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  1. Jan Beyer

    LEGO Group History

    Dear all, I lately discovered that my colleagues from the historical collection in the LEGO Idea House maintain a very nice overview about the history of the LEGO Group so in case you like to know more feel free to check this out. https://www.lego.com/en-us/lego-history Take care and happy reading. Jan
  2. Jan Beyer

    LEGO House Live Tours

    @Jetro de Château @Francesco Frangioja Sad to hear that you not received the email with the link - it seems it worked for many - did you check all your spam folders and everything? If yes please send me the email you used to sign up via PM and I will check with the project manager what went wrong and if this is perhaps a bigger issue or only a minor technical problem. Of course I am extremely sorry that you not were able to join so please accept my deepest apologies. Jan
  3. Jan Beyer

    LEGO House Live Tours

    Dear all, I am happy that I am today able to share the newest virtual LEGO House experience with you. Here is the press release. "LEGO House Live Tours – a new initiative Many LEGO® fans from all over the world are not able to visit LEGO House due to the restrictions of the COVID-19 outbreak. For all of you we are now opening up the History Collection in the basement of LEGO House to invite you to join the free LEGO House Live Tours where we introduce you to the history of the LEGO Group. The LEGO Group started back in 1932 and its history is full of stories and play. To provide an in-depth live tour we offer 5 individual tours based on 5 important chapters of the LEGO Group’s history. The tour will be hosted by a LEGO historian, who is an expert in LEGO history, and you will be able to ask questions during the session via Live Chat. The tour guide will answer your questions live. There are different timings of the sessions to cater for the different time zones you live in. Please be aware that we operate in Billund time (CET). We kindly ask you to convert the timing to your time zone. Duration of each tour is 60 minutes. It’s free to participate but registration prior to the event is required. Overview of LEGO House Live Tours in the History Collection Tour 1: The beginning of the LEGO Group, 1932 – 1946. June 11, 2020. Tour 2: The LEGO Group - Consolidating plastic, 1947 – 1961. June 25, 2020. Tour 3: The LEGO Group - Expanding the LEGO System in Play, 1962 – 1978. July 9, 2020. Tour 4: The LEGO Group - Introducing new ideas, 1979 – 2001. August 13, 2020. Tour 5: The LEGO Group - Crisis and turnaround, 2002 – 2019. September 1, 2020. Please read more here: https://legohouse.com/en-gb/what-s-on/lego-house-live-tours/ I hope you are as excited about this format as I am so please make sure to check it out. Jan
  4. Dear all, I hope you are all safe and healthy and have time to spend on your LEGO hobby. Today I like to give you an updated about the situation regarding AFOL Networking Events in the current Corona Virus pandemic. Due the never seen before circumstances unfortunately only 2 ANE (Bricks LA and Bricks Cascade) in early 2020 could happen. Since mid March all ANEs are cancelled due to governmental or local restrictions for physical meetings and larger gatherings. This is of course understandable but hits the organizers and participants as well as the AFOL Community quite heavy. We do our best to be as supportive as we can be to the cancelled ANE but of course it is a very sad situation and we are right now all very uncertain how the future for large physical gatherings looks like. There are still 3 ANE left for the remainder of 2020 (Brick Fair Virginia, Skærbæk Fan Weekend and BrickCon) which are not cancelled yet and we all cross our fingers that they hopefully can happen but with all local as well as travel restrictions and global flight traffic down it seems very difficult but hopes are still high. On the positive side of all this crisis spur creativity and several ANE have organized (e.g. BrickCan and BrickWorld) or plan to organize (BrickWorld, Brick Fiesta and Bricks by the Bay) virtual events which are a great addition (definitely no replacement for a physical event though) that allow different approaches and points of view. So I can strongly recommend to check a virtual ANE out as there is usually a great program and also some fun activities and several LEGO colleagues are joining too. This is of course something which came up for many last minute and in crisis mode but it gives a new perspective to things and probably can add another layer to ANE for the future. If you have any comments or concerns feel free to let me know and I wish you all the best for the future - please take care and stay safe and healthy. Jan
  5. Dear all, as LEGO House is still closed due to the COVID-19 pandemic and it is unfortunately uncertain when it can open again my LEGO House colleagues and I decided to bring some of the LEGO House atmosphere home to our friends around the world. For weeks they have been creating “LEGO House @Home content” for LEGO House social media channels with tips and building tricks for family co-building at home and now they are adding a new layer specifically for AFOLs. As you know the Masterpiece Gallery is dedicated to exhibit LEGO brick built masterpieces by AFOLs from around the world. We have initiated making virtual interviews with those AFOLs to let them introduce their MOCs and the thinking behind those. There will be uploaded new interviews at the LEGO House YouTube Channel in the coming weeks: https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=FNohe-etuHQ&has_verified=1&feature=youtu.be The first interview went already live – here you get a peak behind the scenes of the amazing microscale LEGO city built by Caroline, also known as @Caz Mockett. So go and check it out. Take care and stay safe.
  6. Hi @Wolfgang Beuster, yes this is true. The decision was not taken light hearted but was necessary due to the Corona Virus situation and the to this connected internal LEGO Group guidelines. We will postpone this fan evening to 2021. Jan
  7. Hi all, the booking link for the traditional and super cozy AFOL Christmas lunch 2020 in LEGO House is out. https://legohouse.com/en-gb/what-s-on/afol-christmas-lunch/ So please feel free to book any time as long as we have open seats - usually we get sold out. Please notice that we moved to a Friday this year. I am very much forward to see you there and enjoy a great time with all of you. Jan
  8. Hi all, got this message from my LEGO House colleagues. "Since the opening of LEGO House it has been an important milestone to create exclusive products that relate to LEGO House and adds to the LEGO House experience for the guests. The first exclusive product launched was the LEGO House Architecture (21037) in 2017, followed by the LEGO House Tree of Creativity (4000026) in 2018, and then the LEGO House Dinosaurs (40366) in 2019. LEGO House has now decided to discontinue the LEGO House Tree of Creativity – in order to make shelf space for a new exclusive product arriving in late May 2020. The Tree of Creativity was originally launched as a great reproduction of the 15,6 metre tall Tree of Creativity in LEGO Square. The most iconic features were resized into the retail model. LEGO enthusiasts will know that the LEGO Group also launched a Tree of Creativity model back in May 2017. That particular model was developed as the surprise gift for the participants of the LEGO Inside Tour. Due to the popularity of the product and the iconic link to LEGO House, the model was chosen to become an LEGO House exclusive product. LEGO designer Steen Sig Andersen is the designer of the retail version in LEGO House and had great focus on the details. The LEGO House Tree of Creativity will be sold until out of stock. However, a special agreement has been made to ensure that the product is available during the AFOL Day in LEGO House on the 24th September 2020." So make sure to get a set for your collection before it leaves the assortment. Jan
  9. Jan Beyer

    My visit to Bricks LA

    Yes - the dance mix was great - enjoyed the activities a lot and it was as always great to see you too. Take care and greetings to your family.
  10. Jan Beyer

    Happy Patent Day

    Dear all, 62 years ago, today – on January 28, 1958 – LEGO® owner Godtfred Kirk Christiansen applies for a patent regarding an invention which is without a doubt one the biggest milestones in LEGO Group history. But – contrary to what many might think, the patent application is not about to the invention of just one specific type of brick. Rather, the patent covers a building system or a building method in which two or several interlocking plastic building elements “...could be put together in a great number of mutually different positions...” (Quote from the original Danish Patent application). For that reason, the patent also covers several different brick designs, some of which can be seen in these photos. The common denominator for these different brick designs is that each and every single one of the designs ensure that the brick has just the right clutch power, and thus the bricks have the ability to stick together – as if they were glued. So: Happy Patent Day – to the LEGO brick – but especially to the awesome interlocking principle that combined with the LEGO System in Play provides us with endless building possibilities 😉
  11. Dear all, I like to remind you about the next LEGO House Fan Evening upcoming March 13. We have invited 3 very know LEGO Designers who have been former members of the AFOL Community so it should give you great insights and discussions. We still have a few open spots please see for more info and to sign up to join here: https://legohouse.com/en-gb/what-s-on/fan-evening/ Thanks Jan
  12. Jan Beyer

    My visit to Bricks LA

    Likewise @Chris Malloy
  13. Jan Beyer

    My visit to Bricks LA

    Dear all, my first trip in 2020 has taken me to Bricks LA in Pasadena, CA, USA which is the first AFOL Networking Event each year. It was a fantastic experience - so many happy AFOLs, great MOCs, exciting games, lots of fun and socializing and an awesome location. This is definitely an ANE that cater for all AFOLs and can be strongly recommended to put on your bucket list. Big thanks to Ayleen and her fab team for making this event happen. I need to be back.
  14. You need to sign up via the links I post on the LANBlog before. Jan
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