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  1. Marco Cantù

    LEGO Group History

    I've enjoyed the Lego House Live Tour history series so far. First 2 online events have been great and looking forward to the rest of the series. Your colleague of the "LEGO History" office are great!
  2. We are meeting with our LUG just before the holidays for greetings, eating Pizza, and a bingo with Lego prizes
  3. We were discussing this with other AFOLs at an exhibit the past weekend. LEGO likes to be seen an environmentally friendly, and they encourage the use of batteries for everything, with no (or extremely expensive) rechargeable option, and no support for 9V tracks or direct plugs to stationary motors, which do not require batteries at all.
  4. until
    The main yearly event of our group in Piacenza, at its 6th edition. We are moving to a new location, Fiera di Piacenza
  5. until
    Nuovo evento di Piacenza Bricks, per la prima volta a San Nicolo' (Comune di Rottofreno) in occasione di una delle feste del paese. Sabato dal pomeriggio fino a tarti e domenica tutto il giorno per portare i mattoncini anche in Val Trebbia. Con MOC, Technic, area gioco, area vendita e concorso creativo di costruzioni per ragazzi. Nota: L'indirizzo e' corretto ma il pin sulla mappa indica una localita' diversa
  6. until
    Torniamo per il secondo anno nella citta' di Fiorenzuola per un evento con MOC, Technic, e un concorso creativo per ragazzi. Ci sara' anche un'area gioco. In the city of Fiorenzuola, we are coming back for a second year of MOCs display, Technic trucks, and a creative bricks construction competition. There will also be a play area.
  7. until
    L'evento annnuale di Piacenza Bricks ritorna alla Sala degli Arazzi del Collegio Alberoni, prestigioso museo della citta'. Diorami e MOC, insieme a visite al museo e un concorso di costruzione per i ragazzi, in un mix che lo scorso anno ha riscosso un grande successo.
  8. until
    Two days of MOCs, techniques, Lego exhibit, GBC and more, by Piacenza Bricks in San Giorgio near Piacenza (in the castle and city hall) Locandina_Lego_SanGiorgio2018.pdf
  9. Piacenza Bricks main yearly event is taking place Sunday Nov 12th all day, with MOCs by the adult and kids that are part of the LUG. The event is taking place at a local museum, Sala degli Arazzi at Galleria Alberoni". The museum will be open for visits (it is not always) and have masterpieces including "Ecco Home" by Antonello Da Messina. The location is in Piacenza, close to the highway exit. Info on facebook
  10. By the way, when is the Lego Boost programing app going to be available? At the official launch? Waiting to see the building instructions, which are not in the box...
  11. I'm also interested in showcasing Boost at our fall event....
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