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  1. Dear community members, Our consumer service call centres have received calls from concerned community members, who have questions regarding in-person community meetings and about physical community events. Our main appeal to all communities in affected COVID-19 regions: Please do not meet in person! We want to clarify that there’s no requirement of physical / face-to-face meetings in the community from the LEGO Group. It’s not a requirement to stay recognised and though we don’t wish to tell you how you should run your communities (you're the experts), we encourage that if recognised communities have their own guidelines to meet in person, to lift this requirement with immediate effect if your country is affected by the COVID-19 virus and to first and foremost follow your government and health authorities guidelines. Further we also want to highlight there’s no requirements to recognised communities to host physical events in order to stay recognised. This requirement was lifted in January 2018. We know that a lot of communities around the globe have already cancelled or postponed their events. We encourage that if your region is affected by the Corona virus to please cancel or postpone your physical event. We hope that the situation will inspire to some alternative community meetings – for example meeting online (please feel free to share below how your community has found alternative possibilities for group meetings – your ideas can help other communities) We hope this sheds some light about our stance in this special situation. Please feel free to share this post! Stay safe and healthy.
  2. THAT IS AWESOME! 😃 A fantastic mix of humour and skill! I really hope Spice Girls will be accepted on LEGO Ideas (but I'm not up to date with the guidelines/ToS - it's been - gosh - 7 years-ish since I worked on the platform!).
  3. I’m super happy to share that we have a new engagement manager for LAN and even more thrilled to have this particular person on board! @Jordan Paxton is currently Consumer Service Specialist in Consumer Shopper Engagement in Enfield, USA and will be relocating to Billund, Denmark with his family. When he’ll be relocating to Denmark is still uncertain due to the COVID-19 situation and I will share his onboarding date with you all as soon as I have a concrete date. This means that for now Jordan is still only able to spend a few hours per day on LAN. Some of you already know Jordan from when he was maternity cover for Sara Skahill or maybe you’ve gotten to know him recently while he has been helping us out on LAN these past months. I asked Jordan for a writeup I could share with you and here's what he wrote: It is extremely exciting to be joining the AFOL Engagement team and to help support the relationship between the LEGO Group and fan communities. Over the past 18 months, I have had the opportunity to meet some fans both online and at events and I have learned so much about the different facets of the fandom. This time has shown me the true breadth of the passion and has helped make me a strong advocate for the growing AFOL community. As a fan myself, I can look back and see many important LEGO milestones in my life. As a child I enjoyed the classics of space and castle. Personally, I was always a fan of the wolf pack sets. Like many children of the 80s and 90s, I fell away from the brick and it would take a nudge to get be back to building. In 2003, my mother helped me get out of my dark ages by sending me a LEGO set to build during finals week at college. LEGO set 4581 The Origins will always remain one of my favorite sets because it reintroduced me to a passion I had let slip away. After this set, and quite a few more, working for the LEGO Group became my next goal. Eventually I would get the opportunity to work at the LEGO Brand store in Orlando and eventually move up to Connecticut to work in Consumer Services. Now to be continuing this journey in Denmark is unbelievable. Over the next few months and years, I look forward to meeting you at events and working with you on the LAN. If you see me, please share with me your journey to becoming an AFOL as well as your passion with the brick. There are so many different ways that fans express their passion with the brick and each one teaches me more about the greater fan community. I look forward to seeing you around and don’t be surprised if you see me building with DUPLO® bricks just as often as LEGO bricks! Please help me give Jordan a warm welcome and feel free to introduce yourself in the thread below if you haven’t already 😊.
  4. Wonderful to meet you too Scott and to hear (and see) of all the exciting STEM projects you're sharing with the world. Pas på dig selv og familien. De bedste hilsner Signe
  5. Me too Alice - I really enjoyed participating in the workshop and thank you for meeting me for breakfast. I've shared the information I got at both the WBI workshop and at our breakfast - both the feedback to what is going really well (ex. DOTs) and what we as a company need to focus more on and work towards (I had a lot of feedback there 😊 especially around diversity and inclusion - thank you for bringing some valid points to the surface!) I know that times are not for travelling these days but I hope you make it to Billund this year - first goal is to stay healthy and I hope you and your fantastic family is at home safe.
  6. @The Brickanista (Naomi Takeuchi)Dear Naomi, it was such a pleasure to meet you too and thank you very much for taking the time to share your reflections. In my report back to LEGO Group I did include your feedback regarding female Minifigures and in particular the pirate themes - to add female pirates (who aren’t damsels in distress).
  7. In this blog post I’m looking back to only 2 weeks ago when the world was a slightly different and where I had the opportunity to be a participant at a recognised AFOL Networking Event: Bricks Cascade in Portland Oregon, USA (29. Feb. – 1. Mar. 2020) First of all I want to thank @Bob Day Brickscascade and the team for such a brilliant event. There was a great mix of workshops (ex. Women’s Brick Initiatives), games (speed builds etc.), meetups (ex. LAN ambassador meeting, WAFOLs and GAYFOLs meetup) as well as celebrity attendance from "LEGO Masters" Participants🤩. I’m grateful that the organizing team arranged a Q&A session where I had the opportunity to answer questions from the visitors. I got questions around sustainability (packaging and elements), wishes for new products/ product lines, questions around the new Train wheels, future product releases (🙊which I cannot comment on😁) and of course a couple of questions around monorail (no comments 🤪). What made this event particularly awesome was the people there – thanks to everyone who came to me while I was walking around the exhibition, for sharing you input and creativity with me. Also, a huge THANK YOU to the community ambassadors I met at the event. Thank you for sharing feedback, for the insights to the communities you’re representing and for sharing your thoughts with me – LAN Ambassadors are doing an incredible job! Me and @Scott Bowman IdahoLUGProject support. Flynn DeMarco
  8. On holiday 😎🌴

    1. Alexandre Campos

      Alexandre Campos

      Rest well, you deserve it especially right after these three arduous sessions of putting up with us ambassadors! 😄

    2. Signe Lønholdt

      Signe Lønholdt

      Hahaha, it's been so great. We want to do more of those on a regular basis and maybe even invite some interesting guests!! Thank you for the nice comment 😃

  9. Completely agree with this guy! Newest items are posted last 

    1. Jenny Tate

      Jenny Tate

      old out dated info should be removed or marked as outdated no longer within the rules :)

  10. In the community team we’re on the turf of Holiday Season, and I want to take the opportunity to reflect over the past year and look toward 2019. 2018 has been an exciting year on LAN with lots of changes and I want to thank all the LAN Ambassadors for all their great work and contributions throughout the year. For me it has been fantastic to see how you’ve shared your knowledge with each other and with us. You’ve been providing feedback to important topics from business units within the LEGO company and you’ve ensured that messages are distributed to the recognized community members. Thank you so much! We recently launched a new landing page on LAN and your responses have been overwhelming. The page was developed earlier this year and we put it on hold for a while because we weren’t sure it would be adding value. We were wrong: in general, the feedback has been extremely positive, and it seems like it has added a lot of value in terms of getting a quick overview of what’s new on LAN that ambassadors were requesting. In the late summer of 2018 we welcomed Jordan Paxton to the community team and I’m so happy to see how you’ve made Jordan feel welcome in the network. Right before the Holidays we announced LUGBULK 2019 as well as added new functionality that will make it easier for ambassadors to apply for support and report all the amazing, creative and impactful events and activities you organize in the recognized LEGO fan community. Through these reports, I’m looking forward to seeing all the innovative and exiting initiatives happening in the recognized community in 2019. Last but not least, a big and heartfelt thanks to the LAN team: Jordan, Kim, Ana and everyone in the community team for a fantastic, fun and outstanding collaboration this year – you guys are truly awesome! On behalf of the Community Team I wish you and your loved ones a relaxing and joyful season and a prosperous New Year! Signe Lønholdt Head of Community Growth
  11. Hi Signe,

    Thank you and the LEGO team for the Xmas present. I wish you a great time over the xmas period !

    Do you stay in Billund or go to the US?

    Merry Xmas to you and your family



    1. Signe Lønholdt

      Signe Lønholdt

      Thank you for the nice message, Didier. I'm happy to hear that you like the present.
      We where supposed to go to the states for xmas but plans changed because we sold our house and just moved into a new one, so instead Grandparents came here to help us with the house and celebrate the holidays with us.

      Merry Christmas to you and your loved ones and see you in the new Year!

    2. Didier Bruel

      Didier Bruel

      Present is in place... I'll have to be patient until 24th evening !



  12. Happy anniversary and thank you for sharing this fantastic story plus member quotes, Russell. And thank you for the invitation - I'm sorry I could be there in person this weekend but glad that Tim was there to represent ?. I agree with @Anna - the cake looks super awesome, Flynn! @TheKnitKnight
  13. On vacation please reach out to Sara and Kim?️☀️?️ ?✖️✖️??

    1. Alexandre Campos

      Alexandre Campos

      Happy Holidays! You deserve some rest from us pesky AFOLs. xD

  14. Two weeks ago I got the opportunity to visit Bricks by the Bay (BTTB) - an incredibly inspiring and fun event organised by the AFOL community. It's one out of 20 "Recognised AFOL Networking Events" and what's special about this type of event is that there's a lot of AFOLs participating (networking, workshops or exhibit models) and that these events have an international focus. I find it super fun, inspiring and energising to participate in this type of event - to meet people in real life that I've engaged with online and to make new relations. I get a lot of feedback I can take back to the team and I also get to promote LAN to the attendants and talk about the opportunities for community members on the site (like this blog, workgroups and our community and event locator!) I also get a chance to touch base with community ambassadors and get their verbal feedback and in general have a great, informal chat about the LEGO hobby. Back to Bricks By the Bay! This year’s theme was “Animation” and what a great idea for a physical event to bridge between the screen and physical world! Because it's super difficult for me to limit my enthusiasm about everything I saw I'm going to only highlight some of the line-ups at the event that refers to the theme of Animation. Mike Powell (image below) had a fun idea: during the event, he filmed a stopmotion video by using the LEGO NINJAGO® Movie Making Kit (853702) plus an army of LEGO Dimensions Ninjago Sensei Wu Fun Packs (71234) (was it 60? It was a lot!) each individual Flying White Dragon was built in a slightly different pose. What I found fun an innovative about Mike’s idea was that the visitors could get a behind-the-scenes look into how to make a stop-motion movie and hopefully they got inspired to try stop motion out at home. David Pickett was keynote speaker at the event and took the audience on a journey of his career as a Youtuber. The very awesome animator David Pagano was at the event too and hosted a meetup for LEGO Entrepreneurs, where they could share knowledge - for the ones that knows me I'm very focus on leveraging knowledge-sharing and there's so much of this going on at events - I got very inspired to even further improve this area on LAN. video.mov And then something absolutely magical was happening that created such a buzz within the AFOL attendants as well as with visitors (won the “best in show award” + more). Flynn De Marco and Richard Boards “Treasure of the Snake Queen”. Was it a MOC? Was it an animation? No, it was a unique storytelling experience with LEGO bricks as creative medium. The story, the model, the music, the lights made this model into a show that was applauded over and over again by the audience. Check out the video! Did you see the event kit “Zoetrope” created by Davin White (who also took this photo - thank you for allowing me to share, Davin)? Pretty awesome! On his Flickr you can see some videos of the zoetrope in action plus more images from BTTB. On Saturday, I met up with the LAN Ambassadors that was present at BTTB, @Russell Clark @Thomas Garrison, @Suzy Lentchner and @Jennifer Nogle - Bricks By The Bay - the LAN Ambassador for Bricks by the Bay. We had a great conversation and I appreciate all the input and I already shared it with the team who saw opportunities. Thank you to the event committee at Bricks by the Bay for a great event – it was great to get to meet you all and thank you for planning such a fun and inspiring event. Also thank you to the people who came up to me and had feedback or questions – I had so many inspirational conversations at this event. I came home with a lot of input to the Community Team and have shared challenges and opportunities with my colleagues. Please remember to follow the blog by clicking the "Follow" button on the Blog main page for more great articles.
  15. Excited to be attending Bricks By the Bay next week - if you're there please drop by for the Ambassador Meet n Greet lunch on Saturday :) 

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