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  1. Jordan Paxton

    LEGO Play Day 2018!

    Let me put something together. It was pretty amazing!
  2. Jordan Paxton

    LEGO Play Day 2018!

    Let's Play Around the world the LEGO offices were closed Friday while employees took the day to remember what it is like to be a kid through play! Celebrations included concerts, food, arts & crafts, game shows, wellness activities, magicians, petting zoos and lots of LEGO bricks! One of the best parts is that every market/country celebrates differently! Whether it was a local office with 10 employees or Billund with around 4,000 employees the atmosphere was exciting and the options were plenty. Each activity was focused on one of 5 different key play values including cognitive, physical, creative, social and emotional skills. To help us visualize these key values we even all received a special lanyard and printed bricks! Social and Emotional play is important as well. Even if you are just coloring, relaxing on a giant bean bag or petting a pot bellied pig! Many employees were impressed to see the LEGO elements used in ways they had never imagined before. LEGO Power Functions Drawing Robots/Spirographs: Blind Builds: Flower Gardens: Physical Activities: It is unlikely we even realized that we were learning through play! Play Day is all about dropping the rule book and playing for a day to help stay relaxed, centered and focused. To view more images of Play Day, you can look up #LEGOPLAYDAY on social sites. If your LEGO Community takes a day to relax and play please share below. For more behind the scenes stories, remember to follow the blog by clicking the "Follow" button on the Blog main page.
  3. Jordan Paxton

    Being festive in Shanghai - AFOL Festival 2018

    All great creations. I especially liked the Marry Me LEGO creation. I would like to know the functions behind the creation.
  4. Jordan Paxton

    Celebration Breakfast: The Unikitty in all of us!

    In August we got the opportunity to leave Biznis Kitty at the door and have a Celebration Breakfast in the honor of Unikitty! Throughout the day each of us is probably goes through a spectrum of Unikitty personas and with great food and friends Queasy Kitty, Rage Kitty and Angry kitty were no where to be found! Today we were tasked with food and building LEGO® set 41453 Party Time from the Unikitty! theme. Our Denmark team was pretty food focused though and it appears they all followed the instructions. Emmet would be proud, Wyldstyle not so much. The vibe must have been different with the Enfield team though, as it looks like they were more inspired by American Gladiators! With Department Days and Skærbæk coming up our next Celebration Breakfast could be the entire team! For more behind the scenes stories, remember to follow the blog by clicking the "Follow" button on the Blog main page.
  5. Jordan Paxton

    A Celebration for Creativity - 40 Years of the LEGO Minifigure

    Thank you. I added this to the blog post.
  6. Jordan Paxton

    A Celebration for Creativity - 40 Years of the LEGO Minifigure

    I have added all of your posts to the post. Thank you everyone for sharing your posts.
  7. Jordan Paxton

    A Celebration for Creativity - 40 Years of the LEGO Minifigure

    So much content!
  8. Today we celebrate a day that is easy to forget. We take for granted one of the most influential LEGO® creations, the minifigure. Occasionally we will hear a story from a parent or grandparent talking about how LEGO was just a bunch of blocks when they were kids, just like how they had to walk 20 miles to school in the snow and it was uphill both ways. Many of us will not know the period prior to the first minifigure as we have always been granted the ability to role play and create with a medium that we could embody. While most of us did not become astronauts, knights or pirates we did get to be one in our toy room and in our dreams. As kids we proudly exclaimed, "I am the blue space man!", "I am Iron Man!", or "I am the pirate!". It was the loud pour of the LEGO bricks onto the floor and the scramble to find the minifigures somewhere in the mess. It was a race to live the dream. Today this symbol is a key chain on our backpacks or a bumper sticker on our car. It is in the movies, on our desks at work and even in space! This creation is now the key to childhood and creativity no matter your age. Over the next few days be prepared for more behind the scenes and historical images than you thought possible. Check out your favorite Recognized LEGO Fan Media sites (some listed below) as we have shared advertisements, facts and prototype images from the 1970s documenting the journey the minifigure has been on. Please share your link if you also have published an article in honor of the 40th Anniversary of the MInifigure. With so many images released each site will most likely offer new content. For more behind the scenes articles follow the blog by clicking the "Follow" button on the Blog main page for more great articles.
  9. Jordan Paxton

    LEGO Employees Embrace Plants from Plants

    Plants from Plants has created as many questions as it has creations over the past few weeks and LEGO® employees around the world are taking part as well! Yesterday we got the opportunity to build with the “new” elements. As promised, we could not spot the difference and nor will our great grandkids when these are passed down. As many of you are doing, we are hosting our own MOC challenge as well. Employees around the world are encouraged to build their own plant superhero, and the winning entry will receive a copy of the first set with the new elements. Sadly, I don’t see being a designer in my near future! Obviously change creates questions and you might have a few yourself. You can learn more and participate in the conversation at and our social media channels.
  10. Jordan Paxton

    New Community Team Member

    Hello. My name is Jordan and I am excited to join you and fill in while Sara is on maternity leave. During Sara's absence I will handle the LAN Academy, Workgroups and Guest Blog posts. I have worked with the LEGO® Group for 5 years in Consumer Services and worked in a LEGO Store prior to that. I share the passion for building with LEGO bricks and make it a near daily activity with my family. Currently I find myself wrapped up in Jurassic World™ dinosaur battles and whether Thanos will acquire all the Infinity Stones. Personally, I am interested in 3 in 1 Creator sets and trying to create a 4th build and decorating my modular buildings to match the current holiday season. I know that the adult fan community is one of our strongest knowledge bases and made up of the most passionate and talented builders and I look forward to helping you in any way that I can.