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  1. It's great to see you in LAN 2.0, Kim! :)

    1. Kim Thomsen | LEGO

      Kim Thomsen | LEGO

      You too - this is going to be a fantastic new home for all of us

  2. Lovely F1 Racer you have there - a true classic


  3. Fantastic picture Timothy!

    It's all about the hearts and minds.


    1. Timothy Nolan | LUGVegas

      Timothy Nolan | LUGVegas

      Thank you for the comment. This picture was taken during a program I taught that showed how to make the heart using 1x2 bricks. This specific heart incorporated 14 smaller hearts, each made from 12 trans-clear 1x2 bricks as 'Windows Into My Heart'.

    2. Kim Thomsen | LEGO

      Kim Thomsen | LEGO

      That makes it even more special

  4. The LEGO Ambassador Network 2.0 goes live!

    The LEGO Ambassador Network 2.0 platform officially launched on this day in 2017.
  5. Countdown to new beginnings

    Dear Ambassadors and AFOL Community. We are in the last 24 hours or so, of the LEGO Ambassador Network being on this platform. The site will shut down and reopen in approximately a week. You'll still visit using the same URL -, but the look and feel will change. We'll still have a blog and we hope you'll continue to follow it. We look forward to enaging with the ambassadors on the new platform. Take care until then and always be yourself, unless you can be Batman, then be Batman! /kim

    Posted by Keith Severson on Oct 30th, 2014 Today we are excited to invite over 200 LUG’s into the new LEGO Ambassador Network! This new site is a place not only for LUG Ambassadors but the entire community as well. You will notice that we have a map, events list, Blog and an FAQ which should contain valuable information for the community. The site is very new, so there is not a lot of information on these tabs just yet, however in the days ahead you will see these tabs be populated. One important piece of information to look forward to is that by Monday November 3rd, the 2015 support programs which are offered by the Community Engagement and events team will be posted and available for all LUG’s to take advantage of! Welcome to the new site, we hope your experience will be great
  7. Welcome - Start Here

    Q: How do I find a Recognized Fan Event near me? A: All the Recognized Communities put up their public events in the Event Calendar. You should be able to filter and search the calendar per your needs. BACK TO TOP
  8. You can apply for recognition of your LEGO Fan Media by following this LINK. Please make sure that you've carefully read the LEGO Ambassador Network Rules and Guidelines prior to sending in your application
  9. You can apply for recognition of your LEGO User Group by following this LINK. Please make sure that you've carefully read the LEGO Ambassador Network Rules and Guidelines prior to sending in your application
  10. If you are interested in what it takes to acquire recognition and who we consider for recognition, please read the attached Rules and Guidelines on the LEGO Ambassador Network. Thank You 2017 LAN Program Rules and Guidelines.pdf
  11. Welcome - Start Here

    Q: Does the LEGO Group support some fan driven events differently than others, and if so, why? A: Yes, we know there are thousands of fan-driven events and activities every year and we cannot support or attend all of them. We do want to meet as many of you as possible, so through the Hub Event Support Program we’re offering additional support to a few select events that function as hubs for the community in their region – currently we offer this added support to the Skærbæk Fan Weekend (Denmark, September), Paredes de Coura Fan Weekend (Portugal, June) and Kobe Fan Weekend (Japan, June). We guarantee a minimum of one Community Manager at these events but always aim to prioritize them, in hopes that we have as many as possible there from the LEGO Community Team. BACK TO TOP
  12. Welcome - Start Here

    Q: Does the LEGO Group offer discounted access to LEGO bricks for the members of Recognized Communities? A: Yes, to ensure that the members of recognized communities can build the models of their dreams (or as close as we can get them) we offer an annual one off order on discounted LEGO bricks through the LEGO Ambassador Network. BACK TO TOP
  13. Welcome - Start Here

    Q: Does the LEGO Group offer support for events driven by Recognized LUGs and/or Recognized LEGO Fan Media? A: Yes, as a token of appreciation we offer event support which consists of play brick boxes and product boxes for the organizing community and its members. The support is meant as an appreciation and cannot be given or sold to the public. BACK TO TOP
  14. Welcome - Start Here

    Q: Does the LEGO Group offer support in building big projects? A: Yes, we have a Project Support Program that provides the recognized communities with the opportunity to purchase large amount of bricks for big building projects in the community – these projects cannot be of commercial character. BACK TO TOP
  15. Welcome - Start Here

    Q: Which types of support does The LEGO Group offer members of the LEGO Ambassador Network? A: We offer support by providing a networking platform that allows experiences and best practices to be shared in the community on a global level. The LEGO Ambassador Network also features an academy section where these best practices can be formalized and turned into training materials for the community. We also offer a variety of support programs to show appreciation of all the amazing things that the dedicated AFOL community does above and beyond everyone else.The currently offered support programs are: Annual Support Project Support Event Support LUGBULK (LEGO User Group Bulk Order Program) Hub Event Support LEGO HQ Visits BACK TO TOP