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    This activity was planned by Our partner "School is starting" as a big interactive workshop and play area made of 3 „classroom units“. Three said areas will all have allotted activities so that both kids and parents will learn something and have fun in process. Every area will be named classroom and point is that as many as possible kids and parents go thru all classrooms/cabinets. In one of those areas there will be a stage with organized activities such as concert, theater play etc. Our RLUG will be one of 3 mentioned „classroom units“. These activities are conceptually coherent and they fulfill each other. And the end, we would like to organize awards game where kids would compete building bricks / mosaics and three best competitors would get prizes.
  2. We are participating together with our friends from SW club "Holokron". This would be our 3rd participation in last 3 years, after Star Wars saga was continued. "Holokron" would organize cosplay with more than 10 members, but, we, would as usual bring 3 MoC dioramas: Battle of Hoth, Battle of Endor and newest Battle for Saleucami. UCS sets are also incorporated.
  3. until
    We will held our exhibition into a one hall at Belgrade Fair, with a lot of motorized exhibits - GBC. More than 16 modules included.
  4. I must admit, it is gigantic... hundred of hours (minimum) of building. Great effort and enthusiasm!
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