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  1. IMG_20170925_205025_532.jpg

    Lego Ninjago Movie premeire
  2. BrickCon 2017

    Seattle Lego Convention
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  11. lego Ninjago Movie Display

    Display at Century Theater Olympia WA
  12. Star Wars Episode 8 display

    On opening weekend, December 15th Star Wars The last Jedi. SPS LUG will provide a display of MOCs and a great scenes collection celebrating the Star Wars Movies.
  13. Atomic Comic Con

    One of our Primary LUG events, Atomic Comic Con is an annual celebration of reading, comics, fandoms, and geek culture
  14. Lilac City Comic Con

    Our First time of many trips across state as guests of Lilac City Comic Con
  15. Puli Con

    This was the Puyallup Comic Con hosted at the Puyallup Library, SPS LUG provided four tables of build including a glass display case