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    Interactive exhibition, more than 40 game stations not only for children, meetings and discussions with AFOLs. AFOLs evening.
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    15 playing places, tasks, competitions, MOC exhibition
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    This is the fifth Kostky.org AFOL event in Olomouc and for the second time, we invite AFOLs from abroad to join us. We will have MOCs, play bricks, and fun activities for all the visitors which reached 7,200 last year. We expect 40-50 of our members and over 5,000 public visitors to attend this year. If you want to join us please follow the links below for event and MOC registration Event registration https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLSdmJGcKJZq75V54OZe3X9c6Rp12mOCk4vmkSpctXVOM7pj0hg/viewform?vc=0&c=0&w=1 MOC signup https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLSc32LUXmqW7g1CJaq65onHZCHvotsfqYK4gh0MaGn_thLKr_Q/viewform?vc=0&c=0&w=1
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    The show will be focused mainly on playing with LEGO and children. We will prepare different tasks for children. we offer children differently focused building corners. The action will be as interactive as possible.
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    On the weekend of August 3 and 4, 2019, a steam park railway will come back to the museum despite the lockout. For this occasion we will also prepare other activities and activities for children. http://www.kostky.org/forum/index.php?topic=52037.0
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    MOC exhibition and play corners
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    The event is focused on playing and competing with Lego.
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    "Moving World Brno 2018" nebo "World in motion Brno 2018"We would like to invite you to one of the greatest lego related events in Czech Republic. It is mainly focused on families with children, but visitors of any age and profession will enjoy it. We organize it for the fifth time, so the space for lego mocs will be expanded. This year the exhibition newly covers 2 floors of a school building, so the area for visitors will be enlarged almost twice. And that´s not all, we´re still trying to improve the quality of this event. What can you expect?Technic vehicles, Elves, City police, Friends, Space, Star Wars, custom modular buildings, Microscale, Duplo and much more. Playing sector is also included. You can enjoy a big playing corner with huge amount of lego bricks. Build anything you want, because only your imagination limits you.Best activity for competitive kids is our building challenge, which is divided into three categories according to age:1) Till 4 years2) From 5 to 9 years3) Over 9 yearsBasic event info:Date: November 3rd - 4th Place: Lerchova 63, Brno, Czech RepublicExhibition area: more than 800 m2 For more information check our facebook fanpage: https://www.facebook.com/kostky.org/We look forward to see you. All visitors all welcome.
  9. At classic MOC exhibitions, we noticed that children want to play mainly so we tried a new concept for our 2018 events. The shows have now been focused mainly on playing with LEGO and children and less focus on displaying MOCs. 30% exhibition of the MOC of our RLUG (MOC, joint project) 70% competition for children, interactive LEGO models, play zones (LEGO blue bricks, LEGO lose bricks, LEGO Minecraft, DUPLO) After the first two events and 4090 visitors, I can say that this new event type has been clearly positive with our LEGO User Group members and the cities where these events were hosted. We prepared different tasks for children. We offered children different focused building areas where they are as interactive as possible. We made the LEGO simple board games (pexeso, domino, lady). We also try to think about the littlest children. Many activities focus on them. For example, get to know a pet with DUPLO animals. Not all adult visitors are LEGO builders, so we have been using simple constructions to show some physical principles and basic building techniques. The truth is that the adult visitors were a little surprised because they expected a classic show exhibiting some playground, so they will be able to leave with children for an hour. Once inside children did not want to leave the show because they were having so much fun. Our members have really enjoyed the new set up as it allows their creations to be on display but also get the hands-on experience with kids and adults for shared inspiration and excitement! Some of members who do no build as much also enjoyed this style of event more as they were able to assist in the different kid focused activities. These events are also good for recruiting new people into RLUGs and shifting members from a "regular member" to "exhibitor". We have done two participation events with one more in the autumn. We will make minor improvements and adjustments based on the space available in the particular city. Everything does not fit everywhere. It also depends on how many AFOLs participate in the given action in the given location. Our next event is Kostkovani Pardubice on 6-7.10.2018. We hope you can come visit or assist as we are open for cooperation. For more behind the scenes stories, remember to follow the blog by clicking the "Follow" button on the Blog main page.
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    New concept of our event. The show will be focused mainly on playing with LEGO and children. We will prepare different tasks for children. we offer children differently focused building corners. The action will be as interactive as possible. I will try to agree on some form of cooperation with Lego traiding CR: 30 % exhibition of the MOC of our LUG (MOC, joint project) 70 % competition for children ,interactive lego models, playing zones (LEGO blue brikx, LEGO lose brikx, LEGO minecraft, DUPLO)
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    This year Kostky.org LUG organizes the fourth "Svět Kostek" event in Olomouc, Czech Republic. In addition to our own LEGO models from 40+ AFOLs, on the 1000m2 we will have shops, refreshments, play areas and contests for visitors. For more information check our site or drop us a note, foreignAFOLS are welcome. Pictures frorm last year event: https://www.flickr.com/photos/87198490@N07/sets/72157686908544931
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