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  1. Brickenburg Winter Exhibition part I

    The first part of the Brickenburg Winter Exhibition will be held by the Brickenburg Clubs from the cities of Bistrita and Bacau. There will be most new works and prototypes belonging to different themes which will be tested for next year events. Of course, the public could join in free workshops and other interactive activities.
  2. Brickenburg Cosmos

    The event is hosted by Shopping City Deva, the main mall in the city of Deva, @ 170 km from Cluj-Napoca. There will be layouts based on BlackTron/M-Tron/City/Trains themes and free building workshops for all ages.
  3. Brickenburg Expo

    The event will be hosted by ERA Shopping Park Oradea, @ 160km from Cluj-Napoca. The exhibition area will be 200 sqm and there will be displayed MOCs and colections covering City/Trains/Castle/SW/Spybots/RCX/Winter Village/Anime/RC vehicles themes. There will be also free workshops for building a huge citadel made of LEGO(R) bricks, with the kind support of the Certified LEGO(R) Store Cluj-Napoca. The poster is for the actual event. The pictures are from previous year. On that link you could find the map of the location.
  4. Brickenburg Galaxy

    The event is hosted by Vivo! Pitesti, in Pitesti, Romania, approximately 350 km far from Cluj - Napoca/Kolozsvar/Klausenburg. The layouts exhibited are based on Castle/Nexo/Old inteligent LEGO bricks theme. With the help of the Certified LEGO Store from Cluj-Napoca a huge citadel made of LEGO bricks will be built until the end of the event.
  5. Brickenburg Black Sea Exhibition

    The Brickenburg Black Sea Exhibition will be at the 5th edition in August 2017. The event is hosted as usual by VIVO! Constanta, the main shopping center in the main harbor city at the Black Sea - 672 km from Cluj-Napoca/Kolozsvar/Klausenburg. Very well known in the area, this exhibition is attracting a lot of LEGO® fans and regular public from Romania and countries abroad. The exhibition time is during the summer touristic season and it is one of the important attractions on Romanian Black Sea Coast. There are exhibited large layouts with MOCs who also integrates official LEGO® sets from City/Trains/Castle/Space themes. Also an interactive Technic models corner will be present and, as previous year, a lot of window displays containing old sets from different themes will be spread in the Mall . During the event are organized free building workshops, remote controlled vehicles contests and other interactive activities.