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  1. Hi Kim,

    I need some clarification on a few things. Bricks on the Border have two mascot's who were famous explorers here in Australia (Hamilton Hume & William Hovell) I created two LEGO Minifigures of them and one of our members made an artistic impression of them for our clubs promotional material, such as Club Flyers, Banners and signs. My question is are we allowed to use those artistic images on such materials within events that we run and attend.

    Also are we allowed to use the word LEGO in capitals with the registered emblem on our materials, I do know we cannot use the LEGO Logo. I have attached some examples of our Flyers and Signs. 

    Your feedback would be much appreciated as I do want do the right thing by TLG.

    Kind Regards Geoffrey Reid (Bricks on the Border - Club Secretary & RLUG Ambassador) 

    BOBLUG Flyer.png

    BOBLUG Hume & Hovell Sign.png

    BOBLUG Play Zone Sign.png

    7. Hume Artwork.png

    8. Hovell Artwork.png

    1. S. Jit-Jian

      S. Jit-Jian

      @Geoffrey Ian Reid, Kim is sadly no longer with TLG at present. Not wanting to be busybody but maybe @Sara Skahill or @Jordan Paxtoncan help out in your query?

    2. Geoffrey Ian Reid

      Geoffrey Ian Reid

      Not at all, thanks for your input. Cheers.

  2. Thank You for a great evening. It was amazing as always and great to see so many familiar faces and say hello. @SirWanderingRizzo That is probably going to be hard as the LEGO House lies in Billund and I doubt we will see more LEGO Houses in other locations in the future. So your best option is to travel to Billund and combine an AFOL evening event with a longer vacation visit to Billund. There's a LEGOLAND here as well plus plenty of stuff to do in the surrounding area.
  3. On June 6th to 9th I had the pleasure (again) to visit the 4th installment of the Paredes de Coura Fan Weekend in Portugal. This was actually the 10th time the event was run, but the first 6 years it was named Arte em Pecas and wasn't aimed to be the international event it is today. I am personally very pleased with the event and it is always on my wishlist for events that I ask to visit in a year. Partly because there are so many events, that I can't go to all of them. But also because it has participants from a lot of countries and a lot of communities represented - I believe this year had around 20 different countries there and we had 13 Recognized Communities represented in the Ambassador Meeting. But honestly what I love the most about the event is the setting and the low-down casual friendly way in which everyone goes about the whole thing. I am not saying this is better here than at other events - not at all. I've been to many events in the past 20 years of AFOL life, but there is something about this event which is very special - at least to me and I believe that applies to quite a few of the AFOLs, TFOLs, partners and friends going as well. If you don't believe me, then I suggest you try it out for once and then let me know if you still disagree. Miguel, the members of Comunidade0937 and the entire city does a stellar job at setting up the event. Paredes de Coura is a beautiful city in the mountains (they could be hills, but to a Dane - these are MOUNTAINS!), the towns people are super friendly and the food is good. What's not to like? As an additional treat, the swag bags of past years were on display. Some great stuff in those swag bags. One of my favorites is that the event set from each year is connected. First we get the Ricky the Rooster, then he gets a car, then his girlfiend Henriquetta and this year the offspring - Gregg. The event also has several shops which sells all kind of things LEGO related. Home made jewelry with LEGO bricks, new LEGO sets, loose LEGO bricks, old LEGO sets and the odd LEGO curiosities. So there's plenty of ways to spend you hard earned money. The Fairy Bricks Tombola is by now an integrated part of the event and it would be odd and wrong not to have Kev and Andy there with their "way" of engaging with the AFOL Community and event visitors (all in a good and joyful way). Plus the minifigures they have in their tombola are quite interesting and even sometimes cheaper than buying them on the second hand market. This year also saw the BrickLink team visiting the event, displaying the AFOL Designer Program models, doing presentations on the AFOL Designer Program and BrickLink Studio. Great team which really took the time to talk to the AFOL Community and they got a lot of great feedback both on Studio and the AFOL Designer Program. As usual the MOCs were pretty awesome (aren't they always when done by the AFOL Community?). And I did my best to take photos. Below are the photos I took, that came out "alright". My deepest apologies if I missed your MOC - it's not excluded, I just didn't get to take photos of everything and sometimes I put my fingers in front of the camera. I am sorry - it's nothing personal, it's just me being clumsy or out of time. On Saturday night we had the AFOL Dinner with the Town Council members participating as well as representative from LEGO Iberia. There's nothing like a flock (or murder) of AFOLs enjoying great food and awesome company. Thank You for being the most amazing, caring and friendly community I've ever been part of and engaging with.
  4. You sure are. This blog is public Not at the moment no, but as always "We can neither confirm, nor deny that something like this could happen for others in a similar setting"
  5. On May 22nd to 24th we had the pleasure of hosting this year's Recognized LEGO Fan Media Days. We invited the tier 2 Recognized LEGO Fan Media (RLFM) and raffled 3 participation tickets to the rest of the RLFM, the Recognized LEGO User Groups (RLUG) and Recognized LEGO Online Communities (RLOC) in the LEGO Ambassador Network (LAN) forums. This resulted in participation from: Blocks Magazine BrickFanatics Brickset Hispabrick Magazine JediNews Klemmbausteinlyrik New Elementary Stuck In Plastic The Brothers Brick Zusammengebaut The Rambling Brick AFDL ItLUG In total we had 23 participants representing the above communities and fan media. It was quite hectic, but I believe we pulled it off fairly ok and, as always, the participants leaned in and helped us work through any "bumps" quickly and smoothly. Wednesday was dedicated to talks and presentations from various parties inside the LEGO Group. We had the team from LEGO Foundation behind Braille Bricks there and also the Powered Up Team was there, talking to the new power platform and providing more information. There were other presentations, but the content and information is still under embargo - so you will have to wait for that to come from the participating communities and fan media. Thursday was all about interviews with LEGO designers and employees from various LEGO themes/franchises. There were interviews conducted with Creator Expert, Architecture, Ideas, Technic, Overwatch, Star Wars Boost, Hidden Side, Jurassic World, Harry Potter, LEGO Games, Speed Champions and Powered Up! Furthermore Tormod Askildsen (Head of AFOL Engagement) and Signe Lønholdt (Head of Community Growth & the LEGO Ambassador Network) were also available for interviews and talks. I really wanted to show a picture of the interviews with the various themes, but there were also embargoed and confidential items being shown - so again, you'll have to wait for the fan media to publish their articles on embargo time for more insights. In the morning prior to the interviews starting, we had the pleasure of getting a presentation from the designer of the new LEGO House Dinosaur set. Nina talked us through the design process and afterwards everyone got to build one of the dinosaurs from the set. On Friday we visited the LEGO Factory "Kornmarken" and I gave a guided tour of how we make the LEGO bricks. Sadly the factory is confidential and therefore no pictures or video was allowed in there. After the tour we met with Kasper from LEGOLAND and he gave us a tour of the new Castle Hotel in Billund and once everyone was fed and happy, we went for a "Behind the Scenes" tour of LEGOLAND. It was truly amazing - to a point where it proved very difficult to "persuade" the New Elementary participants to leave, when we were in the LEGOLAND element warehouse which has elements in colors never used in LEGO sets. This was the fourth time we hosted this event for the Recognized LEGO Fan Media. It was a pleasure and I look forward to seeing all the great content coming from this event. Below is a few links for already published articles and videos: https://www.brothers-brick.com/2019/06/17/lego-75936-jurassic-park-t-rex-rampage-the-biggest-lego-dino-ever-review-interview/ http://www.newelementary.com/2019/06/lego-jurassic-world-designer-interview-bessa.html https://itlug.org/2019/05/intervista-a-jamie-berard-sul-10266-nasa-apollo-11-lunar-lander-e-molto-altro/ (In Italian) http://www.newelementary.com/2019/06/lego-apollo-11-interview-jamie-berard.html https://itlug.org/2019/06/intervista-a-mark-stafford-e-marcos-bessa-sul-set-t-rex-rampage/ (In Italian) http//www.newelementary.com/2019/06/lego-75936-jurassic-stafford-bessa-designer-interview.html
  6. Awesome stuff - they're all amazing. Good stuff, thanks for sharing
  7. We are getting closer to the March review and therefore any applications posted after this announcement will not be reviewed until June 2019. You can submit and application but expect no decision until mid/end June 2019.
  8. You can simply log out as an ambassador and you'll be able to view the Visitor Zone. You're not a visitor when logged in as an ambassador, hence you cannot access the Visitor Zone. It is hidden for all but visitors and member accounts.
  9. Dear AFOL Community, We are at a point where we are comfortable and ready for new communities to become recognized and part of the ever growing LEGO Ambassador Network. We have been working hard - or actually the BrickMates have been working hard in 2018 (and 2019) to onboard and assist new communities and therefore we are now ready to welcome new communities. While we are aware that there are lots of communities out there who want to be part of the LEGO Ambassador Network, we also recognize that there is a limit to how many and how quickly we can add to the network and at the same time ensure proper onboarding. Therefore we will be limiting the number of communities we approve every month. This means that even if your application is approved it may be a few months before you actually gain access and have a BrickMate appointed. But all this will be properly communicated in the Application Process. First step is to ensure you have the authority and approval of your community to apply on its/their behalf. You, and your community, must also select a 2nd Point of Contact when submitting the application to ensure we have someone we can't get in touch with, even if the Application Submitter becomes temporarily unavailable. During the Application Process it is also advisable that you start discussions on and election of the person you want to represent you in the LEGO Ambassador Network - the LAN Ambassador. You can read all about LAN and the different types of Recognized Communities you can apply to become part of in the Visitor Zone. The Recognized Community Application can be found in the Forms Section. Please note that you must have a LEGO ID and activate it here on LAN as a Member Account to submit an application. For applications submitted prior to June 2020: The next review is June 2020. For applications submitted in June 2020 or after, the next reveiw is September 2020.
  10. This is so heartwarming. Thank You AFOL Community for being stellar and stand up people. This is what being fans is all about.
  11. Hey Kim,

    Althoug I believe I reported most (if not all) of our 2018 events, I thought it could be usefull to write this high level summary to you

    « Les Briques en Folie » summary of what we have accomplished this year

    -          We organized four LEGO exhibitions and participated at two (of which SFW in Denmark) – one of the event being a fund raising for French Telethon where we collected 2600€.

    -          We animated 11 days of LEGO constructions for kids in Cultural or commercial centers

    -          We were contracted by for 4 private companies (mostly building giant mozaics) of which Renault Cars

    -          We partnered with Paris LegoStore at Levallois by building 3 MOCs (1 per season) for their external shop window.

    This represents 30 days of activities

    The estimated total of visitors reached across events and animations is around 50000.
    31 LUG members (out of a total of 42) participated at events this year.

    We are quite satisfied with our results and we are looking forward to do more in 2019 !

    Enjoy the X-mas break and See you in 2019 !

    Cheers Didier


  12. Hi,

    Is it possible there are still issues with Event Support applications?

    Our previous ambassador, Robert Turner (Parlugment in Ottawa Canada) submitted a support application on September 26.  He never received a reply.

    He followed up on November 3, and I sent another message on November 14.  I received the acknowledged message, but nothing else.

    Is it maybe because I sent it via my gmail email address, and that is not my ambassador account email address?

    I am still brand new to this, so I figured I would ask you directly.

    Thanks for your help.

    Asko Feldmann

    1. Asko Feldmann

      Asko Feldmann


      I am reading Jordan Paxton's post today about the changes for 2019.  Guess that explains why our set support application has been on hold for a month and a half.

      If that is why we have not gotten a reply, then I don't need an answer from you after all.

      We had applied for support so early for a show in March because the rules had stated that there would be no discount set purchases from the beginning of October due to the Christmas rush.  For us, this was a new and novel program, which we have been able to use for three shows this year.

      Thanks again

      Asko Feldmann

  13. Thanks @Brickora I wasn't aware that concept once existed. Very interesting and somewhat similar to the classroom or workshops I've seen at some LEGOLAND Discovery Centres
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