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    LEGO House documentary

    It's even further away for me - perhaps we need a "AUS+NZ" lug trip to billund - charter a plane and fly us all there together lol. We have NZ's most innovative travel agency here in our tiny City (not my opinion - they keep winning awards) maybe they can plan an affordable getaway for us all!
  2. Gavin Evans

    The Southland Brickshow 2018

    The Southland Brickshow is a Display of Lego sets, MOCs and Dioramas with public interaction, a huge play area for young and old to create, a shop where you can purchase the latest Lego sets and lots of new surprises planned for 2018. Celebration its' 5th anniversary in 2018 this event is the premier fundraiser for LUG Souths' charitable work in the Southland and Otago community for 2018. We aim to create a welcoming atmosphere for the exhibitors and public to enjoy sharing a fun weekend with the Lego hobby! For more information please contact LUG South at or visit our website at
  3. Gavin Evans

    The Gore Brick Event

    Displays by AFOL and TFOL, play and build area, interactive displays of technics and trains, free public competitions (building and guessing the number of parts in a big glass jar - I have the job of filling the jar with random parts - different for every show, not even I know the total in the jar so no one can get any hints at the correct amount. previous jars have been filled with 2x4 bricks (777 fit in the jar), small parts (i think the total was over 7000), animals (several hundred including some Duplo ones) completely random parts (over 3000) and minifigures (every figure except MR GOLD from collectible figurines series 1 to 14 including all th e other collectibles out by then, this one was sealed shut and very carefully watched at the end of the weekend as many exhibitors wanted to take it home lol) Toyworld (local toystore)specials etc 10am - 5pm Saturday 29th July and 10am - 4pm Sunday 30th July. Entry $2 per person. Proceeds help local kids in need - (our LUG is a charitable trust with all profits from events channelled into local groups that help sick children) A LUG South Charitable Trust event with support from McCallums Group (they supply us with black tablecloths for our events free of charge), Toyworld Invercargill (provides prizes for public competitions and helps with venue and advertising costs in exchange for selling to the public at the event) and Back9Design (a local print and design firm who help with advertising/design and print at heavily discounted rates in exchange for being listed as our supporter) . Volunteers from Jadyn's Helping Hand (a charity we support financially and for this event they are providing "man" power in exchange for running raffles and other stalls in the venue foyer - a win-win for us all and allows our exhibitors to just relax and interact with the public at the event) will be helping to ensure you enjoy a fun visit to this event.