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    ToscanaBricks: Festa dell'Unicorno 2018

    For the fourth year ToscanaBricks is back in the biggest fantasy themed event in Italy: la Festa dell'Unicorno. ToscanaBricks organizes a MOC exhibition, a free play area Pick and Build, Speed Building competitions and Minecraft workshop. The LEGO area is one of the many waiting for visitors in Vinci, a medieval Tuscan village.
  2. Nico Mascagni

    Bricks in Florence Festival 2018

    In Florence, one of the most beautiful cities in the world, ToscanaBricks gave birth to "BiFF - Bricks in Florence Festival" in 2017, our most important LUG exhibition event. The 2018 edition will take place the 10th and 11th November at the Obihall - Theater in Florence, with its 1400 square meters. We are considering a pre-opening in the evening of the 9th November, dedicated exclusively to AFOL. The ObiHall Theater is one of the most famous theaters in Florence, where concerts and events of all kinds take place: an ideal place to emphasize our MOCs, due to the upper gallery that allows to watch the exhibition from above. The 2017 edition hosted 12,000 visitors and almost 100 exhibitors. In addition to original MOCs and dioramas, we carried out many activities: Mosaic, Speed Building Contest, Mindstorms Laboratory and Minecraft Team Building. Please have a look at the 2017 edition albums and at who was there.
  3. For the sixth consecutive year, ToscanaBricks brought LEGO Bricks to Empoli. Six years ago our first members organized, with some help from ItLUG friends, the first edition of "Mattoncini a Palazzo", which was the first event dedicated to LEGO® Bricks in Tuscany. From the third edition, "Mattoncini a Palazzo" joined to "Ludicomix", the other major event of Empoli dedicated to comics and games. This union gave life to "", a bigger and more complete event that involves the whole historical center of Empoli with many activities of various kinds. Children's faces blurred in all photos to protect their privacy. Ludicomix Bricks & Kids represents for ToscanaBricks an event, that sees new exhibitors join the group year after year, but also new MOCs and new fans. For this reason we chose to give during this event the new ToscanaBricks Membership Card to our members, made with customized LEGO bricks. For each event, AFOL evening or activity we will create a custom tile to add to the card. This year exhibition involved 50 participants from all over Tuscany and ItLUG members from other regions of Italy. The original works exposed ranged from classic themes such as City, Castle, Pirates and Technic to modern themes such as Super Heroes, Star Wars and Ninjago, but we had also original creations of themes such as historical, SCI-FI or fantasy. The City community diorama was the field of a treasure hunt: visitors had to find the 1978 Policeman, hidden for 50 times inside city buildings and vehicles. We give a special numbered brick (from 1 to 50) to who found: one of them won a set (we made a live Facebook extraction). This activity has kept many visitors of all ages with their eyes glued to the diorama and it was greeted with enthusiasm. "BrickAction - A StudSystem Wargame" test sessions were held during the event. It is a tabletop game ruleset that allows users to play with LEGO® Minifigures and bricks to shape huge battles and endless adventures, created by our steering group member Fabio with a friend, both gaming world enthusiasts. A complete ruleset will be published for free in the next months. In the game area for children, all visitors could unleash their imagination to build MOCs and participate in the draw of some sets. Children's faces blurred in all photos to protect their privacy. On Saturday evening there was the AFOL Party for all the exhibitors. During the dinner we randomly assigned a prize to everyone: none went home empty hands. Among the prizes: polybags, books, sets. To thank our exhibitors and our visitors, we created an alternative group photo, inspired by "60 years of LEGO brick" celebration. Our efforts are now, for the most part, directed towards a new edition of our main event "Bricks in Florence Festival" in Florence next November. Complete Gallery: Please remember to follow the blog by clicking the "Follow" button on the Blog main page for more great articles.
  4. Nico Mascagni

    Ludicomix Bricks & Kids

    ToscanaBricks and ItLUG return for the sixth year to Ludicomix Bricks & Kids (15th edition) on April, 21st - 22nd, within the historic center of Empoli (Tuscany). Ludicomix Bricks & Kids is an event dedicated to the world of fantasy, to videogames, to comics and, of course, to LEGO bricks.