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  1. Hey Kim,

    Althoug I believe I reported most (if not all) of our 2018 events, I thought it could be usefull to write this high level summary to you

    « Les Briques en Folie » summary of what we have accomplished this year

    -          We organized four LEGO exhibitions and participated at two (of which SFW in Denmark) – one of the event being a fund raising for French Telethon where we collected 2600€.

    -          We animated 11 days of LEGO constructions for kids in Cultural or commercial centers

    -          We were contracted by for 4 private companies (mostly building giant mozaics) of which Renault Cars

    -          We partnered with Paris LegoStore at Levallois by building 3 MOCs (1 per season) for their external shop window.

    This represents 30 days of activities

    The estimated total of visitors reached across events and animations is around 50000.
    31 LUG members (out of a total of 42) participated at events this year.

    We are quite satisfied with our results and we are looking forward to do more in 2019 !

    Enjoy the X-mas break and See you in 2019 !

    Cheers Didier


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