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  1. So today we had the pleasure of getting a visit at LEGO HQ in Enfield, Conneticut, USA from 12 North American and Global Recognized LEGO Fan Media. On August 17th I could finally send out the invitations for the first ever Recognized LEGO Fan Media Meet & Greet Day in Enfield. I was surprised to see that 12 of the invited Fan Media accepted the invite despite the short notice and having to carve out time from their real life schedule and jobs - I was not expecting that, but it happened and I am really grateful for that. Thank You for taking the time and for making this a day to remember for me and certainly also for my marketing colleagues from LEGO Systems Inc. in Enfield who participated. 16 representatives showed up and gave presentations to each other, the LEGO Community Engagement department and the invited LEGO colleagues from LEGO Systems Inc. The day provided great opportunity to network between the RLFM and to provide loads of great input and feedback which I will make sure to bring back with me to Billund and bring to future discussions on improving our support structure and cooperation with the Recognized LEGO Fan Media. The day also marked my final day in our Enfield office for this time. Hopefully I'll be able to make the trip again next year and perhaps I might even be able to persuade the right people to do another RLFM Meet & Greet if that happens. Again, Thank You all for coming - I feel blessed to have been given this opportunity to finally meet those of you with whom I've only been communicating and talking through e-mails and the occasional phone call. Pictures courtesy of Paul Striefler.
  2. [Community Manager Weekly] - Celebrating 85 yrs of Play

    We don't mind illegal building techniques as long as they don't go into sets. Well unless we can sneak them in there as Easter Eggs
  3. Another Monday, another day!

    Another Monday, another day working for the best company in the world (in my humble opinion at least). So despite it being Monday morning and yes, it is gray and rainy here in Denmark, I feel fantastic. We're getting ready for another one of those weeks where all the Community Managers are in one place. It's the best times as we get to discuss face to face instead of via dubious videocalls and drop-out phone calls. We will be discussing and evaluating all our support programs and structures as we usually do once per year. We constantly strive to support and engage with the AFOL Community the best we can and that requires lots and loads of talks and evaluations. It seems that the world is spinning faster every day and new initiatves and trends keep us on our toes. What we did last year might not create any real value to us nor the AFOL Community this year or next year. So we do these talks and evaluations as often as possible - challenging everything from phone calls to LUGBULK to ensure that we do (what we believe to be) the right thing as often as possible. An no, I do not believe LUGBULK is going away, but it is very refreshing to discuss questions such as "What would happen if we shut down LUGBULK?" Once we're done with this week of Community Manager meetings, we head into next week gathering the entire LEGO Community Engagement department here in Billund - which will allow our team to be complete as Sara is the only non-Community Manager from our team seated outside of BIllund. I am really looking forward to having the entire team and also the entire department in one place. Just before I left for the weekend this Friday, I had the esteemed honor of taking all the fan designers from the LEGO Remake project on a factory tour at Kornmarken. It was magic finally getting to meet all these great guys in real life. We've spend so much time communicating back and forth on LEGO Remake and now, all of the sudden, we all meet and I got to say "Thank You!" for real instead of via e-mail. I'd like to extend a special thank you to Nathan (Rebrickable) for all the work and engagement he put in when we approached him with the idea of the LEGO Remake project. , He was instrumental in setting up communication and in identifying the fan designers for the LEGO Remake project. Thank You guys - you're amazing and I hope we can call on you and your community again whenever opportunities arise!
  4. [Community Manager Weekly] Back on the job

    Long vacations? You'd be more than welcome over here - we have plenty of vacation time for everyone
  5. [Community Manager Weekly] Back on the job

    So Summer Vacation is over for me and I am back in office desperately trying to catch up with the 100's of e-mails which have found their way to my inbox while I was away. It's been a hectic first week, first I had to get up to speed on the recent leak of LEGO Star Wars The Last Jedi leak. Then I send out the offers to review the LEGO Ideas Old Fishing Store and the LEGO NINJAGO D2C set - Ninjago City. Later this month, all the community managers will assemble in Billund again to discuss the support for 2018 - it is that time again as it is once every year. I really look forward to discussing face to face with my team colleagues and to continue polishing and improving our support to fit the needs of the community as much as possible. Once the week with the community managers is done, we will have a department meeting - which is going to be awesome. Having the entire department in one place and being able to have a discussion uninterrupted by network fallouts or bad microphones is going to be a bliss. I am also planning my September trip to the US and hopefully I will be able to plan a day for the Americas based RLFMs to come to Enfield and meet with me and my colleagues from marketing there. The plan is to send out invitations this week - but as you know plans are great until they are no longer valid. It's a pleasure to come back, sit down and log in to the LEGO Ambassador Network to discover that, despite it being summer vacation, there's plenty of discussions and activity going on in here. I am looking forward to read through the 100+ notifications I have on new topics and comments! Happy to be back and please allow me a few days to get back up to speed
  6. It's great to see you in LAN 2.0, Kim! :)

    1. Kim Thomsen | LEGO

      Kim Thomsen | LEGO

      You too - this is going to be a fantastic new home for all of us

  7. Lovely F1 Racer you have there - a true classic


  8. Fantastic picture Timothy!

    It's all about the hearts and minds.


    1. Timothy Nolan | LUGVegas

      Timothy Nolan | LUGVegas

      Thank you for the comment. This picture was taken during a program I taught that showed how to make the heart using 1x2 bricks. This specific heart incorporated 14 smaller hearts, each made from 12 trans-clear 1x2 bricks as 'Windows Into My Heart'.

    2. Kim Thomsen | LEGO

      Kim Thomsen | LEGO

      That makes it even more special

  9. The LEGO Ambassador Network 2.0 goes live!

    The LEGO Ambassador Network 2.0 platform officially launched on this day in 2017.
  10. Countdown to new beginnings

    Dear Ambassadors and AFOL Community. We are in the last 24 hours or so, of the LEGO Ambassador Network being on this platform. The site will shut down and reopen in approximately a week. You'll still visit using the same URL -, but the look and feel will change. We'll still have a blog and we hope you'll continue to follow it. We look forward to enaging with the ambassadors on the new platform. Take care until then and always be yourself, unless you can be Batman, then be Batman! /kim

    Posted by Keith Severson on Oct 30th, 2014 Today we are excited to invite over 200 LUG’s into the new LEGO Ambassador Network! This new site is a place not only for LUG Ambassadors but the entire community as well. You will notice that we have a map, events list, Blog and an FAQ which should contain valuable information for the community. The site is very new, so there is not a lot of information on these tabs just yet, however in the days ahead you will see these tabs be populated. One important piece of information to look forward to is that by Monday November 3rd, the 2015 support programs which are offered by the Community Engagement and events team will be posted and available for all LUG’s to take advantage of! Welcome to the new site, we hope your experience will be great
  12. Welcome - Start Here

    Q: How do I find a Recognized Fan Event near me? A: All the Recognized Communities put up their public events in the Event Calendar. You should be able to filter and search the calendar per your needs. BACK TO TOP
  13. You can apply for recognition of your LEGO Fan Media by following this LINK. Please make sure that you've carefully read the LEGO Ambassador Network Rules and Guidelines prior to sending in your application
  14. You can apply for recognition of your LEGO User Group by following this LINK. Please make sure that you've carefully read the LEGO Ambassador Network Rules and Guidelines prior to sending in your application