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    Bricks Adventure makes a humble return as Legend Bricks has entered our 10th year... 11 months already😂 MOCs will be on display in an unmanned environment. Visitors can scan QR codes at different sections of the exhibition for video introduction of the models by our creators.
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    Legend Bricks has created a futuristic Moon base as part of a “50th Anniversary of Moon Landing” exhibition organised by Hong Kong Space Museum. An over 5-meter tall LEGO Saturn V rocket created by Andy Hung, LEGO Certified Professional is also on display at the event.
  3. Really great to partner with you guys @Ivan Ho | Titans Creations, @Cid Hsiao And a billion thanks to @Kevin Ahn for your enormous support! What a fantastic collaboration 😉
  4. Really great to see you in HK Kevin (and Joshua), hope to see you again soon 😉
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    Bricks Adventure 2018 - How we brick our city The widely-acclaimed brick event of Hong Kong is coming back this March with a wide selection of creations, ranging from cartoon characters to mecha; modular buildings to replica of Hong Kong's streets! Program: Enjoy our creations Get hands-on experience & build your own creations on the spot Sharing sessions on how we brick our city Talk to our builders More programs to be announced Time: 23/3 (Fri) 1400-1900 24/3 (Sat) 1430-2000 25/3 (Sun) 0900-1700 Venue: Yuen Long Catholic Secondary School 201 Castle Peak Road, Shui Pin Wai Tsuen, Yuen Long, N.T. Special thanks to Yuen Long Catholic Secondary School for the venue and support
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