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  1. thank you for sharing Agnes!
  2. Congrats Jay! @JAE WON LEE | Brick Land It is so great to hear the news, stay safe and healthy, hope to meet you in person soon!
  3. until

    thank you for the update, hope you and our members are doing ok.
  4. captain of the ship i guess? 🤣
  5. haha shipping industry need to check this! lol
  6. @Jordan Paxton Yeah, most of iconic of the LEGO House is already used (LEGO House, Tree, Dino) really curious what will be next 🤔
  7. thank you for sharing the picture! it is really interesting activity!
  8. @Hyung Jun Jin that will be awesome! looking forward to look more pics!!
  9. @Agnes Choi Hope you had a great time with the members!!
  10. Thank you for sharing @Hyung Jun Jin great to see familiar faces! hope you had a great time
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