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    Recognized LEGO Fan Media Days 2018

    Love the work HispaBrick Magazine has done on the system discovering what can be done :-)
  2. Stephen Kendall

    Bricktober-Perth 2018

    Bricktober - Perth 2018 is a fun yearly event that showcases the largest collection of local, ‘WA made’ collections of models built from LEGO® by fans of the brick in Perth W.A. Built by the Community for the Community. This year we have 60 local Perth Volunteer Exhibitors. The show will feature the LEGO® themes of: City and Trains, Friends, Technic®, Star Wars®, Disney Princesses®, Elves®, Superheroes & much, much more! The event runs over 2 days with a stadium full of Lego on display. We have: · Over 250 tables of Lego on display, built by the Community for the Community. · A "Brickpit" of over 30,000 LEGO® bricks that you can play with. · Animated LEGO® films on the big screen. · Building Competitions on the day (please note numbers are limited - sign up on the day) · Appearances by Life Size Mr Brick - Have your photo taken with him! · Appearances by Superheroes, Princesses and Star Wars · Drive a LEGO® Train or Technic® model with a remote control. · Build a Lego car and race your friends on the new Racer Ramp. · Buy a raffle ticket to win cool LEGO® sets. · Take a guess at the number of pieces in a jar of LEGO® and win the Jar of LEGO®. · Purchase LEGO® from sellers and merchandise at the Bricktober Merchandise stalls. · Free stuff before the show with a chance to win tickets to the show - Enter our COLOURING COMPETITION and Shoe Box MOC - There are prizes for different groups: boys & girls and an AFOL category - details on our Facebook page & Website. · Refreshments are available on site.
  3. Stephen Kendall

    Guest Blog Post: SydLUG shines at the 2018 Sydney Brick Show

    Congratulations to the Members of SydLUG for organising a great show and smashing the record for most Minifig habitats displayed, this is a awesome achievement and a great way to get the community involved. Great to see your club raising funds for the Nepean Area Disability Organisation, well done SydLUG!!!
  4. Stephen Kendall

    Guest Blog Post: WCLUG at Bricktober-Perth

    Last October 2017, one of the worlds post isolated Cities in the world, had its 4th dedicated Exhibition of models built from LEGO. The show is called Bricktober-Perth and is a fun, family friendly weekend that celebrates all things LEGO. The show featured 48 locate fans of LEGO exclusively from Western Australia. Some travelling from regional towns to display. The event was held in its new venue at Curtin Staduim and this allowed the Exhibitors to be all contained in the one hall consisting of 3 "Pods" of tables to allow the Exhibitors to have maximum interaction with the public. In total we had almost 250 desks with displays on them, consisting of many different subjects and themes. Some high lights included Ryan's Christmas winter display with Santa and his reindeer flying over the town, along with a running water fall, a Christmas train and a fair ground. The display won the peoples choose award, much to Ryan's surprise. Ben won the presidents Choice award with his suspended train tack from a collection of LEGO cranes, complete with the train running around the track suspended in the air. Lots of City and town layouts with a Down Town Disney, Pokemon, lots of Mosaics, a custom build drilling rig and a computer controlled Bucket Wheel Excavator digging up M&M candies. Plenty of Star Wars was on display, with some very detailed dioramas representing many scenes from the movies. Lots of old trains running around old school displays from the 60-70s. A huge Micropolis group build and our first year of having a Great Ball Contraption. The show also included Australia's largest privately owned, fully ballasted and brick build road, City/Freinds lay out, Kendallshire. Bricktober-Perth has always had a large focus on giving children the opportunity to play with LEGO at our show. Of the 2400 square meter hall, we allocated over 1/3rd of the floor space to LEGO play, that’s 950 M2 of just LEGO play!! We run build competitions, children can have a go at driving a tracked racer, 4x4 LEGO crawler car or operate the Volvo front end loader. They can also have a go at being a train driver with one of our LEGO trains. Plus we have a Brick Pit with over 30,000 bricks for the children and even some adults to build in what ever they like. We added in two extra features at the show, called Build a Racer, children would build a race car and race it with your friends down our new Race track. Plus we had the team from Mindmash come along and run the MINDSTORMS robots where kids programmed the robots to compete against each other in a robot sumo reselling completion. Our show also has a large outside covered over area where we had some Brick animated films running with lots of LEGO sellers and food for the family to purchase and sit down and enjoy together. There was lots of LEGO themes treats on sell from our friends at Wheels for Hope Kenwick Rotary, along with lots of Cosplay characters to keep every one entertained. We also had lots of Colouring in images for the children to sit and colour in for the opportunity to enter a competition to win LEGO. along with several Guess the numbers of LEGO piecers in the jar competitions. Bricktober-Perth is a celebrating of all thinks LEGO with a serious side in that it is a fund raiser for the community. Funds from the event are used to help out the communities to make the world a better place. The main beneficiaries of the event have been: Set up and funding of clubs that offer the “LEGO ® Play Experience” to children. We are very proud to donate tubs of LEGO to 23 new LEGO Clubs so far. That’s over 230,000 bricks in 23 tubs and 3 Mindstorms kits and a value of over $37,000 all raised through the efforts of Bricktober, Perth’s largest, Fan build LEGO show. But the giving back to the community doesn't stop there. We have also supported The Arthur Bray Foundation, a fund that assists youth in participating in leadership and development programs. Support for The Rotary Foundation that funds the world eradication of Polio. In conjunction with The Rotary Club of Ascot, for the last 6 years, together we have developed the supply of fresh drinking water to communities in East Timor Leste. This project has been designed and constructed by the local community and has had such a positive effect on the community that it has sparked the local government to invest in new schools in the areas. It really has been an amazing project and event where the local LEGO community can have an opportunity to showcase their love of LEGO while helping raise funds to promote our future children in lighting that spark in a young persons mind, that goes on to develop the next Engineer, Architect, Mechanic, Artist, Film maker, Robot builder or Creative thinker! While also helping develop a community less fortunate then ours in giving them the tools to build a system of water supply, that frees their children from collecting water and having more time to play, learn and develop. Bricktober-Perth is back again for 2018, with the show running on 6th-7th October again back at Curtin Stadium. More information can be found at and Please remember to follow the blog by clicking the "Follow" button on the Blog main page for more great articles.
  5. Stephen Kendall

    LEGO Ambassador Network Applications Update!

    Thanks for the update @Kim Thomsen and welcome to all the new communities. Good to see PerthLUG on the list, they are a great bunch of people.
  6. Stephen Kendall

    Guest Blog Post: LUGO at BRICKTOPIA Oamaru

    Fantastic, what a great idea having everyone build in the Steampunk theme. Great that you have partnered up with The local Lions club as well.