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  1. Last weekend, from Friday to Sunday, our best friend, the LEGO designer, Jamie Berard paid his first visit to Shanghai and Beijing for a series of signing event for the upcoming Shanghai skyline set and some of the other Creator Expert sets which designed by him. Local AFOLs in those two cities were offered 30 minutes each for an exclusive Q&A session where brought them to know what’s inside of a LEGO designer’s brain. Unsurprisingly, the new Modular House became one of the most popular topics of the day. Alright, another one to the must buy list! ;p By participating both signing events and witnessing the reaction from the consumers, from kids to adults. I shared their real excitement and joy when they met with a LEGO designer in person. I heard over and over from them, “my dream is to become a LEGO designer, like you”, which is absolutely awesome to hear. From my eyes, a stronger community in China is arising. Photos attached shows the exciting AFOLs who even brought their MOCs to the event to share with Jamie! I bet they had a great time! (Cover Photo credit to Lin Ye)
  2. Hey what's up guys, This is Jacky live from Philippine, today I attended Pinoy LUG's yearly event - Bricktober. Even though It's my first time to visit this country and the AFOLs out there, it doesn't take me too long to feel the Filipino spirit and hospitality. More than 100 members from Pinoy LUG and a few from other local groups are gathered today to celebrate their 3rd year journey since became an RLUG. Displays were divided by LEGO franchises and particular themes, there's a vivid LEGO Ninjago Movie scene where the Garmadon Generals can actually be shoot away from the volcano base with real smoke and the secret ninja force hiding behind the bamboos by power functions. A huge combination of vignettes also impressed me a lot which was built by 20 members together (making their own rooms with tons of LEGO humor). Also a lot of other cool builds that I believe Leslie will share more to the LAN later. Members' kids were invited to dress up their Halloween costumes, enjoy the Brick or Treat, and most essentially be inspired by a room of awesomeness! At a game session in the afternoon, a nine-year-old boy won the grand prize of the trivia quiz challenge out of 50+ participants. And guess what, today is his birthday! It felt truly warm when a house of AFOLs started to sing the birthday song for him. And...he cried, obviously his first step to the adult world was a bit overwhelming. ;p Last but not the least, Happy Anniversary, Pinoy LUG!
  3. [Community Manager Weekly] - Celebrating 85 yrs of Play

    There aren't many chances in one's lifetime to celebrate an 85th anniversary, especially for a company. Just imagine how fortunate we are! Continuing the LEGO Global Play Day concept since last year, every LEGO office and factory in the world is using its own way to celebrate this great momentum at the same period of time. Being in Billund for two weeks for our LCE dept days, I'm lucky enough to grab the chance to experience this awesome celebration with the whole team from where everything started. Some photos to take you through some great moments that we've captured. Just like what has been said on LEGO.com:"we are 85 years old now, but one thing has stayed unchanged: play and creativity have always been close to our heart, since the early beginnings in 1932."
  4. Let's Go Raya Event

    Happy that I've seen them in person! Love all those details. And good luck for gathering support for your LEGO Ideas project: 'Kampung House'!
  5. RLUG member MOC

    very nice MOC, Van. I would also love to see more of your members' train MOC.
  6. HKLUG Album

    awesome! look forward to having more from HKLUG, CK.
  7. I hope all of you are enjoying the summer but it’s a bit tough out here. According to the Meteorology Bureau, the temperature of Shanghai has been exceeding 37 Celsius for more than 3 weeks in a row while some of these days are even reaching 41! It feels like melting when you are outside, really hope we could have a Zane to wield his ICE Ninja power to cool us down a little bit. (This is how I look like these days, lol) Talking about Ninjago, I was super excited to watch the new trailer of the LEGO Ninjago Movie brought by Warner Bros. at SDCC, again and again. And finally, we will encounter our greatest villain of the 16 realms, the unstoppable beast – the Meowthra! It was so funny and great to see that the real-life element is not missing in this movie as well. And you know in other languages, sometimes it’s hard to pick up jokes like L-loyd vs. Lloyd. But the Taiwanese transcript made it even funnier by translating the name into “Rolex” which sounds actually close enough. I really look forward to watching the full movie in the cinema, hopefully we will be lucky enough to make a pre-screen in Billund next month! Finger Crossed! Also at this year’s SDCC, a sneak peak of the opening sequence of the LEGO Ninjago Season 8 also came at a surprise. The fighting scene looks great and I love the vehicle that Master Lloyd is driving. Can’t wait to know more about the bikers and Sons of Garmadon. Back to real life, AFOLs in Hong Kong is collaborating with local LEGO sales office to run their 11th annual MOC contest at ACGHK 2017 this weekend. This theme of this year is "Build Hong Kong Amazing", thus you will see lots of impressive MOCs features the most beautiful part of this city. Don’t miss it if you happen to be in town! (Thanks to William Wong for providing the photo. Enjoy the event, guys!) One more piece of exciting news to share with the community, LCE is looking for a LCP in China. If you are interested, move to China (no, I’m kidding). Check out the LCP page on LEGO.com (URL) and learn how to submit your application. Have fun, keep cool in summer and see you on LAN! Jacky Community Manager of Asia
  8. First off, wish all ambassadors and AFOLs from the United of States have a great 4th of July on behalf of the entire LCE team. ******************************************************************************************************************************************************************** You may need to wait for a year to watch the Guardian of the Galaxy Vol.2, but the great stories are happening everyday, everywhere in this community. So now, LCE presents, No Rest for the Wicked Vol.2 (Yeah seriously, I am just stealing the title LoL) – casting by Tanja Friberg, Jacky Chen and of course the awesome AFOL community in Asia. SCENE ONE: Japan Brickfest 2017 (Kobe Fan Weekend) “I love to see those happy kids getting inspired at AFOL events ---- @Edwin Knight- KLUG” This was the 3rd year of the Japan Brickfest since everything started back in 2015 on this small artificial island of Kobe. Edwin and his crew from Kansai LUG managed to gather about 70 AFOLs (mainly local) to display their MOCs and exchange their ideas about the LEGO hobby at that time. However, the growth speed of this event is like a rocket, the number of participants has been doubling year by year. For 2017, 270 AFOLs from 11 different countries/regions actively participated while three large halls filled up with those coolest LEGO models and its lovely builders. Despite the event itself is mainly serving the purpose of connecting AFOLs across the world, the committee always try very hard to make sure that kids can also enjoy the event by having brick pools, running kids contests and workshops. During the AFOL party, there was even a celebration for the 10th anniversary to a group of guests traveled from Thailand (T-LUG) and connected with Paredes de Coura Fan Weekend via webcam. More photos of the Japan Brickfest 2017 on flickr: https://flic.kr/s/aHskXzdBbg SCENE TWO: Continue the Tour in Asia “The MOCs of Asian AFOLs maybe smaller, but more into the details. I really love the “attitude” that reflecting from those models ---- @Tanja | LEGO” After a quick stop at LEGOLAND Japan, we flew over to South Korea, Singapore and Malaysia. Our brain constantly gives us the illusion of no idea where we are at for a few seconds. Average two days in each country, the biggest challenge for a connected trip like this is to keep up the same spirit level but fortunately meeting with AFOLs is always energetic. In South Korea, Jae Won from Brickland has organized a builder’s sharing workshop which enables us to hear how the AFOLs think behind their models in a very constructive way. In Singapore, our colleagues are kind enough to open the LEGO office to facilitate a Sing AFOL gathering where Tanja and I are able to share the story of LCE. Our final stop in Malaysia, thanks to the fantastic agenda made by LOM, we were invited into their gathering where we met with THE Lendy Tayag, the Malaysian fan designer who build the Voltron which is still under the LEGO Ideas final evaluation. Good luck with the review! More photos of the Asia Tour on flickr: (to be updated) SCENE THREE: AFOL Festival 2017, Shanghai “It feels like a dream come true after so many years ---- @Prince Jiang | Heroes Club LUG” People always say that China is too large to connect a bunch of friends from all over the country. Many of the Chinese AFOLs have never met with each other in person. Many of them were the only one in their city who called themselves “AFOL”. And many of them were even considering to give up the hobby because of the loneliness. Fortunately, the event came in and successfully brought together 60+ AFOLs from 20 different cities of China into this awesome party. Prepared for more than 8 months by Prince and his steering group in Heroes Club, the very first Shanghai AFOL Festival sailed into reality last weekend. It’s really like giving birth to a baby. No matter how painful the process was, the moment you see the true joy and gratitude from those AFOL’s face, it’s all worth. I guess that’s how Prince and his crew feel about it. More photos of Shanghai AFOL Festival 2017 on flickr: https://flic.kr/s/aHsm3ZeFPR (photo credit to JXM and Fox) Overall it was an extremely busy month but at the same time absolutely inspirational. Seeing how devoted the community can be is also pushing us to do a better job otherwise no rest for the wicked!
  9. I will be away for the AFOL Festival in Shanghai from tomorrow till next Monday. Please excuse for my absence on LAN for a few days and I will be back soon!

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      Enjoy the AFOL Festival in Shanghai and greetings to everyone over there!

      Have a fantastic event!!:D

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      Manually Liked! ;p

    3. Prince Jiang | Heroes Club LUG
  10. #brickstameet

    This is absolutely awesome! Thanks for sharing all these amazing photos. And definitely look forward to your future stops in Asia. Keep up the great work!
  11. We are getting closer!!!

  12. Recognized LEGO Fan Media Days in Billund


    this is awesome!
  13. Posted by Jacky Chen on May 20th 2017 Technology connects people from all places in the world, however it still can’t compare to the bonding effect when we are physically being together. In this sunny warm week of May, all of us four community managers were brought together in the heart of the LEGO Group - Billund to seriously prepare for our next major leap for this community. All of us are super excited about the new platform and the experience we are about to deliver. Months of the preparation now leads to the stage where confident to say "we are prepared!". Our LAN Experience Manager Signe and us will start to share more of what we’ve been working on to the ambassadors from next week which is definitely worthy to stay closely with. On Tuesday, thanks to the coordination from Jan, we managed to make a tour in the non-opened LEGO House (https://www.legohouse.com/) for a sneak peek. Even with most of the facilities are under final construction, we were still amazed by the progress it has made and can't help picturing the coolness it can be. Especially the moment when we stood in front of the incredible tree (from the bottom to the top of the LEGO House) made by LEGO Bricks, we were simply astonished. I can assure you that the more you know about the LEGO House, the more you may want to explore it yourself. The LEGO House is going to open to public on Sep 28th, 2017, check out its website to follow the latest news of it.
  14. [Community Manager Weekly] A weekend Road Trip in Taiwan

    Posted by Jacky Chen on April 21st 2017 How was the Easter weekend for everyone? I hope it was full of joy and bricks! For me, even we don’t have the tradition to celebrate in particular, I still want to share how I spent my fantastic weekend. The weather starts to get warmer in Asia, so does the community. I am lucky enough to take on a trip to Taiwan while 3 AFOL activities happening at the same weekend, but of course in different cities. Day One: Taipei – Taichung It’s the 2nd time for me to join Pockyland’s regional gatherings and this time moved to the central area. The transportation costs us 2 hours on the road, and guess what? What a perfect timing for re-watching the LEGO Movie for the 101th time! Nobody takes a nap! Well, it seems we can take even longer trip when the LEGO Batman Movie DVD releases. ;p The party itself was really fun and inspiring, many AFOLs brought over their recent MOCs and latest sets for fellow AFOLs to have a closer look and play with. An ancient saying said by Bruce Banner, there isn’t an unbreakable MOC on this planet. Well, a super-duper Alaskan Malamute MOC was unintentionally smashed by the power of Hulk during the party. What we see from the builder and the group wasn’t blaming and complaining but rapidly grouped up and started to rebuilt it. And of course they made it less than 1 hour! Day Two: Taichung – Miaoli County – Taipei After a short break in Taichung for the night, we took off to the Miaoli County. The county arts exhibition center sponsored a group of local AFOLs for displaying their MOCs. As I see it, this is not only an exhibition but also containing the entire journey of their LEGO hobby. I saw how a great builder evolved from an enthusiastic LEGO collector, 1st MOC built by 10 years ago, 1st time won a contest, and a lot other stories to discover. I particularly love one display made by hundreds of empty old LEGO boxes. The AFOL builder told me that he decided to dump them all due to the limited spaces but wanted to give it a chance to show at publics. What a nice and thoughtful retirement plan. Day Three: Taipei – Shanghai The last day was short but a very eye opening opportunity to learn how AFOL creations tapping into the ACG (Animation, Comic and Game) area to attract younger generation. Pockyland was invited to run an exhibition at Taipei City Street (Underground) where normally lots of youth appears. Younger AFOL builders like Mike Dung and Eric Tsai found their stage to shine their love and talent. I couldn’t even resist my camera to take photos for all those cutest characters. J I’ve uploaded more photos of this trip to a flickr album (URL), check out if interested. (featured image credit to Chris Visnjic) See you next time. Sincerely Jacky
  15. [CMW] LCS VIP Night and AFOL Events Teaser in Asia

    Posted by Jacky Chen on March 24th 2017 Last night I attended the LCS pre-opening VIP night event together with 10 local AFOLs in Shanghai. The LCP in HK, Andy Hung has brought three of his masterpieces to celebrate the store opening which are two iconic buildings of Shanghai, a few eastern style modular houses and a mosaic Shanghai skyline. They will be permanently displayed at the store until further notice, so don’t miss them if you have the chance to come by. The event started at sharp 7pm, when LCP, AFOLs and a few invited kids built the LEGO keys to open the door of LCS. Once everybody was in, a group of store staff performed a dance show which is very entertaining and indeed energetic. The store manager gave a short speech to welcome all attendees and revealed the breathtaking work with Andy. Everybody was amazed and cannot even move their eyes away from it. A highlight of the night was when a 4th-grade boy shyly pulled over one of the AFOLs and asked about how to build up his LEGO parts collection and build better MOCs. Isn’t that exactly how the AFOLs inspiring the builders of tomorrow? As least I see an enthusiastic young TFOL is arising. Thanks for all AFOLs who spared their personal time in the evening to participate this VIP night event, I believe they all had a great time and get their purse ready for the official opening this Saturday. Almost forget, two events teaser from Asia: First, I’m exciting to share that this year’s Japan Brickfest (Kobe Fan Weekend) is going to be a blast! More than 270 AFOLs from 10 countries (approx. 70 of them will be travelling from out of Japan) have registered for the event. The organizer has to find another hall to suffice the needs due to the increasing AFOL participants. How amazing! I really look forward to meeting everybody in June at this event. Spoiler Alert: Tanja will be there as well! J Second, a group of Chinese AFOLs is planning for a secret event in Shanghai this summer. It aims at gathering most of the talented local AFOLs for the very first time to showcase their MOCs, have parties, do workshops, run contests and most importantly inspire one another for their LEGO hobby. Unfortunately that’s all I could disclose for the moment, I believe the Chinese ambassadors will be able to share more on LAN when time comes closer. Do let them know if there is any interest to visit or exhibit. That’s all for this week. Have a great weekend and don’t put your hands away from the bricks! (Credit to XMing Jin for the photos) Cheers, Jacky