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  1. This has happened every year, for many years, which would indicate that the abruptness of the off-boarding is a trend, not a one time example. If even one LUG is surprised, then better communication is needed.
  2. Why is it that this happens without warning? It seems that by not working with the ambassador 6 months prior to clarify any issues, it is making this a punishment for not doing x, y, or z, rather than it being a way to maintain or build the LAN community. If the intent of the LAN and ambassadors is to be a 2 way communication platform, then there would be an attempt to alert ambassadors that there is concern, an opportunity to improve or change or adjust or get a new ambassador or address the issues before they get suddenly and without warning, removed.
  3. I'm so glad you came and got to see so many amazing builders and their models, experience a WBI workshop, and we even had a chance to sit down over breakfast and talk. Not sure about what will happen in June with being in Billund but I'll let you know as we ride out this pandemic. Stay healthy!
  4. This is a massive surprise, especially since it is not April 1. It is also somewhat of a relief. There are so many questions yet to be answered on how various things will be handled it will be interesting to watch.
  5. until
    Fine Arts Showcase is a 2 day event where all K-5 students in the district have art displayed and all music, drama, and art students grades 6-12 perform and display their work. ArchLUG is part of the event and prepares, designs, and manages the LEGO mosaic that is built by students and displayed during the event. The topic for the mosaic is tied to the theme for the the year.
  6. I couldn't get the form to work even when a link was provided to me via email. it always came up as an error. A friend had to access the link for me since I simply couldn't get it to work.
  7. it would be great if there could be updated documents that cover many of the clarifying questions. thanks!
  8. Love the old photos and the idea that you celebrated your anniversary. congratulations!!!
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