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  1. June Seung Lee

    South Korea '2017 Brick Korea Convention'

    Thanks Jan! We are always waiting for you to come to South Korea again!
  2. June Seung Lee

    South Korea '2017 Brick Korea Convention'

    'Brick Korea convention' is held once a year in South Korea. Many of the RLUG and LUG participate in this event. It is the biggest Lego event in South Korea. This time all of South Korea RLUG participate in this event. Thanks.
  3. This is a project designed to promote the beauty of Korean architecture. The exhibition was designed so that it can feel the beauty of Korean architecture in a very small space. Despite the small amount of space, many visitors visited. There is one interesting thing about this exhibition. Even though the young children came to see the exhibit, most of the visitors were older. And there was a small special exhibition. London Bus Moc is that. It was a popular MOC on the Ideas.com before the '10258 London bus set' was released. Thanks.