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  1. All Lego players have 20-30 participants on the online platform, and the competition lasts for 2 months. Selected works will be displayed in public after the competition.
  2. Competition time is October 15, 2018 to December 31, 2018, the theme is MOC various beasts, both real and magical. There are 20-30 people participating through the internet. Excellent works will be exhibited in public places.
  3. As we all watched an American TV show of robots battling with each other on a big platform, we are interested in bringing it into LEGO robotic battling. Each robot (MOC robotic machine) will be required to install a flag. Winner will be given to ones getting other robots’ flag each time. We have several rounds before we reach the final round gradually. The final winners will be awarded.
  4. Old Members Teach Preparatory Members MOC Skills and Develop New Members.
  5. Old Members Teach Preparatory Members MOC Skills and Develop New Members .
  6. 所有乐高玩家的在线平台,有20-30名参与者,比赛时间为2个月。比赛结束后公开展出精选作品。
  7. My God, why do I see information? I must have experienced space-time crossing... I don't have too many pictures. I'm too busy with work. So there was no special photo for him. So sorry...
  8. until
    This is our second year of doing AFOL Festival in mainland China. We will have more than 70 local AFOLs and 20 AFOLs outside from mainland China participating in this event. Please find more details in our official website: http://afolfestival.cn/?lang=en.
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