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  1. S. Jit-Jian

    LEGO House Live Tours

    We attended the first guided online tour yesterday. It was wonderfully informative and we had virtually no problems with the connection whatsoever. Looking forward to the next one.
  2. @Magnus Hindsberger, BrisBricks (Austr.), The public forum seems to be accessible by the public, no LEGO ID login is required. You can work around this by using another browser , eg IE or Mozilla or Opera which is "fresh" in terms of cookies/saved forms. I take that back, forum is accessible if you are not logged on with LEGO ID but forms are not..
  3. Happy faces everywhere from the youngest to the not so young, that's the best thing from all these events
  4. Fedex'd straight to Singapore! Buying two reduces the shipment cost per piece to half (~5 USD instead of 10USD) so we partnered up. Shipment is expected to arrive just after this weekend. Brilliant. Gutted that the Blizzard exclusive tile is stickered instead of a print though.
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