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  1. BK_Studios

    BrickCon 2019

    Thank you! I sent ya a note! ~BK
  2. BK_Studios

    BrickCon 2019

    So excited to finally be diving (stud first) into these AWESOME posts! @Tom Alphin ~ Thank you so much for your books and website! Love the new labels!!! @Sara Skahill ~ How can I send you a PM (w/ link to graphic)?? @ktel70 ~ I dug your TRON MOC!!!! @Fabian Marin ~ Thank you for letting me hijack your thread!!! Re-build the world!!!! ~💚 Bryan
  3. Hey there Paul! I have an inquiry re: guidelines (I suppose it is ultimately for an RLUG, but right now it's a general query) and was wondering if you are still the "Americas" contact point for that. Sorry for posting to the forum, I am just on the fringes of the LAN and wanted to reach out and say hey... "Hey!" Wishing you the most joyous of Holidays!! ~Bryan K
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