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  1. @Sara Skahill is a beast at Mario Kart FYI I'm not sure why she left that out of the post 🤣
  2. Hi friends! 👋It's been a while since my last big brick convention so I was excited to be invited to attend Brick Fair Virginia. I'd fail Bionicle trivia. I really enjoyed seeing so much love for Bionicle at Brick Fair! I'm not a constraction builder at all so it was really eye-opening to me to see so many different original characters, modifications and details in person. If anybody knows of a great "Bionicle 101" primer, let me know! I need to work on my SigFig. More than a few of you were disappointed that I don't have a SigFig! So far, I have the legs ✔️, the torso ✔️, the face ✔️ but I'm still trying to find the perfect long red hair! Hopefully next year I can add my SigFig to my convention badge collection. It's slowly growing! Bring cash to the yard sale (and bring an empty suitcase). This was a total rookie mistake. I wanted to buy so many minifigs and sets but I had zero cash 💰 on me and I only packed one bag that was already full of snacks, clothes and shoes (why did I pack like 3 pairs of shoes??). It was so cool to see so many sets on display and it was great to chat with so many collectors. I was especially psyched to see some Pirates and Castle fans! I see you! 👀 MOCs are more creative than ever before! Full disclosure -- this is my favorite part of attending fan events. I saw some truly jaw-dropping MOCs. Builds that lit up, builds that moved, builds that transformed and builds that were actual playable games too. I loved chatting with everyone to learn more about how they build, if they build with their families, what their favorite things to build are, etc. Everyone has a unique story, a specialty and a true passion. I left feeling so inspired and honestly a bit jealous that I'm such a terrible builder! Maybe I'll have a MOC on display some day? @Jacky Chen will need to help me out with that I think. 🤯 Lots of talent for LEGO Masters casting! I was at BrickFair mostly to help out with the US version of LEGO Masters! I found so many amazing builders for the casting team to review. I sent over 50 names to the casting team! One of my goals here on the Market Integration team is to get more LEGO peeps out to visit incredible events like Brick Fair. It's really a one of a kind, unique experience that shows off what the amazing community is capable of. I know it's one thing to see pics or videos, but to see it in person is 100x more impressive. 👏
  3. Really looking forward to seeing the results of this survey!
  4. We get a lot of requests from the Community for activities that engage kids at conventions, events and at home. One of the best ways to encourage kids to keep building and creating year round is by subscribing to the LEGO Life Magazine. There's still time to sign your child up to receive the special holiday edition if they sign up by September 24th! You can sign up by clicking here. What is LEGO Life Magazine? If you don't know, LEGO Life Magazine is packed with activities, comic adventures, games and puzzles, building challenges and Cool Creations built by kids. It's perfect for your builder between the ages of 5-10. Sounds great! How much is it? I forgot to mention the best part. It's FREE and delivered to your home five times a year. I've included the latest issue right here in the Attachments section of this post. How do I help my child submit their Cool Creation? I've included the form in this post! Check the Attachments section. Can I share this with my RLUG/RLOC? Yes! Help us spread the word so that we can get more Cool Creations submissions! Share this link with LEGO families you know in your groups by clicking here. Attachments Latest Issue - ll-us3-2018-digimag-lr.pdf Cool Creations Submission Form - US_Submission_form.pdf For more behind the scenes news and other articles follow the blog by clicking the "Follow" button on the Blog main page.
  5. Can Master Frown overcome his height disadvantage while battling Hawkodile?
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