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  1. Dirk Delorme - Berlin Brick Syndicate

    SPIELidee 2018 in Rostock

    It will soon be time again: from the 9th to the 11th of November 2018 the trade fair "SPIELidee" will take place for the 6th time in the HanseMesse Rostock and for the 6th time Berlin Brick Syndicate will invite to the LEGO fan exhibition. This fair is the biggest selling place for games, modelbuilding and creative design in Nothern Germany. The SPIELidee has established itself as a paradise for gaming enthusiasts, creative brains and model builders in only a few years. More than 22,000 visitors are expected. Come and visit us, talk to us.
  2. Dirk Delorme - Berlin Brick Syndicate

    Autos, Flieger, Schiffsmodell – alles rund um den Modellbau

    The model building exhibition is a big event taking place throughout the building FEZ Berlin. The various model builders show their plants and models. We from Berlin Brick Syndicate show: LEGO Exhibition with railway, Children driving LEGO RC cars and a Children Play Area From other participants: Flight model building, Ship modeling, railway model building, truck model construction, Steam model construction, Cardboard model construction and more.
  3. Dirk Delorme - Berlin Brick Syndicate

    (T)RaumZeit - Fantastische Welten"

    From 30.09 to 03.10.2017, the orbitall space center in the FEZ, in cooperation with the German Aerospace Center (DLR), with the support of DLR, will invite you to a space travel weekend "" (T) RaumZeit "- Fantastische Welten" whole family in FEZ Berlin. On this extended weekend, the FEZ will "radiate" in the splendor of the universe. Together with many "professional professors" and contributors, visitors will discover fantastic worlds ranging from science fiction and Star Trek, virtual realities to real space travel. You can experiment, try, design, tinker and experience many activities. We expect about 4000 visitors.