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    UniCon - one of the first multigenre conventions in Eastern Europe. The event for comics, anime, book, movie, cosplay, crafting and many other fans. The event is a festival/expo type of event dedicated to comics, eSports, cosplay, traditional and popular East Asian culture, presentations, entertainment technologies, tabletops, role-playing games etc. (basically, Comic Con) - a largest event of such kind in Baltics. UNICON 2020 will take place on August 1-2, 2020 in Riga Latvia in the Kipsala International exhibitions center. Kipsalas street 8, Riga, Latvia. As every year LATLUG will be present with large LEGO CIty and MOCs display and activities!
  2. Internal LATLUG event - members assembly meeting.
  3. until
    LATLUG event dedicated to the remembrance of "Barricades in Riga in 1991". The event will happen in the Cesis museum and will involve LATLUG LEGO city display, with Riga landmarks and re-creation of the historical "Baricades" event that happened in Riga in 1991, with set up of custom MOC baricades in the city. Children will build their own barricades and place them in LATLUG LEGO city as well as assemble the "Lielvārde belt" LEGO mosaic and will learn about the historical 1991 event via the play with bricks!
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    already for several years LATLUG participates with the creative MOCs display and interactive activities in the International Annual Baltic Region Contemporary Art Fair in Riga, Latvia "ART RIGA"
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    LATLUG LEGO MOC display event in the Riga new technicians center (RJTC)
  6. until
    LATLUG event in Sigulda municipality - Sigulda Sports Center, Latvia, dedicated to the Latvia 101st Anniversary, showcasing Latvia themed LEGO MOCs (Landmarks), building activity with the "Lielvārde belt " national symbol LEGO mosaic, LEGO city and MOCs display. Event organized jointly with the Center for Children "Kā mājās" (Like at house).
  7. LATLUG event dedicated for the "SHIPTEMBER" - build your own spaceship MOC contest for AFOLs and children. The LATLUG LEGO city and MOCs will be displayed as well as specially for this event built spaceship MOCs. A contest for the best spaceship MOC designs will be run for AFOLs and attending children during the event.
  8. LATLUG members Autumn meeting and general assembly - re election of the board, discussions on internal rewarding system, member responsibilities, event an display project organization, RLUG communication in social media
  9. LATLUG members internal meeting - collaborative work on sorting LEGO in our community dedicated warehouse followed up by the community meetup and grill-party to discuss organization of future events and a joint building project for a Christmas themed LEGO display project
  10. Thank you Jan and all the team for the wonderful job you are doing! Such kind of report is very appreciated as it sheds some of the light on all the tremendous "behind the scenes" work you are pulling through and also gives us some input on the future initiatives/ approaches by your team and TLG in one single post. Enjoy your vacation! 😊
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    One of the largest cosplay, video games, fantasy, comics annual fair in the Baltic states. LATLUG will be present with a LEGO MOC and city display, LEGO Mosaic, LEGO photo exhibition and interactive LEGO themed activities.
  12. until
    Largest winter season comics, computer games, cosplay and fantasy annual fair in the Baltics. LATLUG provides City model display, MOCs and/or sets and/or alternates exposition, Mosaic assembling activity, Tower challenge activity and/or 2x4 brick free build activity, Bionicle and/or Classic and/or Duplo bricks free build activity, LEGO® Certified Professional display, RC buggies activity, Largest LEGO trains display setup to date in Latvia! Attachments area
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    Annual LEGO themed Easter event organized in the Spice Shopping Centre. Event organized by the local LEGO sales office with the involvement of LATLUG as a driver of many activities and provider of MOC/ Sets Display
  14. Thanks to all of you - community engagement team and fellow ambassadors! 2018 has been a challenging year, but also a year in which we as a community grew a lot and learned a lot, in many cases due to the useful information and topics in the LAN. On behalf of our RLUG form the small Baltic country of Latvia - LATLUG, I wish you all Merry Christmas and joyful New Year - full with amazing moments, success stores, wonderful events and of course - plenty of building!
  15. LATLUG display and organized activities during the City festival in Valmiera, Latvia. Event will be hosted in the venue of the Valmiera city Culture Center. LATLUG event during the City festival is recurring yearly event that has attracted ~ 3000 -5000 attendees in the previous years. LATLUG hosted activites will include: Racing track for LEGO® Technic RC Tracked Racers; Assembly of the "Lielvārde Belt" LEGO® Mosaic; Contest - Searching the hidden Mini figures in the LEGO® City display; LEGO® City display with running trains; Contest - Assembly of LEGO® tower; Display of LEGO® Sets and MOCs; Display of Large scale Latvia Coat of Arms LEGO® Mosaic; Coloring the LEGO® mini figures on the A4 pages; LEGO® Free build tables.
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