarter of the year not just by the LEGO Group but also with you the fans, is very inspirational. I am not sure you can get that close-knit type of community anywhere else in the world. There has certainly been a bunch of hard work by all the different people involved and it has not come without a few bumps in the road. I think that is also what makes this community unique. We all share the same passion for this wonderful brand and hobby. I am happy to be a part of this journey and cannot wait to see what’s next! I know that LCE has some exciting things on the horizon and we hope to be sharing that information real soon. I promise you will approve! I will be travelling to BrickFair NE next weekend and am really looking forward to seeing everyone in attendance. Due to the event’s proximity to the Enfield office, many LEGO employees will be in attendance both in an official capacity as well as for fun. Even Bali Padda (new Chief Executive Officer) will be getting in on the action. He will be presenting about himself and his LEGO journey. He has also decided to bring four or five Corporate Management members with him. This certainly will be a treat as we have not had any of the higher ups join us at a US Fan Event for over 10 years. I hope you all have a wonderful weekend and happy building! Best, Paul
  22. Posted by Jacky Chen on April 21st 2017 How was the Easter weekend for everyone? I hope it was full of joy and bricks! For me, even we don’t have the tradition to celebrate in particular, I still want to share how I spent my fantastic weekend. The weather starts to get warmer in Asia, so does the community. I am lucky enough to take on a trip to Taiwan while 3 AFOL activities happening at the same weekend, but of course in different cities. Day One: Taipei – Taichung It’s the 2nd time for me to join Pockyland’s regional gatherings and this time moved to the central area. The transportation costs us 2 hours on the road, and guess what? What a perfect timing for re-watching the LEGO Movie for the 101th time! Nobody takes a nap! Well, it seems we can take even longer trip when the LEGO Batman Movie DVD releases. ;p The party itself was really fun and inspiring, many AFOLs brought over their recent MOCs and latest sets for fellow AFOLs to have a closer look and play with. An ancient saying said by Bruce Banner, there isn’t an unbreakable MOC on this planet. Well, a super-duper Alaskan Malamute MOC was unintentionally smashed by the power of Hulk during the party. What we see from the builder and the group wasn’t blaming and complaining but rapidly grouped up and started to rebuilt it. And of course they made it less than 1 hour! Day Two: Taichung – Miaoli County – Taipei After a short break in Taichung for the night, we took off to the Miaoli County. The county arts exhibition center sponsored a group of local AFOLs for displaying their MOCs. As I see it, this is not only an exhibition but also containing the entire journey of their LEGO hobby. I saw how a great builder evolved from an enthusiastic LEGO collector, 1st MOC built by 10 years ago, 1st time won a contest, and a lot other stories to discover. I particularly love one display made by hundreds of empty old LEGO boxes. The AFOL builder told me that he decided to dump them all due to the limited spaces but wanted to give it a chance to show at publics. What a nice and thoughtful retirement plan. Day Three: Taipei – Shanghai The last day was short but a very eye opening opportunity to learn how AFOL creations tapping into the ACG (Animation, Comic and Game) area to attract younger generation. Pockyland was invited to run an exhibition at Taipei City Street (Underground) where normally lots of youth appears. Younger AFOL builders like Mike Dung and Eric Tsai found their stage to shine their love and talent. I couldn’t even resist my camera to take photos for all those cutest characters. J I’ve uploaded more photos of this trip to a flickr album (URL), check out if interested. (featured image credit to Chris Visnjic) See you next time. Sincerely Jacky
  23. Jan Beyer

    [Community Manager Weekly] Happy Easter!

    Posted by Jan Beyer on April 7th 2017 s this was my last week before Easter Holidays you can imagine it was quite busy. On Monday we had a very pleseant first 2017 Billund HQ visit by 35 lovely Fairy Bricks members and it was a true pleasure. The paar few days I spent a lot of my time on the LEGO House making sure the AFOL Community as well as their MOCs ars very well represented. On Wednesday I had a meeting with the LEGOWorld CPH Steering Group as well as the Event Organizer from LEGO Nordic to finish of the 2017 event and start initial discussions around the 2018 event. As you can see as always a wide variety of activities - so much fun! So to finish off I wish you on behalf of the entire LCE Department a Happy Easter.
  24. Paul Striefler

    [Community Manager Weekly] Convention Support

    Posted by Paul Striefler on March 31st 2017 Hey All, Convention season in the US is upon us! We have had a few great conventions throughout the first couple of months of 2017 to get us started; Bricks LA, BrickFair Alabama, and BricksCascade to name a few. Over the next few months we shift into second gear with multiple conventions happening over this time. Please see the awesome list below... I thought this would be an excellent time to show you what goes on in my neck of the world in regards to the support I am offering this year to the conventions for you AFOLs in attendance. This support will help go to all the different activities that you know and love as well as for giveaways and prizes. We currently do not accept event support applications to LUGs attending a convention because we are already supporting them in some fashion. Here in the US the convention owners cannot purchase product support as you may know so I decided to help them out by sending each some goodies. I spent a few days out in our local warehouse in Enfield unboxing product and then putting it together for all the conventions that I will be supporting this year. It was really nice getting away from my desk and doing something completely different than what I do on a daily basis. It was a very large task and I got quite dirty, but with that being said the process was totally worth it and I had a ton of fun knowing that this will eventually be in the hands of many of you! My first convention that I will be participating in will be BrickFair NE in Marlborough Massachusetts which is happening in early May. I hope to see many of you throughout my travels and have highlighted the ones I will be in attendance for. Happy Building! Supported Conventions: April: BrickUniverse RaleighBrickFest Live PhillyBrickCan May: BrickFair NE [PS in attendance] June: Brickworld Chicago [PS in attendance]BrickSlopes [PS in attendance]BrickFiesta July: Brickfete [PS in attendance] August: BrickFair VirginiaBricks By The Bay [PS in attendance] September: BrickFair NJ October: BrickCon [PS in attendance] November: Cine Brique ELUAL
  25. Posted by Jacky Chen on March 24th 2017 Last night I attended the LCS pre-opening VIP night event together with 10 local AFOLs in Shanghai. The LCP in HK, Andy Hung has brought three of his masterpieces to celebrate the store opening which are two iconic buildings of Shanghai, a few eastern style modular houses and a mosaic Shanghai skyline. They will be permanently displayed at the store until further notice, so don’t miss them if you have the chance to come by. The event started at sharp 7pm, when LCP, AFOLs and a few invited kids built the LEGO keys to open the door of LCS. Once everybody was in, a group of store staff performed a dance show which is very entertaining and indeed energetic. The store manager gave a short speech to welcome all attendees and revealed the breathtaking work with Andy. Everybody was amazed and cannot even move their eyes away from it. A highlight of the night was when a 4th-grade boy shyly pulled over one of the AFOLs and asked about how to build up his LEGO parts collection and build better MOCs. Isn’t that exactly how the AFOLs inspiring the builders of tomorrow? As least I see an enthusiastic young TFOL is arising. Thanks for all AFOLs who spared their personal time in the evening to participate this VIP night event, I believe they all had a great time and get their purse ready for the official opening this Saturday. Almost forget, two events teaser from Asia: First, I’m exciting to share that this year’s Japan Brickfest (Kobe Fan Weekend) is going to be a blast! More than 270 AFOLs from 10 countries (approx. 70 of them will be travelling from out of Japan) have registered for the event. The organizer has to find another hall to suffice the needs due to the increasing AFOL participants. How amazing! I really look forward to meeting everybody in June at this event. Spoiler Alert: Tanja will be there as well! J Second, a group of Chinese AFOLs is planning for a secret event in Shanghai this summer. It aims at gathering most of the talented local AFOLs for the very first time to showcase their MOCs, have parties, do workshops, run contests and most importantly inspire one another for their LEGO hobby. Unfortunately that’s all I could disclose for the moment, I believe the Chinese ambassadors will be able to share more on LAN when time comes closer. Do let them know if there is any interest to visit or exhibit. That’s all for this week. Have a great weekend and don’t put your hands away from the bricks! (Credit to XMing Jin for the photos) Cheers, Jacky