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  1. Sabrina Rodriguez

    PIEZAS en VERA 2018

    - Play zone with bricks. - Mindstorm robots. - Public giveaways. - Where is Wally? (Search the minifigs) with prizes. - Mosaic of LEGO Superheroes
  2. Sabrina Rodriguez

    BrickSur 2017

    BRICKSUR is the most important exhibition of Andalucia, in the south of Spain, organised by fans of LEGO® from PIEZAS, Spanish community of LEGO® fans. It will take place in Granada, Spain. The exhibition contains thousands of bricks that come alive in buildings made by members from PIEZAS and other international communities. You will enjoy a great city, motorised trains, houses, cars, airplanes, squares, gardens... amazing medieval buildings and castles, starships from the Star WarsTM universe, large-scale buildings, and other original creations. All of them built with LEGO® bricks, of course! Visitors of all ages can take part in several competitions, play in the free building zone, and have a great time and fun!
  3. Sabrina Rodriguez

    PIEZAS en VERA 2017

    Sample of constructions in dioramas and own constructions. Activities for children and competitions for the public.