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  1. Thanks for the Lepin translation. Made me laugh!

    1. Van Chiu

      Van Chiu

      Haha, thanks.

      Needed to find some ways to make it entertaining for the readers... without adding in anything else. Thus one of the ways I guess is to count how self-center and how much pride they want to make of.

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    HKBR x HKPA amusement park exhibition

    Hong Kong Brick Rail is partnering with Hong Kong Playground Association to bring you an amusement park exhibition: This will be hoisted at their facilities in Choi Tak, Kowloon. Location may be hard to reach, but it is included in the QR code of the poster and can be scanned to direct you to the destination. Please note that the facility is closed on Sundays. Opening hours are from 2pm till 9pm except for last day where it will be closed by 6pm.
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