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    Bricks in the North 2019 Calling all LEGO fans, come along for a weekend of awesome LEGO fun at Morang South Primary School. There will be awesome LEGO displays by some of Melbourne's best LEGO artists including Kale Frost, aka Frostbricks. Fun, games, and activities for the whole family, including a LEGO play area and LEGO Technic arena. And much, much more. Tickets at the door, or in advance via - eventbrite.com.au/e/78134050047 (All proceeds raised donated to Morang South Primary)
  2. For the Aussies, who have to wait till April, (48 days after the rest of the world), there are early Feburary (6th & 7th?) screenings at Imax and a few other select cinemas. Definitely do not want to derail this thread away from excitement for the movie (please keep us updated with pics from the premieres when they happen) But Village also delayed the first LEGO Movie, and the Batman LEGO movie in this country. There was absolutely a lot of upset in the AFOL community in response (made worse by them promising they wouldn't do it again. And then doing it again) And there is definitely fans upset at this one being delayed. So worth saying again, early screenings at Imax, and a few other cinemas, for us Aussies. And probably worth getting the word out on it.
  3. Exclusive Minifigures are ALWAYS awesome. Parts sets, (polybags etc) are nice in that they're bonus lego, but that don't have that feel of 'exclusive' lure that a special minifig does; but they're just parts, and I can get parts elsewhere. Exclusive minifigs though? That's going to get our attention. Particularly if it's attached to a licensed line. (For instance I'm sure I'm not the only one that will get Joker's manor only for the sweet disco suits) And it's probably worth dropping a reminder about how popular previous minifig GWP, such as the Plastic Man and Martian Manhunter exclusives, ran out when they were offered. I guess the reason is simple, most of the AFOLs I know wait for sales and discounts. Where I live there is always at least one major retailer offering such discounts. There really isn't any compelling reason for any of us to buy direct unless there is an exclusive, or an awesome GWP. But a great GWP? Yeah, you better believe I went out of my way to get a '66 batcave direct, and soley because I wanted a Mr Freeze Polybag as well (As did anyone else I know who owns that Batcave) But, to be more specific, I'd like to see variants of the San Diego Comic-Con exclusives made available as GWP. Every year those exclusives are announced; and every year there's outcry about how unobtainable they are. Well, a lot of that is simply because those figures haven't been released at all as regular minifigures. So, how about a variant of some of the SDCC minifigs also offered as GWP? I get that Howard the Duck might not be appropriate, but how about Jean Grey? Shazam? Or stretching a little further, minifigures we haven't seen yet, '66 Batgirl & Egghead? Lizard (the Spiderman foe)? And there's no shortage of fan fave characters from other IPs we haven't seen yet. Or, alternatively, fun suit characters that aren't from a specific IP, but linked to a holiday such as Halloween? Or a fun suit character similar to the collectable series? And, yeah, all of that is just a long way of saying Minifigures. That's what gets me, and the people I know, to buy straight from S@H, or a specific retailer. That's what makes a great GWP. Beautiful, exclusive minifigs.
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