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    FINALLY! We are opening! On Saturday, May 16th, the exhibition "LEGO Fan Ausstellung 2.0" will finally open! This is our second exhibition in the "Elektrozentrale" of the Maximilanpark in Hamm. We show MOCs - a number of city layouts with trains, Star Wars, Nintendo, Palace of Westminster, construction and mining sites, LEGO Friends, and many more - and set collections - from Classic Space to a complete lineup of the modular buildings. Additionally, there will be the so-called "Fan Weekends" with games and special events. ENDLICH! Wir öffnen! Am Samstag, den 16. Mai, wird die "LEGO Fan Ausstellung 2.0" endlich eröffnet! Dies ist usere zweite Ausstellung in der "Elektrozentrale" des Maximilanparks in Hamm. Wir zeigen eigene Modelle - Städte mit Eisenbahnenm Star Wars, Nintendo, das Britische Parlament, Baustellen und Bergwerke, LEGO Friends und vieles mehr - und Sammlungen von LEGO Sets, von Classic Space bis zu einer Reihe mit allen Modular-Häusern. Zusätzlich gibt es sogenannte "Fan-Wochenenden" mit Spielen und Sonderveranstaltungen. Download the Event Flyer for further information.
  5. Nice Monastry! I hope that this legacy series will bring back the Temple of Airjitzu (70751) - I'd love to turn this into a Ninjago City Modular.
  6. I know that picture. I've watched and examined it several times. It does not give a clue, though. I can identify the processor and the Bluetooth chip, and there are two small other packages that might be chips, but googling H25 17 08 X726" in all kinds of variations didn't yield a result. Could be H-Bridges, could be ESD stuff, no idea, no identification. I assume the bridge to be on the rear.
  7. I'm not really sure if that is the right cable - it has AWG28, which I'd consider a bit thin for powering a motor. Definitely. I have still not seen a gutted Smart Hub, so I cannot tell which H-Bridge they use (anybody in the know here?) but I'm not sure how those H-Bridges react to two motors pulling 1-2A on one channel. I'd say one of the reasons why they designed the system exactly like is that to prevent this very combination. Hacking two PUp motors to one connector just takes a minute with a knife and a soldering iron, but I expect it to be a big disappointment as soon as you power it with a bit of need for torque. The H-Bridge will simply shut down, and that's it. I expect the train motors to pull about 1.5A peak, which most H-Bridges I've dealt with can handle, at least for a short time to get the train moving. But with two motors and 3A, I expect a quick overpower or thermal shutdown.
  8. My thoughs exactly. They probably just assigned the prices in the wrong order.
  9. They won't. That is not the point. There are a lot of things that would not affect their sales, and they won't do them anyway. Which would be the easiest, cheapest, and best way. And they still won't do it. Why? They do not want any product out there that could be confused with LEGO products. It would endanger their IP rights. That's why they made their own connector. It even has a LEGO logo and copyright date on it, if you look closely. I (and I believe a lot of other people, too) have asked in the past for access to PF parts (cable, socket parts) to make e.g. longer extension cables. No chance in hell. For me personally, it will end up with buying PU LEDs, and butcher them (Luckily, I can use both sides, the PU connector and the LEDs). If I could buy those pre-crimped cables, I would not mind, but with LEGO it simply won't happen. While I believe in LEGO in many aspects, for this one I believe in experience.
  10. That would be the best, of course. But I somehow cannot see LEGO doing this in time.
  11. So would I, and many others. But LEGO still has not learned that much.
  12. Can't you just write the articles correct name? Or some other googleable terms?
  13. Hmm, I'd guess they fell of some truck, on their way to a LEGO factory somewhere...
  14. Sadly, no. As far as I have researched things, the connector is LEGO proprietary. It was probably designed by or with help from one of the bigger connector companies (Hirose, Molex, whatever) because crimping connections have their own set of expertise, but so far my inquiries have been for naught. I haven't taken a Smart Hub apart so far, but the female connectors are part of the case, and I assume that the internal contacts are soldered to the board, so at the moment there is probably no cable coupling/crimping female connector available in general. Same problem with the cable. Just like the PF cable, this seems to be proprietary for LEGO, too. I have not found a cable of matching specification in any of the catalogs I've got access to. BTW: If someone happens to kill a Smart Hub somehow, I'd like to get my hands on it to take it apart and do some experiments and reverse engineering. Details, please! I'm looking for a source!
  15. Even if one app only controls one Smart Hub, they don't interfere with others. Compare this to PF, where you only had four (or, with some tricks, eight) channels in total. And those could easily be hijacked by some a**hole that comes to an event with his own PF remote and has a lot of fun derailing and crashing trains on a layout (some AFOLs had a MOC steam engine suddenly running at top speed, derailing and falling off the layout, crashing on the ground). With PoweredUp! and the BLE protocol, this is a lot harder to achieve. Other software is already capable of controlling several PowerdUp! (and SBrick) Smart Hubs centrally.
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