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  1. Francesco Frangioja

    Beokocka - creations

    Wow! Amazing!
  2. Francesco Frangioja

    BrianzaLUG Meda 2018 – Mattoncinando con ACLI!

    MOC Exhibition Event in an "for family" location!
  3. Francesco Frangioja

    BrianzaLUG a Street Show 2018 by QUATTRORUOTE

    Milan, 16th September 2018: BrianzaLUG will be a "special guest" of QUATTRORUOTE in Corso Buenos Aires, the longest commercial street in Europe, as part of STREET SHOW - A MILE OF PASSION We are waiting for you with constructions, unique works and a great Guest Star: Gabriele Zannotti, a member of the team that is carrying on the "FIAT 500F" project on LEGO Ideas!
  4. Francesco Frangioja


    MATTONCINANDO! Saturday 7th and Sunday 8th July at "Centro Commerciale Milanofiori" (Assago, Milan area) you can expect both a fantastic exhibition of buildings and creations made by LEGO® bricks and a free, 50 sqm wide play area for children! 20 thematic "stations", a diorama of 12 square meters, no (or almost) official set, (almost) all original creations, many new creations compared to previous editions: the "Technic Sisters" PORSCHE GT3 RS and BUGATTI Chiron, 20 car models made from the pieces contained in only 3 different official sets and much more. Thanks to the support of LEGO Italia, about 50 square meters of play area for children with many kilos of bricks at their disposal. We are waiting for you!
  5. Francesco Frangioja


    Alieni! Gli extraterrestri più famosi e originali in mostra tra fumetto, letteratura, illustrazione, cinema e televisione Aliens! The most famous and original extraterrestrials on display including comics, literature, illustration, cinema and television
  6. Nella spettacolare cornice del Parco Valentino di Torino, ospiti dello stand di “Al Volante”, BrianzaLUG vi aspetta per una giornata dedicata a Bugatti! In the astonishing location of Valentino Park in Turin, guests at the "Al Volante" stand, BrianzaLUG awaits you for a day dedicated to Bugatti!
  7. Francesco Frangioja

    BrianzaLUG con TechPrincess a eRACING LEAGUE

    In the iconic setting of the Monza racetrack, BrianzaLUG awaits you for a 2-day "LEGO® full-gas bricks" with constructions, dioramas and unique "4wheels" themed masterpieces
  8. Francesco Frangioja

    World Record mosaic attempt in the LEGO House

    Wow! Amazing! "In bocca al lupo" (italian classic proverb which means "good luck") for Wednesday!
  9. Francesco Frangioja

    Contest: Iconically Jurassic

    I'm afraid that people who lives in those country will have a tons of other things about instead partecipating to a contest. Sometimes our world can be a very dark place.
  10. Francesco Frangioja

    LEGO House AFOL activities - save the date

    Thank you @Jan Beyer: immediately shared with my community
  11. Francesco Frangioja

    LEGO Ambassador Network Applications Update!

    Welcome to all the new communities and fellow Ambassador!
  12. Francesco Frangioja


    MOC Exhibition Event in an wonderful and 360° strawberry context and environment -
  13. Francesco Frangioja

    Tree of Creativity –LEGO House exclusive retail model

  14. Francesco Frangioja

    Book around the LEGO House

    I have learned about the book just before Christmas ( and I immediately "recruit" @Francesco Spreafico to help me to get one (he have a lot of chance to go to LEGO House than me). He try to get a copy both for himself and for me, but as Francesco says, unfortunately it was not for sale yet and he couldn't buy it! I'm very sad now
  15. Francesco Frangioja

    Building set 21313 Ship in a bottle

    Me too ;-)