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    This event was cancelled due to COVID-19 and will be held in 2021.
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    Unfortunately, due to the COVID-19 pandemic, this event has been postponed indefinitely. Once we have a new date, I will post it.
  3. I'm so sorry that I was unable to make it this year, it would have been great to see you again! I'm glad you were able to attend and it looks like everyone had a great time.
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    Comic Con Revolution in fairly new to the Ontario area. This year will be the fourth annual event, featuring more than 300 exhibitors including actors, writers, comic dealers, costumes, collectibles and more. This will be the first time TIELUG has participated in the event, and we are looking forward to displaying our creations there.
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    Every year in honor of Abraham Lincoln's birthday, the Lincoln Memorial Shrine in Redlands, Calif., has an Open House event. This event is held in conjunction with the Boy Scouts of America's California Inland Empire Council's Lincoln Pilgrimage. Youth groups from around Southern California's Inland Empire gather at Redlands High School and march in a parade approximately 1 mile to Smiley Park in Redlands, which is the location of the museum. The museum is open for free that day, with fantastic displays and memorabilia from the American Civil War and the life of Abe Lincoln. Civil War re-enactors are present with interactive activities as well as demonstrations showing what life was like in the USA in the 1860's. An actor portrays Abe Lincoln and gives speeches to the public. TIELUG is on site with a large display of a Civil War Battle and many other MOCS.
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    This will be the first year that TIELUG will participate in the Comic Con Revolution, a comic convention here in the Inland Empire of Southern California. We hope it will become an annual event for us. There will be super heroes and sci-fi celebrities in attendance, and there will even be some storm troopers there I have been told. We are looking forward to participating in this event and the organizers are excited to include LEGO® displays in their show.
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    This is an event put on by Children's Services of the Desert. (We are trying to get them to change the name of the event to "Brick Walk" or "Walking on Bricks".) This is a fundraiser for this organization which provides services to children who need assistance. This is an outdoor event where kids and their parents can enjoy a spring day in the desert before it gets too hot to go outside! I will post more information when it is available, and hopefully I will be able to post the event flier.
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    Once again, TIELUG will be attending the Lincoln Pilgrimage & Lincoln Shrine Open House event. This event is held every year at the Lincoln Memorial Shrine in Redlands, Calif., USA. It is held in February to commemorate Abe Lincoln's birthday. This will be the 81st Annual Lincoln Pilgrimage event, sponsored by the California Inland Empire Council of the Boy Scouts of America, in which local youth groups, Cub Scouts, Scouts BSA Troops, Girl Scouts USA, Boys & Girls Clubs, etc. march in a parade from Redlands High School to Smiley Park where the Lincoln Memorial Shrine museum is located. This will be the 48th Annual Open House for the Shrine. TIELUG has a large booth, approximately 20 feet by 40 feet, where we display MOCS and have a large building area for visitors. We always have a large display of a Civil War Battle which is always a big hit with the re-enactors who attend as well as the parents & children who attend. TIELUG has displayed at this event since 2014 -- long before we became an RLUG.
  9. until

    Unfortunately, this event was cancelled. We have been invited to attend a different event put on by the Autism Society in April 2020. I will post more details when we have them.
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    Here in Southern California we are fortunate to have an museum dedicated entirely to Abraham Lincoln and the American Civil War. It is the only museum of its kind west of the Mississippi River. Every February, in celebration of Abe Lincoln's birthday, the Calif. Inland Empire Council of the Boy Scouts of America has an event called "The Lincoln Pilgrimage" which coincides with the Open House event for the Lincoln Memorial Shrine. Youth groups from all over the Inland Empire meet at Redlands High School and hike over to the Lincoln Memorial Shrine and Smiley Park in Redlands, Calif. Civil War re-enactors are on hand to demonstrate various aspects of life in the USA during the 1860's--from Civil War surgery practices to homemade dolls and other toys, to sword fighting on horseback. They even fire off a real Civil War canon! A Lincoln Impersonator is on hand as well, to give speeches to the crowd as Abe Lincoln. This has been an annual event for TIELUG since 2014, except for this year (2019) when we were rained out. We display a MOC of the Civil War which grows larger every year. Here are some photos from the event in 2018.
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    TIELUG's third event this year will be the Autism Society Christmas Party at Just Play Adventure Park. Approximately 900 people--mostly children with disabilities--will come to the party to have fun in a safe atmosphere. Special consideration is made for the children, such as keeping music at a low volume to lessen stress. TIELUG will be there with MOCs on display and a large play area for participants to build and create their own MOCs.
  12. Photos from this year's Calif. Inland Empire Council, Boy Scouts of America Adventure Weekend Event. As always, our booth was very busy with Scouts and their parents stopping by to check out our displays and build in our play brick area. The center piece of our display is the 20 foot by 5 foot Scout Camp MOC which has an interactive element. We hand out a list of hidden items in the Camp for people to hunt for. We find that this makes people look more closely at the MOC so they can appreciate all the detail. So many people played that we ran out of lists!
  13. Every year, the Calif. Inland Empire Council of the Boy Scouts of America has a council wide weekend event called "Adventure Weekend". On Saturday, TIELUG is on hand with a 20 foot by 50 foot booth displaying lots of cool MOCS. We also have a large building area where the kids can build derby cars and then race them on our 32 foot long track. We are always VERY busy, and we have to limit how many times each child can race, otherwise they won't leave our booth to go enjoy the rest of the activities.
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    Fontana Days is an annual event. This year's theme is "May the Fourth Be With You", and we have been invited to display our Star Wars themed MOCS at the event.
  15. Thank you to the entire Team for a great year! It was wonderful be the Ambassador for the newly recognized TIELUG, and to be able to participate in the LAN. It was AWESOME to meet Signe at Bricks by the Bay, too! I wish a Safe, Healthy, Happy, and Prosperous New Year to one and all!
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