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  1. Hello @Jan Beyer, there are rumors about the cancelling of the AFOL Designer Event this week (13.03.) in the LEGO House. Can you please confirm that? regards Wolfgang
  2. Hello @Jan Beyer thank you for the pictures! We are very proud that Marion from our Doctor-Brick Forum had make it in the Masterpiece Gallery. Can we share the pictures in our Forum? Regards Wolfgang
  3. until
    This is our yearly Doctor Brick Forumstreffen. Beginning is on Friday with meet and greet. At Friday morning we visit Harry aka Steindrucker, after this we go alltogether to the LEGO Store in Nürnberg. In the afternoon is a visit of the Spielzeugmuseum or the Verkehrsmuseum in Nürnberg planed. Sunday we will go together to Günzburg in the Legoland. There is also the end of the meeting. Of course every friends of our Forum are very welcome!
  4. The good one is, we have now a instruction for the "small" tree, so we can build the Inside Tour Tree as well
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