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    Recognized LEGO Fan Media Days 2018

    From May 30th to June 1st we had the pleasure of hosting the 3rd Recognized LEGO Fan Media Days here in Billund. The popularity of the event has certainly grown and we had 21 RLFMs here with nearly 30 representatives from the various fan media in total. Present were representatives from : Beyond The Brick Blocks Blocks Hungary Brick Architect Brick Fanatics Brickfinder Brickset Eurobricks Hello Bricks Hispabrick Magazine Hoth Bricks JediNews Klemmbausteinlyrik LTR Promobricks Stuck in Plastic The Brothers Brick The New Elementary Toy Photographers Zusammengebaut Wednesday kicked off with an icebreaker activity where the participants had to build themselves as a BrickHeadz figure using the 41597 Go Brick Me set. The personalized BrickHeadz were later used for a group photo: With the ice broken we moved into talks, discussions and presentations circling topics such as leaks, Novelty Policy, Plants from Plants and Market Integration. I will not go into details on these topics as I am certain the RLFM present most likely will do their own articles on what happened and what was discussed. My impression was that both the legal team present, the Plants from Plants team and the RLFM all benefited from being there and participating. Thursday was, as usual, the most hectic day being the Interview Day. We successfully planned and ran more than 70 interviews with various LEGO designers and key personnel from the AFOL Engagement Department. Once the interviews were done, we grabbed pizza and a bunch of the new LEGO City Trains and spend the evening building and playing with them. Despite the joys of having the new trains in hand, it was a bit frustrating to discover that we had no batteries to power them up (sorry!) Friday was spend at the LEGO House participating in the Press Conference unveiling the new LEGO Technic Bugatti Supercar. It was an awesome event where the RLFM had front row seat and an additional 30 minutes were added to the press conference Q&A to be able to answer the technical questions from the RLFMs. Thank You for coming and for being truly amazing. I am fairly certain we want to do this again next year.
  2. Kim Thomsen

    LEGO Ambassador Network Applications Update!

    So it is time for a little update on the LEGO Ambassador Network (or LAN as it is commonly referred to). We've had a tremendous start to the year and we're currently onboarding around 60 new communities from all over the world (approved in the first and second review of 2018). We have a group of ambassadors who've dedicated themselves to welcome, assist and onboard new communities and their ambassadors (the BrickMates). This takes time - a lot of time - because we want it done properly - there's so many new things to learn and get on top of when entering the LAN and we do not want to leave anyone behind or feeling lost. So we've taken the unpleasant decision of temporarily shutting down the application form to focus on getting the new communities integrated in the network before taking in more communities. We're terribly sorry but also overwhelmed by the current success and interest and for that we're grateful and humbled. Any applications which were submitted prior to the termination of the application link will be reviewed in the beginning of June. The Application Form is expected to reopen mid summer 2018 These are the communities we've given recognition in our latest review (April 2018): BALUG Brick Galaxy candidbricks ML-Mocer League Normand'Bricks Perth Lego Users Group, PerthLUG SAFOLs TartanLUG TC - Titans Creations TRLUG Welcome to all of them - we're currently in the process of granting them access to the platform and once we do there will be more than 325 Recognized Communities on LAN split between Recognized LEGO User Group (RLUG), Recognized LEGO Online Community (RLOC) and Recognized LEGO Fan Media (RLFM).
  3. Kim Thomsen

    New Communities on LAN

    End of January we closed the application link and started reviewing the 140+ applications we'd received. It took time and we're sorry for keeping all you waiting for so long. But we want to be perfectly sure when granting recognition that the LEGO Ambassador Network (LAN) is a perfect fit for the community asking for recognition and the rest of LAN's participating communities. We carefully read through each application, look at the links and consider the motivation put down on why you are looking for recognition. And there's still some out there who think the LAN is about news, products for reviews and influencer activities - it's not. It has some of it, but it is not the primary purpose. The primary purpose is still networking community to community and community to The LEGO Group. At the end of the review phase we ended up with just below 50 communities divided into Recognized LEGO User Group (RLUG), Recognized LEGO Online Community (RLOC) and Recognized LEGO Fan Media (RLFM). We had to keep the total number of new communities at no more than 50 as the onboarding is very important and run by a group of dedicated ambassadors whom we do not wish to overload when they "work" as ambassadors for their communities in their valuable spare time. It would be a massive undertaking to name and describe each of them individually, so instead I'll direct you to our Community Locator, where all communities (once settled in on LAN) have created a profile on their respective community, what it does and where to find it. You can also check your own community - should you be a member of a recognized community - or even find one close to you which you could join! This is the list of recognized communities let in this round. AbbyLUG ALUG - Advanced LEGO Users Group ArchBrick BiB - Bricks in Bits Brick Alley North East LEGO User Group Brick Architect Brick Central LUG Brickboard - die Brickfilm-Community BriXtar CANLug - CantonLUG ChiLUG - ChicoLUG Connected De Bouwsteen DixieLUG Doktor-Brick EstLUG - Estonian LEGO User Group Garage LUG (GLUG) GardenSLUG GFKLUG HILUG - Hawaii Lego Users Group HollywoodLUG IdSLUG - ImperiumderSteine LUG IowaLUG - Iowa LEGO Users Group jhbLUG just2good Kockabarátok Kiállítói Közösség LBRICK LCP - LCP Panama LDraw Les Briques en Folie LUG Panama LUGO - Lego User Group Otago Mecabricks MILUG - Mid Island LUG MINT - MINDSTORMS International MosTechCrew - Moscow Technic Crew OCLUG OkiLUG Piemonte Bricks Lug RacingBrick RebelLUG SALUG - South Australian LEGO User Group SHLUG- Brick Hobby Friends LUG of Shanghai TexLUG-Houston TIELUG - The Inland Empire LEGO User Group WamaLTC (Washington D.C. Metropolitan Area LEGO Train Club) WAMALUG - Washington, D.C. Metropolitan Area LEGO® Users Group Most of them already have access to LAN, but there is a few which we haven't heard back from yet. We will be trying again this week to get hold of them. If you are considering applying for recognition, start writing up your motivation and consider if you are a RLUG, RLOC or RLFM. I an week or two, we'll open up the application link again. Both link and community descriptions as well as rules can be found in the "Forums" - all have access to the Visitor Zone and The LEGO Ambassador Network Forum.
  4. Kim Thomsen

    So it's 2018 and we're already 2 weeks in

    Thanks for sharing @Scott Bowman IdahoLUG My father actually worked at a printing company which printed quite a few of those Christmas stamps. So I have a collection at my parents which I believe includes stamps that haven't been cut-out. Not that they're worth much I guess, but they're beautiful and a constant reminder of my happy childhood.
  5. Kim Thomsen

    So it's 2018 and we're already 2 weeks in

    That's most likely because the stamp is a Christmas stamp and not the actual "payment" for the letter. We have Christmas stamps as a tradition here - people buy them and add them to their Christmas Greetings cards on top of the regular stamps/cost of sending the letter. All income from these Christmas stamps go to charity. @Susan | FriendsBricks
  6. Kim Thomsen

    So it's 2018 and we're already 2 weeks in

    So 2018 has arrived and we're already 2 full weeks in from when the Christmas Holidays were over and everything booted up again. Luckily my computer was fine - it seems I always fail to update my password prior to a down period and then it doesn't work when I fire up "ye olde steamie dell". But not this year - could this be a sign of things to come? Anyways, you all probably recall the somewhat mad dash to get everything out and ready for 2018 - we made it, but it comes with a cost. Every action has a reaction and it was indeed hard for us to announce the tiered system in the new Recognized LEGO Fan Community Program as well as the updates and changes to our Support Programs and at the same time revoke close to 40 communities' recognition. That took its tolls on both the community and us. My sincere hope is that, after a good and relaxing holidays with our loved ones, we can rebuild any broken trust between us and the community and then continue on the amazing journey we are all part of. We have so many ideas and thoughts on what we would like to achieve together with our most dedicated fans and we're super thrilled to see more than 100 applications for recognition from new and returning communities. The best part of December was for me seeing, that despite all the tough announcements and changes, the community still appreciates us and our efforts. It's comforting to learn that while you're reducing and sending out hard messages, you - the amazing fans - know that it's part of the game and life itself. Sometimes awesome opportunities arise and sometimes we have to cut back or change things temporarily or permanently. And what convinced me was partly the superprofessional communication on LAN with the ambassadors but also all the Christmas Cards and local specialties showing up in the mail. We sometimes forget how important these tings are and how much they mean. In this modern time of digitization, it is easy to forget the joy of getting something real in your hands with a hand written signature and personal message. This is also why we take the time and resources to send out a small thank you gift for all ambassadors during Christmas - just to let them know that we appreciate their efforts and hard work. We know and we care - and feeling that you think the same towards us is simply mind blowing! Thank You and as a dear colleague of mine once said - and it must be true since it's still stored in my memory: "We're fans of the LEGO fans". I've added the Christmas Cards I got during December and when I returned to office. Not to brag... well actually it is! Look World, look how awesome our fans are!
  7. Kim Thomsen

    [Community Manager Weekly] Yaay! It's Friday

    It's Friday and the weekend is at hand! The past weeks have been a lot about launching the next round of the LUGBULK Program and Ana's been very busy indeed in getting everything ready for the Recognized Communities and their members to sign up. The LUGBULK 2018 topic inside the LEGO Ambassador Network are already red hot with information and questions on everything LUGBULK. At the same time, we've kicked off the Annual Activity Report which requires the Recognized Community to feedback all their activities in 2017. So far a little more than 30 have already submitted their reports - there's still time, the deadline is not just yet. if You have any questions on what the Annual Activity Report or LUGBULK is, I suggest you reach out to the LAN Ambassador for your Recognized Community. Autumn is getting closer and the weather has certainly made sure we're all aware of that. Temperature has dropped a bit (despite it almost being impossible from this year's low in summer degrees and plenty of rain) and the rain has been quite intense. I hope the red/orange/yellow colored Autumn with bright skies comes soon as I do prefer that to greyness and rainshowers. This week also saw the official announcement of the next LEGO Ideas set - the Women of NASA.I'm certainly getting one - are you?
  8. Kim Thomsen


    @Rob Hendrix | ArkLUG Yes I believe we will. Once I am done updating the report tool, I will post it on LAN with an overview of the questions in it.
  9. Kim Thomsen


    So it's October and the weather is playing its usual game with us. You get outside and it's warm and sunny - the you take off your jacket and it's raining "Cats & Dogs". So there's no chance to dress properly - you're either cold or sweating. Can it please be Winter soon? Anyway, we're moving steadily ahead into the Fourth Quarter and closer to the end of the year and that means preparing LUGBULK and the Annual Activity Report Survey Tool. We're also, as mentioned at the Skærbæk Fan Weekend, looking into a New Engagement Model which has been well received so far by the LAN Ambassadors. Not that anything is set in stone at this point as we're still taking input and suggestions outside and inside the Community Team. We'll let the LAN Ambassadors know as soon as we're ready and then they let the rest of you know. I am confident it will make sense to all of us once we get started - that's at least the vibe I've been getting in my talks with the Recognized LEGO Fan Media both at the Skærbæk Fan Weekend and at the RLFM Meet & Greet in Enfield last month. Good ol' Q4, there's nothing quite like working your way through a survey setup trying to ensure that everyone will understand and be able to fill out the data without losing their mind or giving up in the process. Good thing I just had the RLFM Meet & Greet Day plus the Skærbæk Fan Weekend to energize me for several days of just tapping away at the keyboard. At least the sun has come out and burned away some of the rainy clouds which dominated the entire morning. It seems we won't have any major changes to the rules on our various Support Programs this year. We are rewriting them to make it simpler and less complex to read (and hopefully understand) the rules and requirements. We then hope to have all the clarification and discussions in the proper forums on the LEGO Ambassador Network instead of all of you trying to decipher complex rules lingo by yourself. At the same time there's plenty of awesome discussions and topics in the LEGO Ambassador Network where the ambassadors are asking, talking and discussing topics related to the AFOL Community. If you want to know more, you should ask your ambassador about it! Perhaps some of the discussions in here could do well with input from you through your LAN Ambassador and it might even be good for your community to discuss these topics in a LUG or Fan Media setting?
  10. It certainly was and Thank You for coming over to see the LEGO House.
  11. So today we had the pleasure of getting a visit at LEGO HQ in Enfield, Conneticut, USA from 12 North American and Global Recognized LEGO Fan Media. On August 17th I could finally send out the invitations for the first ever Recognized LEGO Fan Media Meet & Greet Day in Enfield. I was surprised to see that 12 of the invited Fan Media accepted the invite despite the short notice and having to carve out time from their real life schedule and jobs - I was not expecting that, but it happened and I am really grateful for that. Thank You for taking the time and for making this a day to remember for me and certainly also for my marketing colleagues from LEGO Systems Inc. in Enfield who participated. 16 representatives showed up and gave presentations to each other, the LEGO Community Engagement department and the invited LEGO colleagues from LEGO Systems Inc. The day provided great opportunity to network between the RLFM and to provide loads of great input and feedback which I will make sure to bring back with me to Billund and bring to future discussions on improving our support structure and cooperation with the Recognized LEGO Fan Media. The day also marked my final day in our Enfield office for this time. Hopefully I'll be able to make the trip again next year and perhaps I might even be able to persuade the right people to do another RLFM Meet & Greet if that happens. Again, Thank You all for coming - I feel blessed to have been given this opportunity to finally meet those of you with whom I've only been communicating and talking through e-mails and the occasional phone call. Pictures courtesy of Paul Striefler.
  12. Kim Thomsen

    [Community Manager Weekly] - Celebrating 85 yrs of Play

    We don't mind illegal building techniques as long as they don't go into sets. Well unless we can sneak them in there as Easter Eggs
  13. Kim Thomsen

    Another Monday, another day!

    Another Monday, another day working for the best company in the world (in my humble opinion at least). So despite it being Monday morning and yes, it is gray and rainy here in Denmark, I feel fantastic. We're getting ready for another one of those weeks where all the Community Managers are in one place. It's the best times as we get to discuss face to face instead of via dubious videocalls and drop-out phone calls. We will be discussing and evaluating all our support programs and structures as we usually do once per year. We constantly strive to support and engage with the AFOL Community the best we can and that requires lots and loads of talks and evaluations. It seems that the world is spinning faster every day and new initiatves and trends keep us on our toes. What we did last year might not create any real value to us nor the AFOL Community this year or next year. So we do these talks and evaluations as often as possible - challenging everything from phone calls to LUGBULK to ensure that we do (what we believe to be) the right thing as often as possible. An no, I do not believe LUGBULK is going away, but it is very refreshing to discuss questions such as "What would happen if we shut down LUGBULK?" Once we're done with this week of Community Manager meetings, we head into next week gathering the entire LEGO Community Engagement department here in Billund - which will allow our team to be complete as Sara is the only non-Community Manager from our team seated outside of BIllund. I am really looking forward to having the entire team and also the entire department in one place. Just before I left for the weekend this Friday, I had the esteemed honor of taking all the fan designers from the LEGO Remake project on a factory tour at Kornmarken. It was magic finally getting to meet all these great guys in real life. We've spend so much time communicating back and forth on LEGO Remake and now, all of the sudden, we all meet and I got to say "Thank You!" for real instead of via e-mail. I'd like to extend a special thank you to Nathan (Rebrickable) for all the work and engagement he put in when we approached him with the idea of the LEGO Remake project. , He was instrumental in setting up communication and in identifying the fan designers for the LEGO Remake project. Thank You guys - you're amazing and I hope we can call on you and your community again whenever opportunities arise!
  14. Kim Thomsen

    [Community Manager Weekly] Back on the job

    Long vacations? You'd be more than welcome over here - we have plenty of vacation time for everyone
  15. Kim Thomsen

    [Community Manager Weekly] Back on the job

    So Summer Vacation is over for me and I am back in office desperately trying to catch up with the 100's of e-mails which have found their way to my inbox while I was away. It's been a hectic first week, first I had to get up to speed on the recent leak of LEGO Star Wars The Last Jedi leak. Then I send out the offers to review the LEGO Ideas Old Fishing Store and the LEGO NINJAGO D2C set - Ninjago City. Later this month, all the community managers will assemble in Billund again to discuss the support for 2018 - it is that time again as it is once every year. I really look forward to discussing face to face with my team colleagues and to continue polishing and improving our support to fit the needs of the community as much as possible. Once the week with the community managers is done, we will have a department meeting - which is going to be awesome. Having the entire department in one place and being able to have a discussion uninterrupted by network fallouts or bad microphones is going to be a bliss. I am also planning my September trip to the US and hopefully I will be able to plan a day for the Americas based RLFMs to come to Enfield and meet with me and my colleagues from marketing there. The plan is to send out invitations this week - but as you know plans are great until they are no longer valid. It's a pleasure to come back, sit down and log in to the LEGO Ambassador Network to discover that, despite it being summer vacation, there's plenty of discussions and activity going on in here. I am looking forward to read through the 100+ notifications I have on new topics and comments! Happy to be back and please allow me a few days to get back up to speed