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    LEGO House Live Tours

    Did anyone attend yesterdays tour? Did you learn anything that surprised you? I was pleasantly surprised by a LEGO train from 1968 that reacted when you blew the train whistle! There are quite a few hidden gems in the vault and this is one that caught me off guard. LEGO set 118 Electronic Train. Definitely something worth looking into.
  2. @Alice Finch ArchLUG and @Anna - theBrickBlogger First note you are looking at one case. There is successful dialog happening behind the scenes with other communities who have recently been off-boarded. Second, while no one is speaking up, there were many communities who were not off-boarded but engaged with to encourage positive change. There are also multiple attempts to communicate with communities. There are bulk emails, individual emails, surveys along with other requests. Much like any club or group experience, you get out what you put in. Please also recognize that when you apply to join the LAN, you apply knowing the rules and expectations. While these rules and expectations will seem foreign at first, you are also provided a mentor of sorts to help you learn the rules and expectations. For a community it is a mixture of choosing the right person to be your ambassador but also having the leadership structure behind the ambassador to encourage engagement. An ambassador should consistently feed back information from the LAN to their community and it might also be the leaderships team to encourage the ambassador to share by asking probing questions. If an ambassador chooses not to use the LAN or a community goes dormant, that is a choice. There is also a choice on our end to make sure that we spend our resources, especially time, working and collaborating with active and thriving ambassadors and communities.
  3. The link should have been fixed now.
  4. This was a glitch. You can still email but late last week my email went down. Extremely bad timing. It is back up. "Business" is a tough one as you mentioned. Perhaps the quickest way to explain it is that to be Recognized you need more than customers but a community. I will reach out via email to discuss the matter further.
  5. @Martin Ferrari The main reason for off-boarding is a mixture of community inactivity and ambassador inactivity. In most cases, the communities that were off-boarded have been inactive for a considerable amount (6-12 months) of time going back well before the virus. As originally mentioned, the impacts of the virus were taken into account. No community was off-boarded due to the virus. Hello @Rafał Piasek. In regards to on-boarding new communities, we are in the process of on-boarding new communities as we speak. @Anna - theBrickBlogger There wasn't an exit survey but this is something for us to consider. Great recommendation. @Francesco Frangioja I can look into making this happen. If you are an ambassador and have additional concerns, please review the Rules and Guidelines. If you have additional questions, please PM me and we can talk specifically about you and your community.
  6. @Andrew Beckett It all depends on the situation. There are some communities that were reached out to encourage positive behavior. While these are not warnings, they are intended to notify ambassadors/communities that they could be forgetting key tasks.
  7. The ambition of being recognized by The LEGO Group is often a goal that many communities hope to one day achieve. Being officially recognized means that we see your community’s value within the hobby as both fans and ambassadors for the brand. Recognition for a community is also a testament of your place within your local area where we often see a behavior of stewardship, charity outreaches, creativity and knowledge sharing. Many factors were considered during the quarterly review. We considered the current pandemic but also the activity/participation level of the ambassador and community they represent prior to the pandemic. It is normal for any club to ebb and flow over time and at times the responsibilities required to maintain recognition are no longer maintained. When this happens, recognition is revoked for a minimum of one year. During our quarterly review of recognized communities, it was determined for various reasons that a handful of communities have needed to be off-boarded and the ambassadors of these communities have now been made aware. You might be reading this as a member of a recently off-boarded community and have a variety of questions and concerns. It is first important to remember that recognition in no way takes away from you as a builder or a fan. Fans and their unrecognized community still have a place locally as well as in the greater fandom. If you are reading this as a member of a recognized community and you have any issues or concerns about your community’s status, please talk with your ambassador. Your ambassador can likely ease any of your concerns. What happens next to recently off-boarded communities: Please remember that an off-boarded community cannot reapply for exactly one year. After one year, an application can be submitted for review again. It will be important for a recently off-boarded community to discuss the reason behind their off-boarding and take appropriate action to address any possible concerns prior to reapplying. Here are direct links to the application and the Rules and Guidelines. As mentioned earlier in this message, recognition can be a goal for many communities and losing recognition can be an emotional or challenging time for both the community that has been off-boarded and for the ambassador. Please be considerate during this time and please respect these impacted parties. AFOL Engagement Team
  8. Jordan Paxton

    LEGO House Live Tours

    Yes, sign up ends the day prior. Yes, you receive two emails for each tour, one to confirm and one to remind.
  9. Jordan Paxton

    LEGO House Live Tours

    Today is the last day to sign up for the next tour: Consolidating plastic, 1947 – 1961 Through a guided tour in the LEGO House History Collection you can learn about a crucial period in the history of the LEGO Group. The game changer happened in 1958 when the LEGO brick was introduced, but many other activities in the late 1940s and up through the 1950s contributed to creating the foundation of the company we know today and we are here to tell you all about it. See you there.
  10. A message from Gaute Munch, Director Product Technology (Product owner of Powered UP) For the past two years we have been in dialog with Ambassadors here on the LAN about Powered Up. The feedback that you have shared has been greatly appreciated. It has been insightful but also pleasure to work and brainstorm with different AFOLs around the world on Powered Up. If you are a member of a Recognized Community, thank you. Today, we are excited to share the news below with you. We are even more excited to know what your plans are? Are there existing sets you are already excited to modify? Are these going straight into your MOCs? It is almost time for show-and-tell! Great News on Powered Up Components! Until now our LEGO® Technic™ Powered Up components have only been available to buy as part of the sets and we know that some of you have been interested in having the electronic components available to be sold separately. Powered Up components are the hubs, motors, lights, sensors and control handsets that can help builders bring their LEGO models to life. The components can be used to add motorized movement and light features to models, and control them through the Powered UP App. And now to the great news! As of 1st June 2020, fans will be able to buy the LEGO® Technic™ Powered Up components individually at LEGO.com. The new components available individually will be: LEGO® POWERED UP TECHNIC™ HUB (88012) 4 input/output ports for connection with LEGO® Powered Up motors, lights and sensors. Integrated movement sensor. Connects via Bluetooth to the LEGO® Powered Up app and the Control handset Designed for use with LEGO® Technic™ elements. Requires 6x AA batteries (not included). Age mark 8+ LEGO® POWERED UP TECHNIC™ Large Motor (88013) Use this motor for power and accuracy. Integrated rotation sensor and absolute positioning for accurate speed and position control. Designed for use with LEGO® Technic™ elements. 32 cm connection wire for Powered Up Hubs. Requires a Powered Up Hub (sold separately). Age mark 6+ LEGO® POWERED UP TECHNIC™ XL Motor (88014) Use this motor for maximum power and accuracy. Integrated rotation sensor and absolute positioning for accurate speed and position control. Designed for use with LEGO® Technic™ elements. 32 cm connection wire for Powered Up Hubs. Requires a Powered Up Hub (sold separately). Age mark 6+ The components will also be added to our Powered Up Components Webpage, where you will find inspiration and ideas on how to use them.
  11. I have tried to become one. I have been working on a functioning school bus for many years without success. In all reality what i need to do is build more TECHNIC sets to learn more skills. I fell victim to the thought of, I am old enough to use TECHNIC therefore I should build with TECHNIC. The reason I can build with standard elements is because I built many brick based sets to learn the skills, then incorporated them in MOCs. I need to do the same with TECHNIC. Build a ton of TECHNIC sets, learn the different skills, then free build with TECHNIC.
  12. I have no inside info, I sort of considered the 40366 Dinosaurs to be the replacement. I still need to make my journey to the LEGO House to pick them up. What is next though?
  13. This is amazing! I really appreciate the fun way that your community supported our policy for the images of children's faces.
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