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  1. Mirona Constantin

    RoLUG Technic Xperience

    Technic Xperience is a competition we organize every year, this is the 4th in a row, which becomes more complex every year and we want to transform it into an event, where people can watch the contest. The participating competitors, RoLUG members, build cars, trucks, boats and robots made of Technic parts, they motorize them and put them into different trials and they have the chance to win some prizes. This year we have 6 trials: trial truck, off-road, sport cars, microracers, battle robots and boats. We also want to show the models to visitors and let them try them on their own.
  2. Mirona Constantin

    RoLUG Exhibit: Under Construction – 3rd Floor

    4th edition of the ”Under construction” RoLUG exhibit where we will bring together RoLUG MOCers from all over the country who will present their creations, as well as original sets.