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  1. It is not a myth or folktale, our friends from Shanghai LUG has literraly brought their event to the Pacific Ocean. By collaborating with the MSC Cruises, @Jiayuan Xu, together with eight members of SHLUG, onboarded the MSC Splendida this August. They brought dozens of splendid MOCs, as well as some latest LEGO sets to the ship and engaged with 3000 passengers who were there to enjoy their vacation and the ship crew of course. Jiayuan says, "The whole trip was kindly sponsored by MSC, but certainly it's a very unique opportunity to show people on the curise about our way of engaging with the LEGO bricks." MSC Cruises and the LEGO Group have teamed up since 2014 to design stimulating play areas on the MSC cruise ships. A small curise set was even made to be sold on selected MSC cruise ships. The sailor minifigure is also authorized to use at LEGO related activities onboard. Nice location to display the LEGO vehicle sets.
  2. Last Saturday, I learnt that it's not just AFOL community has its own fancy acronyms when we meet the H.O.G (Harley Owners Group) in a LCS activity. Two LCS events were made to celebrate the release of 10269 Harley-Davidson Fat Boy set, one in Shanghai while another in Wuhan, a city located in central China. The setup was unique as it's not ordinary marketing launch event as you could imagine, but a super cool party joint by both the Harley community and the AFOL community. I was fortunate to join one of these events, thus this blog is mostly based on the event that I have attended. The event started by 10+ Harley bikers roaming their vehicles towards the LEGO store. A group of AFOLs have just completed setting up their motorcycle MOCs in the store, and waiting for the H.O.G to show up. We were a little nervous about whether there will be good chemistry between AFOL and the motorcycle community, but it turns out the concern was total unnecessary. Without much facilitation, they were having great fun together already. Bikers immediately recognized the original model the AFOLs has built which made them super happy, while AFOLs were also deeply intrigued when the bikers talking about their very own unique Harley babe and ride trips. If there’s anything in common between the two communities, it is definitely the hands-on customization. A H.O.G representative said to the AFOLs, you can never find two identical Harley Davison motorcycle on the road. We believe that applies to MOCs too. One of the major activities of the day is to split AFOLs and bikers into two groups and customize two 10269 Fatboy sets. No surprisingly, Tony and Stone (two very capable AFOLs from Heroes Club) have got plenty of ideas about what to do and even have some modules built already, while H.O.G fellows also threw many good ideas and inputs as well. Here’s what we eventually got -- a badass tricycle by Tony and a gorgeous bike with side-car and ape hangers by Stone. The event concluded at when representatives of each community exchanges the gift to one another. H.O.G rep received a smaller sized Harley Division MOC and AFOLs received good loads of Harley’s merchandise and the honorable membership badges of their H.O.G organization. Overall it was an awesome activity that brought a lot resonance and of course laughs to both community. Did your group have any experience interacting with other hobby communities? Tell us in the comment area.
  3. I am super excited to announce on behalf of the AFOL Festival committee that the event this year is confirmed to be shipped on Aug 24-25 in Shanghai, China. This year, the event will be held in the Shanghai Urban Planning Exhibition Center (SUPEC) which is located in the center of the city and in approx. 500m distance to the People Square LEGO Flagship Store. The event is a joint effort from all five recognized communities in mainland China and our local LCP, @Prince Jiang. It grows from a sixty participants event to a hundred in one year, and we are expecting another breakthrough for 2019. Being on its journey for 3 years in a row, I just love how simple it is. You get to see many different sizes and types of LEGO MOCs and you get to meet a full room of people who are so passionate about the LEGO hobby. What they need, is your participation. The registration starts today until 1st of August, but it can be fully booked anytime as the venue can only afford to hold 150 AFOL exhibitors. As a good courtesy from oriental, the committee has prepared super cool gifts for all participants. So don't hesitate to call your friends and get your signup done as early as possible. If you can read Chinese, please go ahead and register from here: http://afolfestival.cn/?page_id=4932 If you don't, please also feel free to send an email in English to the committee via enroll@afolfestival.cn with what you would like to bring for display. They will give you warm welcome and necessary guidance on how to participate. More workshops and activities will be announced on its website (http://afolfestival.cn/) and I believe it has a Facebook account too. For those who are just interested in visiting, the ticketing information will be announced in a later stage, so stay tuned. Just two quick event pictures from previous years, we look forward to having you here in 2019! Futuristic City Project by Heroes Club Chinese Opera brickheadz by leinhardt
  4. "Lunar New Year 2019 is approaching, and we are getting ready for the party! Did you (or your member) grow up in a Chinese neighborhood or community? How was it like as a child celebrating the Lunar New Year in different parts of the world? What was the best part of it in your memory but somehow missing these days? As the festival is not just about China, we wish to have you or your member who enjoys the culture to join this opportunity together." About two months ago, we made this call-out on the LAN to invite AFOLs to join us building their version of the spirit of Chinese New Year. Our purpose, despite from supporting a marketing campaign, is to demonstrate that no matter how diverse we are to one another, creativity is the same language and we use it together to inspire people. Now it's time to take a look at these fantastic builds from different parts of the world. Again, please join me to give applauses to all whom has participated in this activity! Aside from proudly showcasing these on LEGO social media channels, we also managed to incorporate the builds into a large phycial celebration made by LEGO events team in China. With the complexity of transporting MOCs oversea, a collection of picture frames have replaced the "real" models as they still serve the purpose of generating excitements and inspirations for adults and kids (not to mention the picture frams being mostly hung at kids' height). AFOL corner stands next to the objects built by @Andy Hung which relives three artists' CNY spirit in LEGO form. A table of New Year Eve dinner by @Jiayuan Xu of SHLUG and the magnificent Chinese Dragon built by JXM from Heroes Club. A snapshot of the event in whole and the huge dragon dance model built by @Prince Jiang. Bravo! The event is on show in Shanghai (Global Harbor Mall) from Jan. 25th till Feb 11th. Go check it out if you happen to land in here.
  5. Jacky Chen

    Svend Erik Saksun

    It is a tremendous loss for the community. Svend was such a nice and warm person. Yet I still remember he said to me "you will love this community" when I visited the Skaerbaek Fan Weekend for the 1st time. Rest In Peace, friend.
  6. It has been three weeks since the 2nd AFOL Festival taken place in Aug 11-12, but the heat is still around. People were still talking about it, some even started to plan the exhibits for next year. As for a year two baby, the accomplishment was amazing. The event attracts 100+ AFOL participants (vs. 60+ in LY), in which 20 of them made their own trip from outside of mainland China incl. Hong Kong, Taiwan, Singapore and Philippines. In the post event survey, the participation NPS goes beyond 9.5 which is absolutely impressive. Here allow me to express my upmost gratitude to the event organizer and committee who made this happen. Now, let's together take a look back at those stunning MOCs and other cool activities during the event. Geng, drove 20 hours from Beijing to Shanghai with his stylish buildings. These are actually one-third of what he built at home. Robin and his proposing gift for his fiancée Michelle. Such a romantic Technic creation that has done its work perfectly. Lu Sim and PHLUG members brought their mecha and Marvel Brickheadz creations. TonyToy with his Brickheadz creations featuring WOW characters. (of course my favorite ;p) The above three photos are all belong to one collaborative project led by Heroes Club "Futuristic City". Incredible details and amazing story in it. Given the length of the blog, I have to stop here but there are many more stunning MOCs on the event. If you are interested, please check out the post by AFOL Festival here. A bird view at the crowd. It was impressive to have so many visitors with limited promotion and distant location. Truly dedication! Also, we are also lucky to have Carl Merriam from the LEGO Design Team flying over from Billund, Denmark to visit the event and engage with the community. He made the workshops to talk about how he became a LEGO designer and touched about the fun stories in the design process. At the end of each session, he showed the AFOLs how to use LEGO bricks to build a huge toothbrush in a way that it's strong enough to carry and play. Event concluded in two days, but the fun continues. We brought a group of 80 AFOLs to the LEGO Jiaxing Factory for a unique AFOL tour and some additional building activity. Looks familiar? It's exactly a mosaic replica of the LEGO Jiaxing Set (mosaic designed by Prince Jiang). At last, a few reflection from myself. Having the event like this and many other awesome AFOL events in the world, the community is evolving like a big family. Border and language are never the issue for AFOLs to share, inspire and grow. TLG is so blessed to have such an amazing community who loves the brand so much and exactly represents what the company is standing for - creativity, fun, imagination, learning, caring and quality. I hope to see more of you next year! (photo credit to Frankfox) For more behind the scenes news and other articles follow the blog by clicking the "Follow" button on the Blog main page.
  7. sorry for not responding because I was waiting for an image for this. Let's hope the gif works here. @Kelvin Guo, Balazs is interested in your model, mind if giving some more detail for it? Thanks
  8. Let's not be surprised by the title. It's not a mysterious announcement about the new power function or anything. Just want to make sure of that first. ? Okay, now we are good to go. Starting from today, fans in China are able to experience this super-duper LEGO Technic campaign delivered by LEGO China marketing in Beijing Indigo Mall (北京颐堤港). The event has a super authentic Technic by its garage-like setting. With all different components incl. history wall, design sketch, crush test (pull-back), parking lot challenge (remote control) and etc, it does make people feel like hearing the tinkering in dad's garage. Despite the obvious awesomeness already, that's still not the reason of me blogging about it on LAN. Yes, you are right. The best part of this event in my eyes is absolutely 10 AFOLs from Heroes LUG are invited to bring their GBC creations and facilitate this 7 meters long GBC project for publics. Moreover, their ambassador Kelvin Guo has surprised everyone on the site by presenting us a 1:3 size w16 engine! And it is power functioned! The event will last until 12th of August, while the AFOLs will only be there for the 1st weekend to demonstrate the GBC and interact with the public visitors. Hope you will have the chance to check that out! Kelvin Guo (aka: G_phy's w16 engine next to the LEGO Technic Bugatti) The group of Heroes LUG with their GBC modules Design Sketch Overview of the event from 2nd floor
  9. Last weekend, I traveled to Kobe, Japan to participate the 4th (my 3rd) Japan Brickfest Event. The event is organized by Kansai LUG and a bunch of passionate AFOL volunteers across Asia. This year, around 300 AFOLs from 10+ different countries and regions were presented at this event, which also known as Kobe Fan Weekend. The event was growing rapidly over the past two years, kept doubling its size year by year. Also with the increasing number of international participants, it carries out great diversity in terms of theme, technique and culture. There are so many cool MOCs being showed at the event and also come with great workshops by skillful AFOLs. Let’s take a peek at some of those from the photos taken at the event. Nevertheless, I sincerely encourage you to make a visit to the event in person whenever you got the chance, it’s definitely a place you will fall in love with. (Start with a LAN ambassador summit) (a cutie spinning sushi with Brickheadz customers by Dr. Peigan) (Traditional Chinese Emperor's Palace setup by John Cheng) (fierce black dragon by Timothy Ng) (super creative rebuild by shiopon) (LEGO Designer Frédéric Roland Andre was doing Q&A after presentation) (free build at AFOL party, guess which one's mine and which one is by Mecha Master Lu Sim!) At last, allow me to thank to the great work @Edwin Knight- KLUG and KLUG has done, as well as every volunteer and builder who put an effort into this event. Japan Brickfest can’t be this great without everyone’s contribution. Keep going!
  10. If it wasn’t Sara calls me out, I wouldn’t realize that I haven’t been blogging for almost five months. Time really just went by when everything is on the fast lane. The plan was to blog about the HKLUG Factory Tour two weeks ago, but I believe words can never beat the happy faces on the photo. Also a quick reminder, there are still rooms for the Nov. tour, please contact your ambassador to sign up for it if you are interested. However, I decided to write up a little reflections of the past few months where a lot changes has occurred. It’s also because I happened to read our best friend Paul’s blog about Reflections exactly a year ago which turns the mood a bit nostalgia. It has not been an easy beginning in many ways for 2018, but things are starting to boil down and move into positive directions with a lot of effort from a lot of people. The new AE kicked off by an offsite summit in February, teams were getting together to pick up the scrolls of magic plans and sharpen the sword of confidence. A few weeks later, LAN embraced another 50 new communities, it created some challenges to the onboarding but thanks to the Brickmates and Support Engagers, we are making good progresses. Now, the result of the latest round of LAN NPS survey has just been presented to us, hot and fresh. We are ready to dive into your feedback, especially for the part about the local market interactions. It definitely sets a good baseline for the new Market Integration team and help us find the knot to crack. Talking about the new team, I’m super excited to have our new colleague Alyssa onboard next week which will definitely bring in stronger portfolio. At the same time, the AFOL events are happening all over the place. It’s so nice to read these guest blogs from many different ambassadors. I believe it is exactly the unstoppable passion and this life-long commitment from the AFOL community keeps us forward and motivated! Wish you and your fellow AFOLs have a nice weekend!
  11. I was just browsing at event kit album and trying to find some good photos for a work-related paperwork. Can't help to say when I saw yours: Wow, what a prefect match in a car museum and the speed champion event kit. Fantastic job!
  12. Last weekend, from Friday to Sunday, our best friend, the LEGO designer, Jamie Berard paid his first visit to Shanghai and Beijing for a series of signing event for the upcoming Shanghai skyline set and some of the other Creator Expert sets which designed by him. Local AFOLs in those two cities were offered 30 minutes each for an exclusive Q&A session where brought them to know what’s inside of a LEGO designer’s brain. Unsurprisingly, the new Modular House became one of the most popular topics of the day. Alright, another one to the must buy list! ;p By participating both signing events and witnessing the reaction from the consumers, from kids to adults. I shared their real excitement and joy when they met with a LEGO designer in person. I heard over and over from them, “my dream is to become a LEGO designer, like you”, which is absolutely awesome to hear. From my eyes, a stronger community in China is arising. Photos attached shows the exciting AFOLs who even brought their MOCs to the event to share with Jamie! I bet they had a great time! (Cover Photo credit to Lin Ye)
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