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  1. Dear amazing AFOLs and TFOLs out there, Yet another year has flown by! It has been a great and challenging year in so many ways, in the end, what stands out is the joy of engaging with all of you, meeting you at events, following you on Facebook and Twitter and seeing the great stuff you do. We are constantly impressed! Thank you for all the lovely Christmas greetings we have received, it is so highly appreciated and warms our hearts:) On December 22nd. We are leaving for Christmas Holiday, all but Jacky, so he is on LAN duty:) A Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to all, we look forward to seeing you in 2018 All the best, The Operations and Community Engagement team The picture: The picture is from our last team meeting as the “old team”. Friday December 15th. Paul transitioned in to his new role in D2C, Paul will be greatly missed, but luckily, he will remain a close colleague:) At our team meetings, we always have Paul and Sara from the US and Jacky from China on Skype and this time Hasan couldn’t join the meeting, so we had to add him afterwards;). On the left and just above Hasan is Camilla, you might not have seen Camilla before, she is our intern supporting Ana as well as Hasan and Sara. Ana is in Costa Rica on vacation, enjoying a much better weather than we have in Billund:)
  2. Happy faces all around!;) Lovely to have the wonderfull people we have met all over the world unite in Billund!
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    Hi Dirk, Yes, quite the journey and absolutely also worth the wait for us;) I did'nt even notice it was 9 months;) but yes, our LAN baby has been born:) Thank you to all of you great Ambassadors, you played a major part in the great result! /Tanja
  4. Tanja | LEGO


    Dear Ambassadors, Welcome to the new LAN! A long awaited day has finally come! Today we begin the onboarding to the new LAN! It has been quite the journey. We have taken input from all of you, investigated best practices, debated, prioritized, implemented, tested, changed and implemented again;) So hopefully the platform that we have ended up with is one that you will agree is a much more sustainable solution that will enable the kind of communication and collaboration that we have all been longing for. The new LAN will continue to develop and we will be implementing new initiatives along the way. This would not have been possible without your contributions to what works and what does not work, so thank you so much for sharing all of your input and please continue to do so, nothing is too big or too small and now we have a platform to support structured feedback and requests;) Internally we have had a fantastically dedicated project team, and I would like to say a huge Thank You to Mie, Signe, Kim, Mike, Johnny, Yun Mi, Jan, Paul and Jacky who have been working hard together with our external vendors to make the new LAN come to live, fulfilling the requirements for a great collaboration platform and making sure we have all the processes ready for launch. Please join in, engage, participate and have fun! Yours Sincerely Tanja Sr. Manager, LEGO Community Engagement
  5. Dear all amazing AFOLs out there, Today we had the final team meeting of the year in Operations & Community Engagement, rounding of with reflections on the past year, a busy year with many challenges but also in so many ways another fantastic year, not least thanks to all of you for enjoying the LEGO hobby to the fullest, making sure that we are always amazed by what you can do with the brick! We treasure the great things you do, inspirering som many people all over the world and we enjoy the conversations and relations we have, be it online on LAN, Ideas or Rebrick or at the Fan events or your visits to Billund. We all look forward to the new year, eager to see what it might bring! On behalf of the O&CE team I would like to wish you and your families Happy Holidays and may the new year be no less fantastic than the one we are now leaving behind:) In the picture is our entire team, Paul and Sara are in the US so they are on Skype and Ana is vacationing in Costa Rica so we had to be a bit creative to get everyone in the picture;) All the best, Tanja
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