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  1. Assist Chinese LCP to build Bugatti Chilong model and display it in LCS shop
  2. To prepare for the annual cooperative works, organize community members to take pictures of characteristic buildings in Shamian District, plan the scale and details of works, and have dinner discussions.
  3. The old year is coming to an end. Thanks to the support of all community members in the past year, our LUG has a better development. I hope you are more and more happy on the way to play high. It's a great honor to get the limited New Year's suit in Asia today. I'm very happy.
  4. Jian Heng Zhou

    Watch Lego Movie 2

    Community Members Watch Lego Movie 2 and Share Lego Building Experience ,just have fun!
  5. Show cooperative works in public, Lichiwan Scenic Area. IMG_2425.MP4
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