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  1. Interview wiyh the members of LUG Perú about their mocs and constructions. The event begun on saturday 06/06/2020 and keep going every saturday with another member. This saturday 04 will be Racers and Speed!
  2. until
    Third year that our lug participates with differents dioramas and layout of the members, in an event organized by the local lego representative.
  3. until
    Annual Event with the best layouts and collections of our LUG members, with with the participation of guests from neighboring countries. This year is the 7th version.
  4. Annual meeting of hobbyists to build trains to scale, where LUG Peru has an important participation.
  5. until
    Join us to the biggest LEGO show in Perú. Amazing dioramas and excellent atmosphere with foreign guests.
  6. until
    Event organized in conjunction with the local LEGO Store, with an exhibition by LUG Peru. The event also has other activities such as free building and contests. This year is the 4th consecutive year that this event takes place.
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