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  1. Hi all, today we had around 600 AFOLs (including over 80 Ambassadors) from almost 40 different countries participating the LEGO House AFOL Opening - it was really a blast. It went really smooth and was an amazing experience for all AFOLs as well as the LEGO House Staff, Kjeld Kirk Kristiansen, Jørgen Vig Knudstorp, Bali Padda, the DCE Leadership Team as well as all LCE team members present. We had all such a great time and I got plenty of very positive comments and saw plenty of very happy faces so it was a true mindblowing experience. Now most of the AFOLs and even some more (yes, you read right - there are over 700! registered participants) enjoy the Skærbæk Fan Weekend here in Denmark and will turn this into the most international AFOL driven event worldwide. So I wish us all here present a great weekend of LEGO brick fun and all others a great weekend and hope you are able to join in the future!
  2. Do your community members have great ideas for a “gift with purchase"-set?

    Thanks for your input guys - please wait until we have the setup in the LAN ready for you comments and suggestions as mentioned in the blog post.
  3. Dear all, I got this message from my department colleagues: "Exciting news for all members of registered LEGO fan communities: Next week we will share brief on the LAN Forum asking LAN Ambassadors to involve their community members in the idea generation for a "gift with purchase"-set (GWP)*. We hope that all registered LEGO communities will contribute with ideas and forward their ideas to their LAN ambassador in a prioritized list. Stay tuned for more information on the LAN Forum next week and start noting your ideas down today. If you are a registered community member ask your LAN Ambassador for more information about this initiative. The deadline for submitting the prioritized list of ideas is November 1st 2017. There might be questions linked to this blog post and the brief, i.e.: "will some ideas be turned into an actual product?" The answer is that the ideas are inspirational allowing LEGO Group to understand what fans believe is a great GWP set. Please look out for the topic on LAN next week and ask your questions there. Note that we will not be collecting ideas posted in the comments of this blog post, so please follow the directions in the topic on the LAN forum posted next week. *A “gift with purchase”-set is as the name indicates a set which is given to people who purchase a specific LEGO offer. " Thanks so much for you interest and your participantion is very much appreciated. Jan
  4. Today we concluded our first week of team meeting (it is great to have Paul and Jacky in Billund) with participating in the AFOL test visit @ the LEGO House. Over 200 AFOLs from 8 different countries visited the LEGO House to give the staff an experience how AFOLs act and react as well as experience the LEGO House. It was a truely great activity and all sides were very happy and had a lot of fun. I am so excited to get to the AFOL opening in September with over 600 AFOLs - it will be so much fun! I hope to welcome many of you to the opening or in the time to come in the LEGO House - an exceptional LEGO Brand experience!
  5. Community Manager Weekly - Lots of events and activities!

    Yeah, that would be great! Fingers crossed!
  6. Fanabriques Event 2017

    This is the main event organized by the RLUG Fanabriques. You can even meet a LEGO Designer at this years event. http://expo.fanabriques.fr/fr/26
  7. Bricktastic

    Event driven by the RLUG Fairy Bricks. http://www.bricktastic.org/
  8. Hi all, the past week we had our US colleagues Tim Courtney and Kevin Hinkle on visit in the Billund office - it is always great to connect and see each other in person so lots of good talks and interaction. Another important topic for me that keeps me quite busy is the LEGO House - we have good track but also some challenges on the proces to identify and organize the MOCs which go into the LEGO House (the first ones have been installed and more to come in the upcoming weeks) and the LEGO House is filling with more and more unique and cool models and activities. Also the planning for the AFOL opening in September goes well - it will be a blast! In addition this weekend 4 big events are happening - the Fanabriques Event in Rosheim/France, the Bricktastic Event by Fairy Bricks in Manchester/UK, Brick Fiesta Convention in the US and the first ever Shanghai AFOL Festival where around 60 Chinese AFOLs will be together and displaying their MOCs for the first time. This is definitely a milestone for the AFOL Community in China! My colleague Jacky is supporting it - quite exciting - wish I could be there! So my collegues and I wish best of luck to the events and we hope all participants will have a lot of fun and great experiences!
  9. LEGO World Utrecht 2017

    This is a LEGO Group driven event with AFOL participation on invitation. https://legoworld.lego.com/nl-nl#headerSection
  10. LEGO World Copenhagen

    This is a LEGO Company driven event where AFOLs can participate and display on invitation. LINK
  11. Posted by Jan Beyer on June 9th 2017 This weekend Kim and myself are visiting the Paredes de Coura Fanweekend in Portugal. It is the 2nd edition and this time there are around 250 AFOLs from 19 different countries participating. A lot of cool MOCs can be seen here and we had and will have very good and inspiring discussions over the weekend! In the picture you can see Manuel with his latest awesome creation. See more pictures attached! Also at this weekend there is the Kobe Fanweekend in Japan happening where our colleagues Tanja and Jacky are joining.
  12. [Community Manager Weekly] New LEGO sets are in town!

    Hi all, within this week several big outers (the cardboard boxes that contain the LEGO sets) as well as a whole Euro Pallet arrived in our warehouse with the new cool 2nd half 2017 LEGO sets as well as the Creator Expert Carousel, the UCS Snow Speeder and the awesome LEGO Ideas Apollo 11 Satur V rocket! We always enjoy to unpack so we know what we have in stock to support the AFOL Community with. In addition the first LEGO Inside Tour happen this week Wednesday to Friday so I had the chance to meet AFOLs from Singapore, Hong Kong and Australia here in Billund. Have a great weekend!
  13. [Community Manager Weekly] Happy Easter!

    Posted by Jan Beyer on April 7th 2017 s this was my last week before Easter Holidays you can imagine it was quite busy. On Monday we had a very pleseant first 2017 Billund HQ visit by 35 lovely Fairy Bricks members and it was a true pleasure. The paar few days I spent a lot of my time on the LEGO House making sure the AFOL Community as well as their MOCs ars very well represented. On Wednesday I had a meeting with the LEGOWorld CPH Steering Group as well as the Event Organizer from LEGO Nordic to finish of the 2017 event and start initial discussions around the 2018 event. As you can see as always a wide variety of activities - so much fun! So to finish off I wish you on behalf of the entire LCE Department a Happy Easter.
  14. [Community Manager Weekly] The big move!

    Posted by Jan Beyer on March 17th 2017 Hi all, most of this week Kim and myself moved our little warehouse where we keep all the materials (old, very old and newer LEGO Sets, rare and sought LEGO elements, LEGO Community related magazines and other rare items) to use with the AFOL community from one place in Billund to another. As we are kind of hoarders for the sake of serving the AFOL community we collected a lot of stuff over the years so we moved around 25! Euro pallets of good stuff. :-) It kept us busy for 3 full days moving and sorting but now almost all is in place in the new warehouse. Another cool thing in this week is the awesome Rebrick contest https://www.lego.com/en-us/rebrick/contest-page/contests/mini-modulars related to the 10 years anniversary of the modular buildings - I am sure you agree with me that the prize is insanely cool! So I expect many of you to join this contest!
  15. Posted by Jan Beyer on February 17th 2017 Today it is my turn and it is live from LEGO World in Copenhagen, Denmark. It is a huge event with around 40.000 public visitors in 4 days and a big MOC display made by around 65 AFOLs. The picture is from the AFOL party where we had the honour to welcome Thomas Kirk Kristiansen! It is a great evening to celebrate and network. In addition this week the new LEGO House website was launched as well as the opening date for LEGO House (28th of September 2017) was announced which is a quite Big thing for the LEGO Company and a must see place for AFOLs.