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  1. @Jordan Paxton The link to the Rules and Guidelines isn't working (for me, at least).
  2. until
    Reimagine things you can find around your house or apartment and you could win a Monkie Kid set of your choice for our “Shot at Home” photo contest! Many of us are still under lockdown but that doesn’t mean you can’t create some awesome LEGO photos indoors! Our third photo contest is about creating a scene for your LEGO subjects with common household items and shooting them inside your home. With a little bit of creativity, some packing material from a delivery can become a cavern, a colander can be imagined as a UFO, or a pair of jeans can turn into a mine. Check out the full contest details in the link!
  3. until
    Do you love mini models? We do too, so we’re challenging LEGO photographers to include a small LEGO brick-built model in their photos for our “Make a Mini Model” photo contest this month! The grand prize is $150 worth of LEGO sets! HOW TO ENTER Take a new LEGO photo with a small brick-built model and post it to your Instagram, Flickr or Twitter account. Do one of the following: Add this line to your caption for Instagram entries: “My entry to the Make a Mini Model Photo Contest on @brickcentral” and use the hashtag #bc_makeaminimodel. Add this line on your tweet for Twitter entries: “My entry to the Make a Mini Model Photo Contest on @HeyBrickcentral” and use the hashtag #bc_makeaminimodel. Add your photo to our Flickr group, Brickcentral Contests, for Flickr entries. Check the site for full contest details and links to mini model tutorials.
  4. One of our mods submitted a photo for the holiday card, and while not chosen as the official one, all of us on the Brickcentral team received one! What a thrill!
  5. That's a surprise. Sorry to be a bummer but there's another thread going on about LEGO.com banning people for life and the recourse was Bricklink. Seems that could be longer be an option soon.
  6. Thanks for the tip about the cash! I am attending the BrickFair in NJ and would be kicking myself for not having any cash on me.
  7. Great news especially about the disappearing distinction between LBR and LCS! That will mean more interest in buying at LEGO stores rather than big retailers since VIP points can be earned. I'm also really interested in the better representation of toy photography as my community, Brickcentral, is all about sharing the joy of LEGO through photos. We'd really love to have a better relationship with AFOL Engagement and the Social Media teams too!
  8. Is a new part design something for Lead User Lab?
  9. I emailed i-brix and told him to send an email provided by @Sara Skahill
  10. I'm guessing targeting something like i-Brix, which is tiny wireless lighting for LEGO MOCs. They've been actively wanting LEGO to help them scale:
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