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    Guest Blog Post: Abrickadabra LEGO Fan Festival

    We, the Philippine LEGO Users Group or PhLUG, come from a small archipelago in southeast Asia called the Philippines. Unattached to mainland Asia, travelling to and around the country would usually entail a series of connecting airplane, boat and bus rides. But no matter how cumbersome the expected trip will be, we find more and more travelers every year in search for that unique experience apparently no other similar island destination offers. One thing our country is most famous for is our beaches. With 7,100 islands, we have them everywhere! So this year, for Abrickadabra LEGO Fan Festival, our yearly fan event held in the last weekend of May, we decided to build our most popular beach destination called Boracay Island. The LEGO colors of tan, medium azure and blue perfectly captured the creamy white sand and sparkling clear blue water of the world’s most beautiful island in 2016 (Conde Nast Traveler 2016). Sadly, this famous destination is currently closed to visitors while undergoing rehabilitation. In some way, we wanted the diorama to remind us of the island’s natural beauty and at the same time promote the importance of environment conservation. We featured other equally interesting builds – a Japanese landscape “with a twist” according to our castle builders. It was later revealed by them that it was a setting for a Dungeons and Dragons adventure story in LEGO! Our Star Wars fan builders recreated the exciting Battle of Crait scene from Star Wars: The Last Jedi. We had a fun food truck festival display and a table of colorful letters that spelled our LUG name by our LEGO-loving mommies and ladies builder group. There was a unique spaceport tribute to Dr. Stephen Hawking, an excellent collection of mechas and robot models from both ours and some members of the Brick Mecha Division and a table full of LEGO Super Heroes vignettes and original BrickHeadz creations. One of our goals is to showcase creativity at its finest in the hopes of inspiring others. So for this year, we were lucky to have Lendy Tayag, Filipino fan designer of the upcoming LEGO Ideas Voltron as our special guest. Not only did he amaze everyone with his Voltron model and his robot creations but he also gave us valuable insights as he humbly shared with us his LEGO story. Like the previous years, we had games we call Brickolympics. Our most popular one is called the Build-A-Stormtrooper Challenge where contestants were asked to build as many Stormtrooper figs as they can in 60 secs. The current record of 11 figs was set in last year’s Abrickadabra. Sadly, no new record was made this year but as expected, all challengers had a good time trying. We hope you enjoyed our pictures. In case you are in sunny Philippines in search for a fun and unique travel experience, please say “hi” and we would be happy to take you around! For more of Abrickadabra LEGO Fan Festival 2018 pics, please check out our flickr: Please remember to follow the blog by clicking the "Follow" button on the Blog main page for more great articles.
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    Our two-day fan event happening at the heart of sunny Manila, Philippines